Bearly Pyjamas

I finally finished the bear’s jim jams this evening.  When I started adding the vertical stripes in chain stitch with a crochet hook I remembered why when I’d done one of these before I said I’d never do another one.  I wouldn’t mind but I cheated this time too and used one variegated yarn instead of two separate colours.  Oh, and then there was my bright idea of sewing the jacket together before adding the stripes so I could get rid of the loose ends.  Yes, that worked really well until I got to the sleeves and then didn’t have room to maneuver the crochet hook so ended up doing them in chain stitch with a sewing needle.

Speaking of ends, there was also a couple of those to get rid of…

and here’s the finished article…

yes, I know there seems to be some slight difference between the top and bottom but the bottoms do need shirring elastic added – quite a bit by the look of it!

And as it’s the 20th we have the photos of the view from the front of our house…






Yesterday it was a completely different story and although it was cold it was quite sunny most of the day – but I resisted the urge to cheat.

I’m feeling generally better – I made it to armchair yoga on Tuesday and then basically slept when I got home, waking up only for the phone, tea, a shower and then to go to bed.  Yesterday I had a big nap late morning and then took Bud for a little mooch in the wood and today I’ve been napless.  I’ve also gotten more of my appetite back today – requesting chicken in black bean sauce for tea which I cooked myself, much to B’s relief!  And my temp has been staying in the low 37s celsius or just over 98.6 fahrenheit.

Oh and while I’m on a roll with the photos here’s some things I got last weekend…

flowers from my Auntie Ann

flowers from a neighbour and…

a hole courtesy of…

Bud and his accomplice Kong.  We both stood at the top of the stairs on Saturday after he’d cast it down the stairs and watched it bounce off the laminate and POW a hole in the lining paper – the lining paper which I thought was such a good idea to use on the radiator cabinets instead of the wooden grille supplied. It’s just as well I still haven’t dismissed the idea of redecorating!

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7 responses to “Bearly Pyjamas

  1. Beautiful blooms there! and good to see those temp. readings(thanks for the translation). I have to tell you I think I saw B’s twin whilst out getting my
    lunch today. I did a double take, though why I thought I’d be running into B here is silly. He was tall and slender and had the same facial features(as seen in the photos of B in this blog). The difference was he was blonde but
    could have surely passed for a brother at least. I wanted to snap a photo with my cell phone to show ya but this man would think I was a stalker. Well that and just a moment later, one of Tim’s old school chums walked in so I guess it was a good thing I did not get caught sneaking a photo of some tall, handsome stranger. ;o)

  2. Ok, now I’ve seen it all – jimmy jams for bears – cute!

  3. Paula, we are glad that you are feeling better and that your temps continue to stay down. When do your leaves begin to change? Your photo this month shows mostly greenery. The leaves are starting to change here and over in the mountains they are in full fall color. Linda and I will head over to the mountains to see my folks this Sunday and will get to enjoy all the colors before they fade. We hope and pray that your health continues to improve and that soon you and Bud will be taking extra long walks in the cool fall weather. EZ

  4. Oh dear – a lot of ends for a small set of PJs. Can’t wait to see them on the bear complete with elastic!!

    Glad you’re feeling better, have a stable temperature and are getting out and about with Bud. It looks like he needs occupying to stop the trail of destruction (the lining paper never stood a chance against a kong!). Pip and I have just been out for a long walk – it’s a chilly, slightly foggy -1 here this morning and I’m defrosting slowly with a cuppa and some toast!

  5. Glad you are feeling better! I really wish that was the view from my house!! Its quite depressing what I can see from ours 😛

    I’ve been asked to make a teddy jumper….wish me luck 😀

  6. So glad you are feeling better!
    I bet Bud would like some tartan socks just like teddy’s jim-jams! 😉

  7. We’ve had rain off and on for a week now, with the clouds dropping down to 5,000 feet, which keeps us in the mist for hours. Guess it’s that time of year… glad your temperatures are staying down as well.

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