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Patchwork Quilt

Earlier this year I joined the esty baby shower and agreed to give two gifts to etsy new moms.  I thought it would give me something to do.  Here’s the first one.  This mom had no preferences at all but as I had quite a lot of spare cotton fabric I decided to give a patchwork quilt a go.  Something I’ve only done a couple of times in the past. 

I used it as an opportunity to see how long something like this would take to make and whether it would be worthwhile to make them to sell. 

It was completely done on the sewing machine even the edging. 

I probably should have spent a little more time with the iron before I took the pics.

Fortunately the etsy mom in question from House of Mouse loved it!


Nap Central

After no naps on Thursday and Friday I got a bit blasé about the need.  Yesterday it was nap central.  I sat down early afternoon with B to watch the rest of the film I’d fallen asleep watching on Friday night and do some knitting.  I was snuggled up on the settee with a fleece blanket and B and we’d got the heating on too.  It was quite cold after some really nice weather but I think I may be a bit nesh too.  B ended up taking the knitting off me as my head was bobbing  up and down like an out of control puppet and suggesting I lie down.  No sooner had my head touched the cushion than zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


The one good thing is that when I am awake I do feel more alert than I did and not as much in slow motion.   Maggie said that mental alertness can be affected and when B asked for the second time when I would be able to drive she said that once I was able to read more than a few pages without falling asleep and know what was going on I would be able to concentrate enough to drive.  When pressurised by you know who for a specific timescale she said about a month.  I haven’t  had a problem with reading but B has got over the panic of knowing this and realises that I won’t be getting behind the wheel of the car imminently.  However there are a couple of things I have been having trouble with.


There’s this really simple game on the computer where you match sea creatures in threes or more by swapping them on the board to clear them off.  I seem to have completely lost the ability to do this even with the hints it gives.  Occasionally I wouldn’t clear the board in time but over the last week it’s been a case of clearing it once! 


‘Excuse me madam, are you fit to drive?’


‘Oh yes officer, I managed to clear the crustaceans off the board.’


The other thing that taxed my brain on Thursday was Fermat’s Last Theorem otherwise referred to as the instructions for using our new water filter jug.  Bottled water being a no-no, we got a jug as our tap water is not very pleasant.  The instructions may as well have been in hieroglyphics, they probably where somewhere else in the book, but I was definitely looking at the English ones.  I even tried the international language of pictures shown separately.  No comprende. 


‘If you have purchased a water filter jug featuring a pour through lid with automatic filling mechanism …’


Well since ours didn’t seem to have legs and arms with which to walk to the tap, turn it on and fill itself I didn’t think we had bought one of those. 


I kept expecting to see a disclaimer


‘If you can’t follow instructions on how to use your water filter jug and you are older than three you should be supervised at ALL times.’


Since we still have a bottle of soda water I put the jug down and went back to it on Friday when other than putting the filter in before I’d submersed it in water because I did this before looking at the instructions I was able to successfully negotiate the ‘complex’ procedure!


I know that some people, including Beth, had their SCT on an outpatient basis.  I really feel I couldn’t have done it that way with the way I felt and this was confirmed last night from the ‘caregiver’ side of things.  B woke me up to go to bed.  I had a glass of water I’d not touched and in the interest of staying hydrated I decided to finish it before going to bed.  I did and then went to brush my teeth and threw up!  I have been off water, but thought it was due to taste of our tap water but this did seem to be one of the things that came back easily on holiday.  I think this time it was maybe because I had nearly 500ml in one go and then moved. 


So there it was in the wash basin and more kept coming up and B stood on the landing staring and couldn’t come in!  Like on holiday I didn’t feel sick for more than a few seconds before or after, it just suddenly made an appearance so I felt okay after.  Fortunately the ‘acquired’ surface wipes came in handy. 


I feel fine this morning although did have a lie in.  Normally I’m up at about 7:45, this morning 9:50!

We Have Figures

We went to the hospital this morning, allllllllllll this morning in fact, I know this because B kept stating things to this effect.  There at 9:03 approximately out at 12:20ish so maybe he had a point but it was worth the wait.



HB – 8.8*

Platelets – 28

WBC – 2.5*

* These both dropped the day after resulting in a GCSF injection (WBC 1.8) and the stopping of the Aunt’s visit


HB – 11.8

Platelets – 28

WBC 7.8

Normal range

HB – 11.8-14.8

Platelets – 150-400 (mine in March 242)

WBC – 3.5-11.0

Apparently my figures today are as good as could be hoped for three weeks post SCT!  I’ll take the nice doctor’s word for it.

Yesterday I had a recurrence of the rash I’d had previously, I thought the marks on my left arm when I woke up were either that or the way I’d slept on my arm.  Not much difference I know but by late afternoon I would have had to slept on well, everything, except my head.  I rang up the Bone Marrow Unit and they said I could take Periton if I itched but since no other symptoms and I’d had it before they’d check it out today.  Today however it’s very faint. 

The strange thing is I felt remarkably better yesterday and quite fantastic today.  The doc at the time said it was an engraftment rash and was a good sign.  Maybe it was my stem cells having another push.  No nap needed yesterday, really tired on getting up but so much better as day wore on and no nap again today.

I go back on Thursday for more blood tests and the inhaler antibiotic but I’ve actually been discharged from the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.  How quick was that?  I thought it would be months.  And when the doc said ‘We’ll write to whoever referred you.’  There followed an arduous discussion about changing to them.

Me:   ‘Well actually I’ve enquired about changing consultants.’ 

Doc:  ‘Would you like to stay here with us?’

 I of course said I would need time to consider it, blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, right!  A short ‘Yes!’ 

‘Would like to continue care here’ written on notes and a clinic appointment with Myeloma doc in three weeks.  How simple was that?

When we first sat down, before wandering off for drinks twice, the lady behind me mentioned the doc in question.  So I tapped her on the shoulder  and asked what she thought of him after explaining why I was asking.  She’s been seeing him for 16 years and says he’s lovely and couldn’t recommend him highly enough but the need to point out that although she tends to call him doc he is actually prof. 

Whilst in the short queue for the second lot of drinks the man behind me, in some sort of nurseattire, coughed on the back of my head.  I was horrified but recovered by wiping hand sanitiser on it at the next available machine!

Yesterday we managed a walk in the park where I spent loads of time as a kid but where I hadn’t been in a lonnnnnnnnng time and we did something I haven’t done in donkey’s years – FED THE DUCKS!

Here’s a few pics…

Widdle fluffy ducklings!

Bigger ducks and puffed up swan, bottom left, is that some sort of courtship ritual?

Quarry garden.  When I was a girl, many moons ago, this was an aviary.  I know that’s where birds are kept but this was more guinea pigs, rabbits, oh and a peacock.  It permenantly had the heavenly aroma of rabbit poo!

The thought was there, somewhere!

Patriotic pigeon.

That cardy makes me look bulky, okay?  Okay!  I have actually finally lost 6kg not that I feel like it!  (Not much shifted at first but apparently I was holding water and even 2kg can make a big difference bulk wise on my slight frame – nurse’s words not mine.)

Lost – The Final Episode

I caught up with up Lost yesterday which included watching the final episode!

What a cop out! I won’t give details in case anyone who intends to watch it hasn’t seen it yet. You might like it!

A friend suggested this ending at the end of the first season and I said ‘No, it will be way more imgainitive than that!’

Apparently not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Didn’t do much yesterday but managed to get to 16:15 before a nap attack. Then from about 20:00 it was nap, nap, nap, wake up for tea, nap, nap, bed. I don’t know how long I can maintain such a rigorous schedule – I may need to take it easy at some point!

Blood Tests

We trundled off to the Royal yesterday for blood tests.  At 20:20 last night I found out they were fine.  This was completely my fault. 


We went to the supermarket on the way home, where I sat in the car knitting whilst B rang me with queries.  There were a couple (about 10).


When we got home we had lunch, I did a bit of knitting and then kipped the rest of the afternoon.  I dragged myself off the settee at 17:00 and rang the Royal but the nurse was sitting with the poorly patient from Friday.  Gill and Neil (eldest nephew) called soon after, then I phoned a friend I’d been meaning to ring since Friday but had been asleep previously at any appropriate time, then Auntie Ann phoned and I finally rang back after that.  I haven’t got any specific figures because I was too tired by that time but we go back for blood tests and to the clinic on Friday and I may then have in my possession my second ever set of blood results (the first being on the discharge sheet last week).


B dropped me off at the main entrance to the Royal but we walked back to the car park.  We were on level 6! 


B:  ‘Lift or stairs?’


Me:  ‘We’ll give the stairs a go.’


After six flights of nine steps each (I counted the last one) I was breathing like an asthmatic 103 year old.


We bumped into the Myeloma Nurse at the Royal, well I say bumped, B shouted to him as we sat in the storage cupboard/day unit and he walked past.   Jamie had been on the ward one day when B came in and when I had the little stem cells harvested.  He was helping out as they were short staffed. 


When Maggie popped the stem cells back in we had a discussion about consultants and she suggested I could always ask to stay there after I had been discharged from the Bone Marrow Unit.  I had spoken to the Practice Manager at our GP’s about changing a couple of months ago and there is another blood doctor locally who would be happy to take me.


With Jamie being the Myeloma Nurse we had mentioned it to him and yesterday he asked if we had pursued it.  The particular doc I needed to mention it to had called in a couple of times but I wasn’t really up to the discussion at the time.  So we are going to mention it at the clinic on Friday.  We would get a Myeloma doctor not a general blood doctor and Jamie as a Myeloma nurse, again not a general blood nurse.  Jamie said the doc in question would be flattered that I had asked to transfer!


Still feeling good but tired and my leg hairs still haven’t got the message that they need to fall out!

Photo Shoot

Auntie Ann has taken the afternoon off to go for a photo shoot.  One of these glam-up things?  No.  She’s going to be a spec in the crowd!


Our local Rugby League team (The Saints) are getting a new stadium and this is the last season in the current one.  Auntie Ann has been going there since 1964 and so is paying £6.99 to sit in her seat in the stand (there’s something I’ve never understood, why the sit down bit is called the stand) while a team photo is taken in front of it.


There will be items for sale and AA intends to buy:


  • A copy of the photo signed by the first team and the coach


  • A copy of an aerial photo of the stadium


  • Her seat (there has been some mention of getting Uncle Ray to attach this to the back wall of the house)


Uncle Ray enquired as to what exactly she was going to do with the photos. 


Auntie Ann responded that she intended to put them up in the house.


Uncle Ray suggested they may not go with the decor – ‘I don’t think so!’


Auntie Ann suggested that he may not go with the decor – ‘Oh, yes they are.  If you don’t like it you know what you can do!’

Now I’m not saying AA is fanatical but when she found out where B was from, which is halfway between Saints and close rivals, Wigan, she told me I had to ‘kick him into touch’ if he supported them.

In other news

I’ve not been home five minutes (well, you know what I mean) and I just got a call from Occupational Health about calling out to see B’s mum this week.  I stuttered, stammered and paused and then said ‘I’ve only just got out of hospital, I can’t be mixing with people for a couple of weeks’ – because I was starting to sound simple.  The caller must have been think ‘Appointment yes, appointment no.  How hard is that?’

B rang his mum last night to see how she was and she wanted to know if he could call round to fix the curtain she’d ‘pulled down’.  ONE  of the curtain hooks has probably popped off.  She has blinds as well so it’s not like the neighbours would be gawping at her watching the telly.  Between 21:40 and 21:57 she managed to leave three messages (we didn’t hear the phone, honestly) asking for a call  but since Friday she’s not actually phoned us to see if I’m home, I know, I know, I could have called her but I basically haven’t got the energy to talk to her!

Meanwhile I’ve been waltzing round (not literally) in my jim jams on the basis that if I get dressed I may think I can do anything! 

Still feeling good and although tired first thing not quite as tired now.  I forgot my tablets on Saturday night.  I fell asleep on the settee and nelgected to take then before I staggered upstairs to bed and have forgotten the lansoprazole completely so it’s a good job it’s not essential – I feel a checklist coming on!

Naughty Dream!

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I had a naughty dream last night.  Are you prepared?  If you think you may be offended look away NOW.

I dreamed I was in a supermarket! 

Alright, that maybe wasn’t what you anticipated but in the circumstances it was very naughty.