B didn’t waste any time!

After a meeting with one of our consultants, the myeloma nurse, the second ward sister present, refeering I think, me, B, and as circumstances turned out, Auntie Ann and friend Chris T not G, I got home leave until Sunday night.  Let me tell you I was glad to get back for a rest – I have no idea where the weekend went.  I didn’t even have time to get dressed Sunday.  I mean yes, some days I just choose (cba*) not to get dressed, but Sunday I fully intended on putting outside clothes on but it just didn’t pan out and yet I didn’t seem to get that much done.

Anyhoo back to Friday and my return to my usual place of residence.  After him appearing all upset about the current situation I arrived home to find that B had already allowed another bird to move in!  AND if that wasn’t enough Bud was obviously fond of her too.  Okay Bud didn’t actually say so but the fact that he hadn’t tried to eat her speaks volumes.  Here’s the floozy showing off her ass…

I mean I am just basing Bud’s fondness on the fact that he hasn’t invited her to dine with him with her being the main course at least.  I for my part at welcoming her to the family provided access to the greenhouse in case she wanted a dry sheltered spot.



B bought some bird seed when he shopped on Saturday and I liberally applied it round the garden included into the green house. Now although I never saw Pigina venture in there herself, the friend that brought me back in to The Royal last night saw her wander in there for some seed. She actually spent Saturday night perched on an upright paving slab near the shed – Pigina that is not Chris G.

Chris thinks Pigina might be at risk of getting eaten by a bird and indeed that’s how she comes to be staying with us in the first place. I however an of the opinion that she flew into the window. I am basing this on the greasy looking pigeon size splatt on the back bedroom window…

It’s about central – you might have to tilt your head at an angle.

Now I have really no idea where the time went at weekend. I had BIG plans and yet didn’t seem to get much done. What I did manage was to finish a Myeloma Buddy I started on Friday.

Gingerbread Buddy

One of the other things I did was a bit of tidying up, now bearing in mind that B tends to let stuff pile up on the dining table while I’m away – heck he attempts to let it build up when I’m at home.

The flowers were kindly given by a neighbour over a week ago – they appear to have kept well!

And look at this item of unsolicited unaddressed post we received…

So where are we with regard to the myeloma well, as a nurse said when she was asking me what the consultant said this afternoon, ‘so really everything is still up in the air’ and basically it is.  I saw an oncologist this morning regarding radiotherapy on my arm, as I thought, but she also mentioned it for treating the myeloma in the spinal fluid.  Chemotherapy injections into the spinal fluid would have to be put on hold whilst the radiotherapy was taking place as the combination would be too toxic.  The doc suggested radiotherapy to either my skull or my skull and spinal cord, I opted for the latter however do not have to make a final decision until later in the week.  There could possibly be one injection before and then they could be recommenced after.  I’ve opted to get a bone marrow biopsy done tomorrow, well I guess that would be today now, Tuesday anyway.

Anyhoo let’s just cut to some good news. Yes we do have some!  I asked about starting overnight peritoneal dialysis today and the PD nurse came for a chat.  Following on from a conversation he’d had earlier with the renal consultant when she came to see me it turned out that they thought the frequency of the PD could be reduced, either by doing it times a day for seven days a week or four times a day but for less days.  I’ve opted for four times a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday with nothing on the others other than draining the overnight fluid off.  I asked B for his opinion when he came in and he, after initially stating that it was up to me, said that Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday would be more practical – and he is of right of course.

I got swabbed today as I’ve been a bit snotty, yesterday and this morning, and may not have thought anything of it but for another couple of patients coughing last week.  I was told it was nothing that should concern me but we’ll see.

The internet is a wonder thing when it works right – I won’t say how many times I tried to post this last night but it wouldn’t play ball.  Hence me sitting here now having my breakfast in my usual half asleep daze thinking ‘Oh yeah I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I left it!’

I really didn’t mean to go on this much and really just wanted to let you know I was still here and actually feeling pretty good.  I did mean to share this last thing however.  I learned something today.  I learned it as I went for a wee just as B arrived back with my singapore chow mein from across the way.  I whizzed (get it whizzed) to the toilet and in my haste to get to the grub was in ‘wee position’ before I took full account of my surroundings.  In fact I was mid wee.  What I learnt was that if you are mid wee and notice something unpalatable on the floor at the side of the toilet then the natural reaction to flinch away from ‘the something’ kicks in before the reaction to ‘stop weeing’!!!!!!!  Fortunately I had plenty of jim jam bottoms.

*  cba – can’t be a&sed

20 responses to “B didn’t waste any time!

  1. It’s just lovely to read your news. So glad you are home and back with your boys and the new bird! x

    • Hey Susie, it was just leave it’s just B and Bud and the new bird at the minute! I can’t see her being able to use an iron – not that I do that much at the minute mind! 😀 xx


  2. So you’re a pigeon-fancier now, eh?
    So good to have you back at the blog.
    Keep your pecker up (spot that bird reference!) 😀

  3. Glad you got to go home for the weekend!!

    I agree with you, the pigeon does look like it had an abrupt encounter with your window. I have several similar marks on our front window where a variety of birds has slammed into it (and I’ve given up washing it every time as it happens too often!). If you make the garden too attractive for her she’ll not want to go home, but I wonder how long Buddy can resist the temptation of a tasty snack!

  4. It’s so good to hear from you, Paula. I have been holding my Buddy and sending you healing vibes through it. What else can one do from way over here? I’m glad to hear these docs are making a plan, and not giving up. We’ve had a bird in the yard ourselves lately. Must be a baby that fell out of the nest and wasn’t able to fly yet. As a result, the dog, and ourselves have been “dive-bombed” by 2 robins trying to keep us away, everytime we go in the yard. And I am SO with B on the dining room table thing. Most days, you can’t even see the top of mine, with all the paperwork piled there. :o/ Keep on fighting, P. And I hope you can feel all the love and prayers being sent your way from all over.

  5. Happy to hear you got a little home leave, Paula. I’m sure Bud was happy, too. Holding you close in my thoughts and prayers ♥

  6. Hi Paula – don’t fall over in shock! Yes – I have actually subscribed to your blog at long last. Thought it was about time I got to grips with this new fangled technology! Don’t think much of Bernard’s new bird – not a patch on you! Mind you, having read to the end of your blog about being shocked mid-wee, you probably have a bit in common with Pigina as she will be inclined to crap all over the place! Despite you saying you didn’t do much over the weekend, your
    greenhouse (or should that be Pigina’s Palace?) looks immaculate. Also love your gingerbread Buddy. It must be a common thing with men that they tend to strew their stuff over any available surface! And I think the answer to the junk mail question is, Yes you are coping with it. Quite remarkably as it happens. I think you are quite unbelievable and would like to think that, God forbid, I would have the same courage in your circumstances, but very much doubt it. Thinking of you all the time and hoping beyond hope for some kind of miracle. xx Chris T.

  7. I would advise, Miss P, when next home, be sure Pigina is in good health before digging into a serving of B’s cottage pie… Just to be on the safe side…

  8. Wait a minute!!! I met a guy who was Philippino in the waiting room at Tim’s doc’s office once. He ATE pigeon, on purpose, because he said they don’t get MM and he used it as treatment for his MM, thinking it might keep him in remission or cure him. I wrote about it in my blog a long time ago. What the heck, roast that little sucker up with some taters and dig in!!! No harm, no fowl. 😉

  9. Love Denise’s “No harm, no fowl,” and the only caution I would have is that bird poop might carry bird flu, but then I heard that someone who got bird flu was then discovered to be free of MM… all these myths and rumors!! In any case, we’re all pulling for you – all over the globe it seems! Big hugs from the jungle.

  10. Hi Paula;

    I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and sending good thoughts all the way from Oregon. Peace to you!


  11. hello paula, sooooo glad to hear all your news and find you in fine fettle, humor-wise, and that the new plan for the PD, (peritoneal dialysis – NOT pigeon dish!) will work well for you. i am so happy that you got the furlough home to be with b and bud. will keep you close to my heart and fingers crossed that whatever your treatment turns out to be will be just right for you.
    XO, karen

  12. Paula, I laughed and laughed out load when I read you column! Something too funny about that floozy, Pigina! Please feel better and hurry back for good. Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way!

  13. Paula, glad that you got home leave! I really loke the gingerbread buddy…another creative version! Thanks for sharing your trials and treatments as one with myeloma, I am learning so much from other’s experiences. We will keep praying for your continued improvement and feeling better each day. EZ

  14. Hi Paula, great to see your blog, I endorse everything Chris T said earlier, your are remarkeable, keep strong,

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