Paper Heart Ornaments

I have a friend (hurrah for me). Chris. She’s not arty. She’s good with ideas but the actual practical follow through is not something we talk about MUCH – one time this resulted in me cross stitching the Virgin Mary’s face for a nativity. (I spent ages trying to find the right colour for her lips as it’s a big responsibility making sure she doesn’t look tarty.) Chris is one of the instructors, minders, I don’t actually know the right word, at the youth club at her church. Last week it was craft day and she didn’t know what to do. I suggested the following, she pretended to consider it, but she decided to put this off until later in the year so she could have a run up to it. They did paint by numbers! Does that even count as being taught a craft. So I decided to publish the instructions here, so once she’s got use to the internet on the laptop they’ve just got, she can look at them long and often. If you decide to give them a go pics would be great.

Now I’m typing slowing for the hard of understanding… (Chris – can you hear me okay? x)

Card or paper (at least A4 – you can get 2 out of this size)
Sellotape or double sided tape
Staples, glue or double sided tape

How to
Cut the paper or card into 1” wide strips in the following lengths
1 of 11 ½”
1 x 9”
2 x 7 ½”

Lay 11 ½” strip down flat. Take thread, fold in half and tape to piece between 3” and 4” from one end.

Place 7 ½” piece 3” from end of strip

Place 9” strip on top

Carefully turn strips over and place remaining 9” piece at same 3” point. Staple (or glue or double sided tape) all strips.

Fold two strips down on each side and ensuring all ends meet, staple here too.


More Ideas

* Decorate each strip with sequins, glitter, buttons.
* Make them bigger or smaller by using longer or shorter strips.
* Add more strips.
* Punch a hole in the area first stapled and thread ribbon through, or even beads. This could then act as the securing strip enabling a bigger heart to be made by not limiting the first strip size to the length of A4.

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