Myeloma Buddies

Get your very own Myeloma Buddy made to order!  Profits will go Myeloma UK and the IMF (International Myeloma Foundation) to the  so you get a cute personalised buddy and a lovely warm feeling!

The cost per Buddy is $10.00 plus $2.70 shipping.  Shipping for each additional Buddy is $1.00.

That’s approximately £6.30 plus £1.82 postage and £0.68 per additional Buddy.

Postage/shipping cost is to anywhere in the world.

Click here to buy your Buddy

Or email me at and I can send you a paypal money request if you don’t want to register with etsy.

Here’s Phil’s kiddos’ BuddiesKaren & WCK’s BuddiesLorna & Mike’s Buddies and Margaret’s Honey.

EXCLUSIVE – Dorothy Buddy tours Hard Rock Hotel room, Chicago

Order your favourite colours or even the colours of your favourite sports team.  If you’re spoilt for choice – just choose whether you want a boy, a girl or a completely random Buddy.

Buddies are available in any of the following colours although the photos of Buddies probably show the colours off better…

Sirdar Yarns

You can have plain, stripes or love hearts with sticky out arms, stuck down arms or ‘I’m so cute’ under the chin arms!  Here’s a selection of  Buddies to fire your imagination…

Dorothy Buddy, Pinky, Hug Hug (far right) & pals

Phil’s kiddos’ Buddies – the one of the right is Wolverine

Milo – my sister in law Gill’s Buddy

Ms Bumble & Mr Mint


Bish & Bash

This Buddy was for a little boy whose sister had received a Buddy as a gift – he picked his own colour scheme and apparently was delighted!

‘Hey, is that me down there to?  Who am I with?’

Natural coloured cotton ie, it grows in those colours but no in stripes – I don’t think anyway!

Bigger than the average Buddy

My Auntie Ann’s Saints buddy

15 responses to “Myeloma Buddies

  1. These are the coolest things ever. My three kiddos have their own and it’s so cool to see them have a good reference for the word Myeloma.

  2. Could you do one that looks like Mr. Blobby?

  3. I was so excited to see Dorothy and Hug Hug in your photos, like they’re celebrities or something. 🙂 The pink one next to Dorothy was named “Pinky” by my 17-month-old niece. I don’t know the names of the others, but I can let you know sometime if they do indeed have names.

  4. Ocean’s is now officially named Wolverine. We’re working on the other two.

  5. Just found your site and I would like to be an email subscriber.

    I have MGUS and am 64 years old. Found out 1 1/2 years ago. I belong to a support line but they think that it doesn’t matter as much for me since I am old!
    I think it always matters.

    • Hi Carol

      I hardly think 64 is old! My Auntie Ann is nearly that and went to a theme park a few weeks ago and went on some wild rides (that I could not risk now in case I broke something). If your 64 or 84 it still matters – you still matter. Warm wishes. Paula

  6. Hello – one of my colleagues here at the IMF gave me your Buddie link – we see that you are doing these for IMF UK. I would love to talk to you about doing them for IMF here in the states as well. Please contact me at at your convenience. I think these would sell well for the holidays and we are putting together a special holiday store….
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Suzanne Battaglia
    Director, Member Events

  7. I find your Buddy Meloma dolls adorable. I want to order the tie die one but I cant figure out where to go to make my order. Can you provide me guidance. Thank you

  8. hi id like to order your buddies but cant seem to figure out were??could you please provide a link thanks..

  9. Adorable. I just sent you an Etsy message re a possible order. I just adore these little guys.

  10. How adorable! I’m stopping by from i made it so’s friday archive dive “favourite post”. (I know, I’m a week overdue!) I hope you’ll do the same! You can find mine @

    Sofia’s Ideas

  11. These get cuter and cuter! The one with the flower embedded is too sweet!

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