Woody photos

I have been so tired the last couple of days.  I actually fell asleep at Armchair Yoga on Tuesday and woke up to the second half of a snort which I could only assume was mine.  However I managed to not only remember it’s the day of the month to take pics but also to take them…




I didn’t get round to posting a Creative Space Thursday so here is where I’m up to with my patchwork crochet baby blanket…

I am now liking the randomness, and here’s my crumpled cross stitch…

Here’s where Bud is up in his Creative Space with the rawhide bone I gave him on Tuesday…

As you can see he’s not started chewing it although he is picking it up and parading it round when anyone calls by or we return from a trip out.  I’m taking this distinct lack of effort as a sign of his distraction with the femme fatele down the road – except Bud thinks she lives in the wood, which is good as I really don’t fancy taking a trip down the road to extract him from the neighbour’s letterbox.

6 responses to “Woody photos

  1. Sandy Banks

    Some lucky baby to get that lovely baby afghan… hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

  2. That’s a very cute blanket!! The randomness has worked well.

    Pip would have buried Bud’s bone by now – she’s not into chewing things too much. I think it’s a bit too much effort for the old lady. However she would happily dig a hole and bury it – that’s her latest hobby!!

  3. Bud is obviously saving it as a present for his lady love. How romantic of him. 😀

  4. Wouldn’t want a round peg in a square hole would we 😉

  5. ooo your cross stitch looks fab! I love cross stitch but i neevr get round to doing any!! Also I love the photos….I wish I had a nice view to take piccies of 😛

  6. Love your beautiful view and the opportunity to see it change from month to month. I hope you are feeling better, and as I always say, you can be more productive on a bad day as I am ANY DAY! Keep on keeping on…

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