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Creative Space Thursday – Circles & Squares

Today we have a square full of circles…

And circles made of squares…

More Share a Square 2010 squares.  I picked three colours red, white/cream and blue (okay that’s technically four but the white and cream were interchangeable) and randomly picked the colours for the squares.  Out of 55 squares 42 were unique and only one ended up edged in white.

(I know that’s a square in a square but that’s ‘the exception that proved the rule’ and that’s an expression I’ve never understood.)

Check out other people’s creative spaces here (a lot of which include arty photos of which I am NOT in the least bit envious).



We’re gonna end up on a talk show!

Do you think B may need to tell me something in front of a live studio audience?

The very least of which is why the male contingent of the house is in cahoots against me.  I sent Buddy in to wake B up and he snuggles in for a kip!

I’m not as happy as I used to be

I know this because B informed me of it today!

B works nights but had to go into work this morning for his stage 2 grievance meeting over his salary.  Long story but when the distribution part of the company he worked for got outsourced 2 1/2 years ago he was TUPE transferred to the new company.  However when he changed sites his salary was reduced to their new starter rate – okay because he works nights with shift allowance we are no worse off but no-one told him that this would happen.

So two years ago he put in his grievance with the union and it’s taken until today to sort it out – when he accepted a one off payment which will amount to £400 which is obviously a bit short of the difference between his original basic pay and his current one but he’s reasonably satisfied.  However the union guy pointed out that B couldn’t take it any further ie, to a tribunal because the whole process had taken too long and there is a time limit for tribunals!

I jokingly said that obviously it was my fault – because of the MM he had other things on his mind than his grievance and the onsite union rep was as much use as a chocolate fire guard.  B of course said that he didn’t hold me responsible for the delay – it was one of those things.  Then, and I can’t quite remember why, he said that I must prefer the ‘old Paula’.  I enquired as to what he meant by that and did he prefer the ‘old Paula’ – thinking he meant how more physically fit I was.  Nooooooooooooooooooo, it turned out I used to be happier.

B won’t/can’t elaborate on this.  I told him it may have something to do with the fact that him waking me up when he comes to bed in a morning doesn’t help my morning mood any – apparently he doesn’t wake me up – I’m awake!  I beg to differ – I only wake up when he shuts the laundry drawer and then starts telling me about what he bought at Tesco or other such delights.  He then wonders why I don’t remember some of the stuff he tells me – TELL ME WHEN I’M WIDE AWAKE – it might possibly help!

This morning because he got to leave early so he could get some sleep before going back for 11:00 – I was allegedly awake when he came to bed at 03:00 AM – AM – I can however confirm that I was sound asleep until somebody started complaining about Buddy who had jumped onto the bed being pressed against him.  Buddy who is an even sounder sleeper than me barely moved when I attempted to pull him closer to me.  When B still complained Buddy took the hint and lay at the bottom of the bed and it turned out too close to B’s feet.  Now B obviously whispered to Bud to move – yeah right!  Then he woke me up when he got up to get the lavender oil out to put on his pillow – I apparently was awake again – strange how whilst sleeping soundly I suddenly know I need to wake up just at the moment my husband is asking me where the lavender is.

I was apparently awake the next time he spoke when he wanted some more lavender – I am of the opinion that I was sleep walking my way to the bathroom for a bit of peace!  Then I woke up again just as he decided to go downstairs and sleep on the settee as he needed some sleep and couldn’t nod off in bed – now I know this is a bit of a radical idea but maybe that was because SOMEONE was talking and tossing and turning!

THEN when his alarm went off and he was up before me (possibly because I forgot to set mine) he came back upstairs for a wash and I very kindly I thought considering, offered to make him some toast and coffee (as he was going to an important meeting) and five minutes later he was pointing out that I couldn’t make it from the bed!

Now I only need to clock on for work at 9:30 and have to walk as far as the small back bedroom to do it – B was going at at 9:45 and it was 8:20.

So when I dragged myself out of bed in a strop, stepping on my sore foot in my strop (when we had some double glazed units replaced on Tuesday I managed to get a shard of glass in my foot) he’d decided to take my mobile (which I use as an alarm) downstairs – now I know this is only a small thing but by this time I felt the need to ask why.  B didn’t know!  I need it for work and have enough trouble finding it when I put it down.

When he got back from his meeting I had to make him lunch, because a salmon sandwich is to complicated.  He then took Bud to the vets on his own and went back to bed when he got home.

Because I had been for an Indian Head Massage this morning as part of a friend’s birthday present I had to work until 18:30 to make my time up. Despite feeling like I could sleep for a week I took Bud for a walk/limp when I clocked off.  When I got back and was headed up stairs to change my trousers, because I got them wet, B asked me if I could get his tea – like I’d forgotten!

And he wonders why I’m not as happy as I used to be!  Maybe it’s because my super powers to do everything effortlessly are affected by not getting sufficient sleep!  (Or maybe as a friend pointed out just it’s because I’ve put my foot down and refuse to deal with his mother anymore!)

Buddy’s Bedding

Okay hands up who really thought I was going to buy a bed sheet so that Buddy’s duvet matched ours!  I will admit that the thought briefly crossed my mind and there is probably a market out there for that but his main duvet ended up being covered in some material I’d bought for a dress but realised it was way too sheer!  It would have made a nice blouse but I don’t do blouses.

So the finished basket duvet measured 104cm x 133.  Since he likes giving his bedding the occasional rumpage and does that twirly thing until I go dizzy (apparently this comes from when dogs needed to flatten grass to lie on – or so I am led to believe) I decided to not fold the duvet over and make a smaller cover.

We are having some new double glazed units installed today so Buddy is more like my shadow that usual, and he is dog tired after our long walk this morning which had the aim of making him sleep through the installation.  This hasn’t proved to work and although he is very friendly with the installers, one of whom he met on his first night here, he won’t settle as there is just too much going on and allsorts of interesting noises that keep disturbing him.

So when I put his freshly laundered duvet cover on the floor to photograph it – he rightly pointed out that it was his and he was having a kip.

The remnant of the ‘spare’ duvet was used to make a cushion for the lounge floor.  I used a piece of fleece that I’d had hanging about for a while and which I had used when I got back from my SCT holiday when I needed to snuggle and nod off on the settee – it’s had a fair bit of washing and has gone a bit bobbly but I thought it would do for a temporary measure.

This measures 80cm x 62cm and is a double thickness

and get a load of the designer buttons

which obviously came off a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans.  Ohhhhhhhhh!  Well to be honest I got them from TK Maxx and they weren’t technically jeans in the denim sense but made from linen and although I loved the fit and worn them a lot (which may have been the problem) the fabric didn’t last long at all – I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price for them.  I also got a pair of simple drawstring top linen trousers at the same time from a CK outlet shop and again loved these (even though I had to take about a foot off the length as they were 27″ waist and about 53″ leg!).  However the same thing happened the linen fabric just wasn’t durable which may explain why the ended up in discount shops!


We went for my first Zometa infusion today.  It was fine.  I did get a migrainy type headache later but think that was the bright sunshine – if I hadn’t read it on the side effects leaflet I wouldn’t have given it a second thought as being medication related.  When we got back I did have a nap on the settee but I don’t know if that’s Zometa relating or needing to catch up on sleep after a busy few weeks and a Buddy week!

To show that my husband doesn’t listen to me/retain relevant information – the penny dropped while we were sitting there that this method of protecting my bones requires four weekly visits to Liverpool!

Further proof that I sometimes just provide background noise arose last Thursday following my tooth filling on Tuesday.  We were heading back from purchasing Buddy stuff with Buddy in the back seat when the following took place…

Me:  YAWN – ‘My mouth is still a bit stiff’

B:  nothing

Me:  ‘What’s that Buddy, well yes it is.  Thanks for asking!’

B:  ‘Well you shouldn’t have gone out in your wellies.  You won’t do it again!’

Wednesday night I had taken Buddy (or dog as he was then) out for an impromptu walk having previously decided we wouldn’t bother that night, we’d let him settle in instead.  However around 22:30 he perked up so I took him round the block to de-perk him.  I popped my wellies on as they were close to the back door and so I wouldn’t get my pyjama bottoms wet – okay, I can’t believe I’m confessing to going out in my pyjamas but as I said impromptu!  In no way am I condoning my action by telling you that my sister in law drove over to meet dog earlier than evening in her pyjamas!  I would point out that neither of us (yet) have ventured as far as the supermarket thus attired – which seems to be a growing trend.  Anyhoo, my wellies had given me blisters, so my feet had been a bit sore – hence the wellie comment.  I suppose I can expect a response to my jaw comment about a week on Tuesday.

The highlight of my few hours at the hospital was provided by an 87 year old chap there for a blood transfusion.  He had created a bit of a hoo-haa in the waiting area by pulling up one of the staff about how long he’d been there – about 10 minutes at that point – but he wasn’t complaining you understand.  I was crocheting some Share a Squares in bright red wool and he asked if I was knitting underpants.  I politely informed him that I was not knitting but crocheting underpants!  Apparently this colour of wool should only be worn in such a manner.

So there we were, us and eight other people attached to various drips and the lady closest to the old chap informs him that his chair could recline. He, in a manner reminiscint of the m-i-l, said that he didn’t want this and then asked her to do it for him.  Oh, and he had a loud voice.

Old bloke: ‘Just back a bit!’

Nice lady:  ‘Is that okay?’

Old bloke:  ‘Yes, that’s fine.’

Nice lady:  ‘Would you like your legs up?’

Old bloke:  ‘Yes please, as the girl said to the solider!’

I ask you – and they talk about the youth of today!

Creative Space Thursday Again

Artyish photo – The tie on Buddy’s duvet…

Trimmed of it’s loose ends this morning.

Does Buddy like it?  Well yes…

and no…

(Oh I made that quilt too by the way, many, many moons ago)

and undecided...

And what was all the panic yesterday over this…

something always comes along to put things in perspective – like this, this morning…

It’s been nice knowing you!

There’s no need to panic!

Really there isn’t.  Keep calm!  Everything will be okay!  Really?  No, there’s every reason to PANIC, and then PANIC some more!  LOTS AND LOTS OF PANIC and lets throw in some anxiety for the fun of it!

As you may be aware my darling husband LOVES his NEW car (when exactly do cars stop being NEW – this one is 12 months old in November for goodness sake – B could probably tell us exactly how many months, days and hours old it is exactly).

Well, okay deep breaths, in with the calm out with the not so calm.  Buddy and I went out in my lunch break in the car.  I contemplated taking him on his second walk of the day but the weather was lousy so we went for a drive for another essential dog toy and some non essential dog food.  The toy was one I’d seen last week it was a big goose with a ropey neck and legs (Mister Twister) – because B is a little unsure around the small rubber ring that we got Buddy (which he loves) as B has never owned a dog and he gets a little nervous with his hand so close to Buddy’s mouth when he’s frothing and growling – Buddy not B!  Needless to say Buddy proceeded to introduce the goose to the garden this afternoon and brought it back in at my insistence all damp and with a broken wing after all of about three minutes!

When we went into the pet shop he was so good – even though I was by then a little distracted – he got two treats off the cashier for being so good and sitting when I asked him to for the treat and complemented by the couple in front whose dog is half the size and apparently has a ‘give me the treat or I’ll bite you’ attitude!  He also got fussed by both of them and was so well mannered they were so impressed!  I should have got something in writing.

When we got to the retail park my first port of call was TK Maxx for the goose and I had to leave Bud in the car! THE CAR!  Now on Saturday we called at ASDA after leaving my Auntie Ann’s and left Buddy in the car with his harness still attached to the seat belt.  I got back to the car to discover that he’d decided to play ballerina and pirouetted round and round and round until he, the harness and the seat belt were as one.  He had then attempted to free himself from this predicament by CHEWING THE SEAT BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I looked at the seatbelt slack jawed in horror he jumped out of the back seat while still attached and managed to escape from his harness whilst leaving it still buckled!?!?! Maybe we should rename him Houdini.  Fortunately he is quite obedient and got back in his harness at my insistence just in time for B to arrive with the milk he’d gone back for.  I then got Buddy strapped back in without B noticing anything untoward.  I obviously then confessed to the misdemeanour and B took it really well – I know I should probably have started to panic there and then.  He didn’t even get flustered when a neighbour informed us that the car won’t pass an MOT with a seatbelt damaged in any way, I had suggested we could say the m-i-l tried to chew her way out – she has never been able to successfully operate a seatbelt to Bernard and his brother’s continuing annoyance.

We decided that when we left him in the car in future we would release the harness.  I did this on Monday when I nipped to the chemist – he was in the car alone all of three minutes and somehow an alarm went off – which is a bit worrying because we don’t have one!  Either he found one somewhere or I totally didn’t see someone going to a neighbouring car and switching their alarm off at the exact moment that I pressed the door release and the noise stopped – it’s a small car park and I would have had to have had my eyes closed for this to be the case.

When we arrived at TK Maxx  Buddy was settled on the back seat – so you know what I did – I left him there because he whines a bit in the car anyway so as he was settled I didn’t want to disturb him by moving him to unbuckle the seat belt.  That makes sense.  IT DOES.

I whizzed through the store as fast as my lytic lesion in my right femur would allow, grabbed the goose by the neck and queued and queued – while some elderly lady and her quite rude son debated whether they were prepared to pay for a carrier bag!

I got back to the car to see Buddy still on the back seat, looking cutely out of the window – awwwwwwww – I opened the door to tell him what a good boy he was and give him the goose and nearly passed out.  He may have been seating there cutely gazing out of the window but he didn’t have to be sat there because HE HAD CHEWED COMPLETELY THROUGH THE SEATBELT!

I haven’t told B yet – when I got home I pulled the back seat forward and wedged the end of the seat belt behind it before clicking it back into place!  It could have been worse I nearly put him in the passenger seat it was only the thought that it would be better to be consistent that stopped me!

I think I can safely say I am in deep, deep doo-doo!

Oh, and if any of you so much as snicker (not naming any names in particular – Denise) I will send you a lambasting email.

I’m now going for a lie down in a dark room!