Back in The Royal

Temp went up yesterday. Came in today at two, very quickly through A&E after B phoned the blood ward and they found me an isolation room on another ward.

Feel decidedly ropy but better than last night however throat and upper digestive tract really painful.   Discussed pain relief with both blood docs including the registrar when she called in again on her way home.

One of the ward nurses called in about 9.15 to say the were just short of on antibiotic and I asked about pain relief and she said paracetamol tablets to which I replied there was no way I could swallow them.  She then offered me soluble which makes me barf at the best of times.  After I said no again she said she’d look into it!  Fortunately a much more agreeable lovely nurse just did the medicines round and she’s hooked me up to one, given me a liquid other (that I can have every few hours to get on top of it) and gone to get me very small tablets of a third.  You never know I may even stop drooling on the pillow when I sleep.  I have been prescribed others as well but they are big tablets so might be a bit adventurous.

I also have a skin reaction that the registrar likened to psoriasis.  It’s quite sore on my hands/wrists but also visible on my face, shoulders and round my armpits – it started there last Thursday and my deodorant had done this one before after chemotherapy but not as much as this – especially when I stopped using it.  When it was being discussed with the two docs B started prodding his finger up my short jim jam top sleeve in a completely inept, clumsy and totally unprovocative manner!

The room I’m in on the Infectious Diseases ward is very nice and has its own ensuite shower room however the lovely nurse is moving me later as its a negative pressure room and is not the best room they have since my blood tests have shown I’m neutropenic.

And B got carried away with the phone before we left home, after ringing the blood ward he phoned Auntie Ann to let her know what was happening and she turned up at the ward just minutes after us.  She didn’t tell him she was coming and to be truthful I wouldn’t have phoned her until later as she was supposed to be going to the Magic Rugby League Weekend at Old Trafford, Manchester to watch her team  the Saints play their local rivals, wigan warriors (I daren’t use initial caps just in case she ever saw) and the phoned the friends she was going with and came to see me instead!

9 responses to “Back in The Royal

  1. I feel yucky just reading how ropy you feel. Hope they get you past this right quickly, P. They are certain that skin reaction isn’t another shingles outbreak, I hope. Feel better soon!!!!!!!!

  2. Miss P, sounds terribly painful! Hope the meds work fast… Your Auntie Ann is as busy as you are. Hope the Saints won for her.

    Hope you get a full night’s sleep and wake up feeling better.

    Blessings, P.

  3. paula, i am so sorry for all the pain you are having, and find it remarkable you’ve been able to post; but glad you did, so all your caring readers can send out their support and wishes for a quick resolution of it all. sounds like B might have been a little alarmed and rallying for others to be by both yours and his side; as to the inept finger prodding – sometimes if hugh is trying to comfort me, and is at the same time a little nervous, he tends to rub my arm with 2 fingers, OVER and OVER – ‘ till i feel like getting violent! i hope the meds are kicking in, and that you get answers soon about what’s up with the throat, GI tract, and rash symptoms. sending love and hugs (not too ouchie) – karen

  4. Poor B must be feeling quite distracted that you keep heading off on ‘vacations’ so it’s no wonder he called your Auntie Ann for a little support. Intending that the medical team is finding a way to give you some pain relief without having to swallow it. Having recently endured three excruciating days with a toothache and swollen jaw, I can certainly sympathize with being unable to swallow in order to receive relief. And I’m also intending the skin eruption is due to some easily diagnosed thing that you can also have taken care of promptly, for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is!!! Will keep intending until you are back home again.

  5. You really must stop going on holiday! Let’s hope it’s just a short break.

    Bless the nurse who found you some pain meds that you can take. It all sounds decidedly icky. Hope you start to feel better today. Be well, Paula.

  6. You poor sausage! So sorry your weekend turned out so crap! Hope they get to the bottom of things soon. I’m hopeless at swallowing tablets at the best of times, so have lots of sympathy in that direction. Glad the lovely nurse was able to give assistance with that. Will this put your other treatments on hold for now? Bernard is obviously very concerned about you (as we all are) and I’m sure Aunty Ann was only too happy to miss the rugby, especially as Saints lost! It’s good that you have that network of support around you. Lots of love, CT xx

  7. Oh Paula – I think you must have used up your annual holiday entitlement by now. I do hope you are not throwing a sickie so that you can get back to your favourite hotel? 😉
    Hope this finds you on the mend. Maybe the heat is a contributory factor?

  8. Manuka honey is really great for sore throats and infections. It has worked wonders for me…I hope you can get your hands on some…
    Feel BETTER soon!!!!!!!

  9. I’m so sorry you are “under the weather” again Paula. I know you just want to stay home for a bit! Hope the meds are providing you some relief, and that you will be out of the Royal before you know it! Feel better soon!

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