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One of us smells of wee…


I swear its not me.  I think its Bud – he does occasionally get one of his front paws involved in the whole wee wee process – really.  It is a bit hard to tell though when you’re sniffing the bottom of your own trousers or Bud’s paws when they are in such close proximity to each other.  Anyhoo I’ve given his paws a thorough wipe so I think we’re good – unless of course it is me.

And we managed to get into the wee wee smelling position because I felt energetic enough to take him for a walk, I took it extra easy over the weekend although did manage some ironing and plenty of crocheting – more on that tomorrow – the crocheting not the ironing obviously.

So its that time of the month again so here’s the pics from out the front of our house…




Needless to say we haven’t made a whole lot of progress in the gardening department however since I was insanely jealous of Lorna’s veggies, ana’s small veggie garden and I’m not even touching the veritable market garden thing that Roo’s got going on I managed to acquire a couple of tomato plants from the neighbour who was troubled by our weeds.  I was so going to brag, brag, brag because my tomato plants were so much better looking than Lorna’s one which looked like it was almost ketchup already and there they are, or rather were as at 3 June…

and here they are as at today…

I did ask B to water them eventually and apparently he did ONCE!

Whilst on the subject of photos when I left the hospital on Friday I got my meds from the ward so I didn’t have to wait for the pharmacy.  The nurse came over with a cute stripey bag and when I commented on it she said what I thought – it looked like an old fashioned sweetie bag which could contain sherbert lemons, bon bons, aniseed twists, etc.  Mmmmm, wouldn’t you like one?


Well, let’s take a look at the other side…


I, for one, think I’m on a diet!



Prickly positions

If at all possible I go to Armchair Yoga and pre Yoga lunch on a Tuesday however today as I still have the sniffles I had to forego it so after walking Bud, crocheting and watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (which produced extra sniffles and copious amounts of snot) I decided to do some gardening.  Well, not so much gardening as making a start by cutting out anything prickly eg, brambles…

(yes I know me peony’s pooped – the flowers started to open just at the time of the recent high winds and there were so many buds this year too – 26 in all)

and nettles…

which resulted in me getting nettled in an awkward spot.  Let’s just say that if the shed door had blown open whilst I was rubbing said spot with a crushed dock leaf it would have been embrassing for all concerned.

And here, courtesy of a friend who called round tonight and not B, is a pic of my latest hair cut…

Bud was in the photo too but my top seemed to be hanging funny* making it appear as if I had a roll of fat so it got edited!
*Yes that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Cross Panel Ironing

This week my creative space comprises…


a crumpled looking cross stitch (that would be because, Lorna, I don’t use a hoop as  it slows me down)

a fence panel I painted today and for which I got chastised by B as he had expressly forbid me to paint any of them, and

the corner of my sewing room is ironing free!  It had to be done, I think the hankies had started breeding.  That Levis Strauss bag has been there since March and I haven’t, as yet, mithered B about moving it – as yet.  Once the baskets are back in the garage I might have to start.  The ironing board is back in the cupboard for the first time since early February.  I won’t lie I didn’t do it all, B said I didn’t need to do his works T-shirts so I didn’t, however I did tell him not to take his sweat shirt off at work.

AND Bud has had two walks today since I was up early-ish we were both breakfasted and walked by 9:40 – that’s AM.

However it is now 17:38 and I’m already showered and in my jim jams, but that’s okay because we’re only having soup for tea as B has been for a tooth filled, so when I sit down later if I keel over for a sleep I won’t be creasing anything that will need ironing.

Other creative spaces are here.

150 Share a Square 2010 Squares

Well I can’t believe it.  Of course I can since I crocheted them all with my own fair hands but you know what I mean.  I have finished and have a patchwork parcel (I had to tape several end bits of brown paper together as we appear to be out of it) of my final Share a Square squares.  This takes my total to the maximum permitted 150 squares.

Shelly over at This Eclectic Life is such a slave driver – Just kidding! (I’m not really but don’t tell Shelly that!)

When I started I thought I’d do maybe 20 possibly 25 – but with them being aran weight (after my initial boo boo with double knitting following US to English translation problem) they just crochet up so quickly.

So here are my final 37 squares…

And here’s a little something, I think it’s a bit of mortar, I found in the garden…

Love is everywhere!

I think something ate something

The other morning I looked out of the window to the following…

Ohh, petals on the ‘lawn’ (mown weeds) off…  well since we have very few flowers in our ‘garden’ at the moment obviously they couldn’t be petals so they had to be feathers, which further investigation suitably attired in my wellies and pyjamas confirmed.

Two patches of feathers and a trail of odd ones leading to/from the fence but no other remains.

I’m pretty sure the something that got eaten was a wood pigeon but have no idea what the something that ate was!  (Margaret is that grammatically correct or are you having palpitations?)

Watch the Birdie!

Down at the bottom of our garden is this shrub.

I was giving it a bit of a trim on Monday when I found this…

‘Hey, what are you looking at?  Do you mind!’

I hastily stacked some of the branches back to hide it because I’d resulted in the two baby birds being exposed!  It’s quite a tiny nest and I have absolutely no idea what they are – other than birds.  I mean, who would have thought birds would even nest so close to the ground.

I’ve checked once a day since and they were still there and still breathing!

And then this morning…

They’re gone, gone I tell ya.

I had a furtle* in the undergrowth but no tweeting little fledglings were located.

*  Beth – to furtle (pronounced like turtle but with an f) (verb) – to look in a haphazard loose sort of way, not as organised as a search but not as disorganised as a rummage!

Now here’s a funny thing…

Don’t you just love the dog’s attitude it’s really ‘wearing’ that hat – as opposed to any the dog I know who would be rubbing their head along the floor and pawing at it.  In case anyone is tempted to purchase one – here’s a link to the etsy shop which sells them!

No, the funny peculiar as opposed to funny ha-ha thing is muscle soreness.  I suppose it’s to be expected but from exercising with the elastic band to using the weed whacker – thanks to Sandy we no longer have a strimmer, we now whack weeds

‘Hey B, do you fancy doing some weed whacking?’

Sounds so much more exciting than

‘That could do with strimming.’

B didn’t think it was a good idea on my part to weed whack and got a little bit huffy when I stated politely (really) that if I didn’t do it who was going to.  And then yesterday when he hoovered (you will be pleased to learn I don’t hoover, for two reasons it doesn’t agree with my back and I HATE it) I asked if he would do the two back bedrooms as well.  I was in the smaller of the two and it turns out that he hoovers as far as the cord will stretch from the other room!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, enough husband whacking, getting back to the point, my muscles seem to get a little bit sorer for a bit longer than I would expect.  This could be due to lazing around, otherwise known as convalescing, and them getting used to this, that any weight lost on ‘holiday’ was lean tissue rather than fat (what a swizz) or lack of a more nutritious diet.   I have included more fruit, mostly tinned, since my appetite has picked up but I probably need to eat more protein now and then I’ll be able to move up to the BIG elastic band!

Look at my Peony

With the unusual amount of snow we had I didn’t think that my peony would grow this year let alone flower.  However my houseplant theory of ‘treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’ should obviously be applied to the garden.  The peony has 21 buds which is an all time best.

We’ve had it in our garden for about eight years.  It was part of a plant from my Dad’s front garden which in turn came from my Grandma’s.  I don’t know how it works with perennials but theoretically the peony is older than me!

Garden Design

When we were in Edinburgh in March I saw a great idea for a patio arrangement when we finally get round to sorting the garden out.

I think it could start a trend!  Don’t you?

To Do List 10 – Times on List in Brackets


* Sort out garden, this should possibly be make a garden from the scrub land it is now…


I always wanted acres and had a vision of gardening in flowery dress and floppy sun hat (not that I tend to wear that kind of thing at the best of times) but so far our garden has leant more towards steel toed boots, sledgehammers and thermal vests.

Still Hanging About – but started

* Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (8) – This one is now getting embarrassing

* Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (8) – As is this one

* Make 3 baby presents (7) – They only get embarrassing at 8 (that’s times on the list not the age of the babies)

* Don’t postpone doing To Do List in an attempt to mark something off it – Just do the list on a Monday morning


 Well I have done seven little Myeloma Buddies. Here’s four of them, the others won’t have been received yet.


This is the one my sister in law has named Milo, here he’s guarding my sewing machine.  My eldest nephew is a little concerned Gillian is looking after him better than them.  Just kidding, Gill!

Long Term Goals

* Discover cause of myeloma

* Build own house