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Finally 20th of the Month Photos

Obviously I wasn’t able to take my 20th of the month photos for December so I took them yesterday and I realised I hadn’t posted November either.  Unfortunately unlike last year we didn’t have snow.


 Right – with a lovely view of our bins.

Left – with next door’s car.  Obviously I wasn’t at my photo taking best.

Middle – with another  lovely view of the container used by the workmen replacing the footpath to the neighbouring road


 Right – minus the bins

Left – without the neighbour’s car

Middle – sans the container

Montage of the year to follow – when I can be bothered to look at the hard drive with the backed up information on it.  I started before and nearly downloaded 3,000+ photos.

And how cute is this…

Bud has two toy boxes – one upstairs and one downstairs.  On Tuesday he emptied some toys out of this one and put them (well, not quite all) on his mat.  Apparently while I was away he didn’t bother with his toys at all.  Oh, and another thing he does sometimes, which I find adorable though I may be slightly biased, is get on his mat with a toy and wag his tail as he plays with it with no interaction from us!

Bearly Pyjamas

I finally finished the bear’s jim jams this evening.  When I started adding the vertical stripes in chain stitch with a crochet hook I remembered why when I’d done one of these before I said I’d never do another one.  I wouldn’t mind but I cheated this time too and used one variegated yarn instead of two separate colours.  Oh, and then there was my bright idea of sewing the jacket together before adding the stripes so I could get rid of the loose ends.  Yes, that worked really well until I got to the sleeves and then didn’t have room to maneuver the crochet hook so ended up doing them in chain stitch with a sewing needle.

Speaking of ends, there was also a couple of those to get rid of…

and here’s the finished article…

yes, I know there seems to be some slight difference between the top and bottom but the bottoms do need shirring elastic added – quite a bit by the look of it!

And as it’s the 20th we have the photos of the view from the front of our house…






Yesterday it was a completely different story and although it was cold it was quite sunny most of the day – but I resisted the urge to cheat.

I’m feeling generally better – I made it to armchair yoga on Tuesday and then basically slept when I got home, waking up only for the phone, tea, a shower and then to go to bed.  Yesterday I had a big nap late morning and then took Bud for a little mooch in the wood and today I’ve been napless.  I’ve also gotten more of my appetite back today – requesting chicken in black bean sauce for tea which I cooked myself, much to B’s relief!  And my temp has been staying in the low 37s celsius or just over 98.6 fahrenheit.

Oh and while I’m on a roll with the photos here’s some things I got last weekend…

flowers from my Auntie Ann

flowers from a neighbour and…

a hole courtesy of…

Bud and his accomplice Kong.  We both stood at the top of the stairs on Saturday after he’d cast it down the stairs and watched it bounce off the laminate and POW a hole in the lining paper – the lining paper which I thought was such a good idea to use on the radiator cabinets instead of the wooden grille supplied. It’s just as well I still haven’t dismissed the idea of redecorating!

Other creative spaces can be found here.

September 20 tea time pic!

I nearly forgot to take my 20th of the month pics yesterday but I ‘dashed’ out while getting tea (putting salad stuff in a bowl) in my jim jams and the sun had just dropped below the horizon…
Speaking of tea and Margaret’s horror at the possibility that I may have been eating pasta and drinking tea (comment on ‘Keep going there’s a giveaway right at the bottom’) I feel the need to elaborate on this obviously confusing subject (although Fiona’s response did sum it up succiently).
Being working class my main meals growing up where – breakfast, dinner and tea.
If I’d been la-de-dah, or rather upper class they would have been – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
No I do vaguely remember my Mum trying to impose dinner on us at tea time – she would also have dearly loved for me not to say owt or nowt (anything and nothing) and I probably wouldn’t have said them as much as I did if this hadn’t been the case.
My meals now comprise – breakfast, lunch and tea.  On the surface this may look like I’ve staked a claim further up the class ladder but I can assure you this is not the case.  I was, am and always will be working class and I think I would keel over if I ever heard myself refer to my own evening meal as dinner, however I adopted lunch over dinner many, many years ago (about 21 actually – not that the incident scarred me at all) purely because I didn’t want to give someone the opportunity to catch me out twice.
I remember it as if it were yesterday.  I was a keen young secretary working in a property company, which was a subsidiary of the large local glass firm (well we thought of it was local but it was actually international).  One of the very big bods from Head Office, who was also a non exec director on our board, had purchased an apartment (no, not a FLAT) in a newly built coastal development in the Lake District.  He had developed a leak, not directly (although I could be wrong) but in the fla… APARTMENT.  My boss asked if I could sort out a contractor to go out and fix it ASAPASAPASAP if not sooner.  I rang Mr Big Bod’s secretary to let her know when the contractor would arrive.
ME:  ‘He’ll be with Mr Big Bod’s wife around dinner time.’
HER:  ‘And what time will that be?’
ME:  ‘Well I would have thought some time between twelve and two.’
HER:  ‘Oh, you mean lunch time!’ pause for effect ‘If I’d said dinner time to Mr Big Bod he would have expected the contractor around eight pm.’  Followed by ‘oh, I’m so witty’ laugh.
Now I’d served Mr Big Bod tea (as in a cup of – and now I see why it gets confusing and I’ve not touched on cream tea or high tea) on many occasions at Board meetings, being the junior secretary, and he seemed to all intents and purposes to be lovely – as a lot of Big Bods are – it’s the people who think they are important that look down on the juniors not the ones that really are.  Mr Big Bod also seemed completely coherent and to have his feet firmly planted on the ground unlike his secretary to whom I could have pointed out – ‘We’re dealing with a plumber here and plumbers don’t turn up at anyone’s property at eight pm other than their own!’

Catching up with a Horse’s Ass!


Did you know its the 20th of the month today?  Okay maybe some of you did I personally thought for some reason it was the 19th so when a neighbour (where I called to drop off columbine seeds and in turn received cherry plum tomatoes) said it was the 20th I high tailed it home to take my 20th of the month pictures.

First though here’s last month’s which I took on the day (23rd) we got back from holiday but neglected to publish…

It was starting to get dark when we got home due only in small part (clearing of throat) to the great knitting needle search 2011.

And here we have today’s…

As you may (or may not) have noticed it had started to rain.  If I had taken them this morning it would have looked like a glorious summer’s day.

Mmmm, wait I do have photos which show the sunnyside of this morning when I took photos of a horse’s ass…

Oh wait, no, that’s Bernard.  (Seriously if B showed anyone a picture of me like this I would string him up by his whatnots.)

Anyhoo, this morning as I was in the kitchen a horse, and rider, went down the road and the horse looked just like a cow.  Well, not exactly like a cow it looked like a horse wearing cow camouflage.  I would dearly love to show you how amusing it was but by the time I’d gone and got the camera and got to the pavement (in my socks and jim jams) and fiddled with the zoom this is what I got…

However the end of our road is a vehicular dead end and although there is a footpath back to the main road I wouldn’t have thought many people would be queuing up for the experience of forcing a full size horse through it so all was not lost I could get another chance.  So I went back to making my cup of coffee and promptly forgot about checking for the cunningly disguised horse!  Suddenly there it was walking past the front of the house again. I grabbed the camera, which I had left switched on, hot footed it to the pavement and by the time I had un-zoomed it (arghhhhh) this is what I got…

but anyway you can see how sunny it was this morning!

One of us smells of wee…


I swear its not me.  I think its Bud – he does occasionally get one of his front paws involved in the whole wee wee process – really.  It is a bit hard to tell though when you’re sniffing the bottom of your own trousers or Bud’s paws when they are in such close proximity to each other.  Anyhoo I’ve given his paws a thorough wipe so I think we’re good – unless of course it is me.

And we managed to get into the wee wee smelling position because I felt energetic enough to take him for a walk, I took it extra easy over the weekend although did manage some ironing and plenty of crocheting – more on that tomorrow – the crocheting not the ironing obviously.

So its that time of the month again so here’s the pics from out the front of our house…




Needless to say we haven’t made a whole lot of progress in the gardening department however since I was insanely jealous of Lorna’s veggies, ana’s small veggie garden and I’m not even touching the veritable market garden thing that Roo’s got going on I managed to acquire a couple of tomato plants from the neighbour who was troubled by our weeds.  I was so going to brag, brag, brag because my tomato plants were so much better looking than Lorna’s one which looked like it was almost ketchup already and there they are, or rather were as at 3 June…

and here they are as at today…

I did ask B to water them eventually and apparently he did ONCE!

Whilst on the subject of photos when I left the hospital on Friday I got my meds from the ward so I didn’t have to wait for the pharmacy.  The nurse came over with a cute stripey bag and when I commented on it she said what I thought – it looked like an old fashioned sweetie bag which could contain sherbert lemons, bon bons, aniseed twists, etc.  Mmmmm, wouldn’t you like one?


Well, let’s take a look at the other side…


I, for one, think I’m on a diet!



Woody photos

I have been so tired the last couple of days.  I actually fell asleep at Armchair Yoga on Tuesday and woke up to the second half of a snort which I could only assume was mine.  However I managed to not only remember it’s the day of the month to take pics but also to take them…




I didn’t get round to posting a Creative Space Thursday so here is where I’m up to with my patchwork crochet baby blanket…

I am now liking the randomness, and here’s my crumpled cross stitch…

Here’s where Bud is up in his Creative Space with the rawhide bone I gave him on Tuesday…

As you can see he’s not started chewing it although he is picking it up and parading it round when anyone calls by or we return from a trip out.  I’m taking this distinct lack of effort as a sign of his distraction with the femme fatele down the road – except Bud thinks she lives in the wood, which is good as I really don’t fancy taking a trip down the road to extract him from the neighbour’s letterbox.

That time of the month again…

yes, photo time again and what a difference a month makes in Spring when compared to March.


Middle – with added Bud


And just to show how unseasonably warm it is at the moment, no not an inappropriately dressed passer-by but Bud…

‘Come on slow coach I’m gasping for a drink!’

20th of the month photo – March

Well looky here it’s that time of the month again.  It was a bit of a glum day but fortunately after a wet start there was no rain.




In other news I’ve gotten rid of my rash but there was a noticeable amount of hair on my hands whilst showering last night (off my head, I haven’t got hairy palms) so it looks like I might be getting rid of that too.  So today I got B to take a picture of my current hair cut and I’ll post it tomorrow with the one from before I first cut it in January (if I can find it) when it was doing the curly thing.


#th of the month photo

Last month, February, I did remember about the 20th of the month photo on about the 23rd and then forgot again.  Anyway today I remembered again.  So that I have 12 at the end of the year these will have to count as February!




Whilst I remember I forgot to say that I was taken advantage of in my fragile state on Monday night by a member of the Kilgallon household. A member who, up until that point, had lived up to his name and proved to be a true Myeloma Buddy, sitting next to me on the settee with his head on my leg last week even though I had the shivers and my leg was shaking so he probably felt like the suspension had gone and curling up next to me on the settee on Monday.

And then after sitting next to me on the bed whilst I was wrapped in a towel and B brought me jim jam options from the clean washing basket (previously called the ironing pile) to encourage me to get dressed we tottered downstairs to the kitchen where B tempted me with food stuffs.  The only thing in the whole house I wanted was one Boasters biscuit (with choc chips and hazelnuts).

I reached into the funny little packet they now come in and stood there with my treasured biscuit in my hand whilst B asked me something and then it happened – Bud in passing licked my biscuit!  And you know what I did – I sighed and gave it to him.  I didn’t even have the energy to tell him off.

I went to the drawer and looked in the packet for another one and there was slightly less than half a biscuit left.  I sighed resignedly, took my biscuit back to the settee, where Bud pounced on my legs eager for a piece and, even though it was soft I ate it all just to spite him!




On the 20th day

I came across a blog post a short time ago and I thought the idea it contained was simply wonderful (we won’t mention that there’s now one day every month where there’s minimal effort required to post).  I promptly forgot about it, a post on that to follow – if I remember! (Ahem! Did I just hear someone sigh?)

Then today it was the most wonderful (well that word’s getting some use today) foggy frosty morning/afternoon/evening. My three favourite weathers, certainly to look out on from a warm house, are snow, fog and frost so when I thought about taking a photo of it today for posterity I remembered Attic24’s Year End Review View.

So hereon in on the 20th of every month I will take up to three pics from the front of the house, right, middle and slightly left – morning, afternoon and evening – regardless of the weather and with our climate it could make informing viewing for those of you in hotter climes.  And at some point I will take a photo of the busy by-pass in front of the houses at the rear of us just to counter balance our calm view!



Slightly left

I forgot I had made no attempt to stop the camera date stamping everything and although the times are approximately correct – we are not yet at the point of getting freezing fog in JULY!

And Creative Space Thursday is back on at kootoyoo if anyone fancies a shufty. I, obviously, didn’t participate this week because my crochet tapeworm from yesterday hasn’t gotten any fatter today due to work and the ironing pile in my sewing room being at risk of getting cordoned off by Health & Safety.  In our house the ironing pile, or lack of one, is a barometer of how smoothly the ship is running.  Last night B had to tip one basket out in order to bring fresh washing (laundry) upstairs, he’s been going to work in crumplene* all week!

* Margaret/Sandy if that one doesn’t cross the language divide don’t hesitate, you might as well go for a hattrick.