Finally 20th of the Month Photos

Obviously I wasn’t able to take my 20th of the month photos for December so I took them yesterday and I realised I hadn’t posted November either.  Unfortunately unlike last year we didn’t have snow.


 Right – with a lovely view of our bins.

Left – with next door’s car.  Obviously I wasn’t at my photo taking best.

Middle – with another  lovely view of the container used by the workmen replacing the footpath to the neighbouring road


 Right – minus the bins

Left – without the neighbour’s car

Middle – sans the container

Montage of the year to follow – when I can be bothered to look at the hard drive with the backed up information on it.  I started before and nearly downloaded 3,000+ photos.

And how cute is this…

Bud has two toy boxes – one upstairs and one downstairs.  On Tuesday he emptied some toys out of this one and put them (well, not quite all) on his mat.  Apparently while I was away he didn’t bother with his toys at all.  Oh, and another thing he does sometimes, which I find adorable though I may be slightly biased, is get on his mat with a toy and wag his tail as he plays with it with no interaction from us!

6 responses to “Finally 20th of the Month Photos

  1. A dog with OCD? Whatever next! 😉

  2. aren’t you sooo glad to be a dog person? i am, too. hugh and i figure we smile about a gazillion times a day just having sadie with us. and you know the power of a smile! i love hearing about all of bud’s cute antics, and i know he is a great comfort to you. thanks for posting that photo of him – love a dog who loves his toys. hugs to you and bud, paula. karen

  3. Our little Finn is also a tail-wagger when it comes to his toys. But he most definitely expects us to get in on his fun.

  4. Awwwww….so cuteeeee! And look how happy Bud is to have you back home (i got choked up when I read the part about his not having played with his toys while you were away)….double and triple-awwww! 🙂

  5. Bud is very cute! Pip has hiding places for her toys – she puts them somewhere safe and then can’t remember where they are … often under our bed, but in all sorts of weird places (she stashes food at odd points round the house too but thats a hang over from being starved as a pup and 13 years on she’s still doing it … breaks my heart).

  6. Intending you have a healthier new year, Paula, annd B and Buddy have you home more!!!!

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