Reasons to Blog

I decided to do a blog after starting a shop on etsy. I’ve always considered myself computer literate, certainly on programs, but have felt a bit out of my depth with what I am doing re this such as

Pings – Something that goes with pongs

Dashboards – Found in cars

Clicks – Military term for kilometres

Authorizing – Telling my husband what to do with an American accent

Appearance – Making sure I’ve brushed my hair and got dressed appropriately

Comments – Something resulting from not doing above

Users – People you don’t want to bump into in dark alleys

Bounce rate – How to tell if large chested friend is bearing suitable undergarment

So I figured the more I used it the more I would pick up. So etsy, planet purl, facebook (still not sure what this is for apart from my nephews becoming fans of loads of things that just seem to be titles), wordpress – what next – world domination.

I hope to be able to tell I’ve become more literate when I look from newer to older posts AND when I manage to change the default photo on the title page!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on 23 April 2009.

5 responses to “Reasons to Blog

  1. Hi Fere, I have been reading your blog for a while, now…and a question has been gnawing away at me…as well as giving me sleepless nights: what did you tell your husband to do with an (=his?) American accent? 😉
    Love your sense of humour…even in trying times…
    And finally…I wish I could knit! You make such lovely things…brava!
    Best wishes and ciao from Florence…

    • Hi Margaret – Well of course being the woman of the house, anything I want, however B being a man, still doesn’t hear it. I think I may have to try something more authorative like a german accent. I read your blog too, well let me quantify that, I read your blog until just before my head feels like it’s going to explode and then I go for a lie down in a dark room! I passed the details over to a lady at yoga, and she’s found it very informative – she firmly believes that information is power. I knit whilst you understand articles that may as well be written in Chinese! Warm wishes

  2. LOL! Thanks for letting me know what a strong effect my posts have on some (all?) folks…very amusing.
    That lady at yoga is sooo right…for instance, after what I have read on gadolinium, I will never have an MRI with that as a contrast liquid…so many MM patients are injected with this stuff…if only they knew…!
    Happy Easter! And happy knitting!

  3. Hi Ms Feresaknit! First of all thank you for your great comments on my blog! And I’ve enjoyed browsing yours too. You’re a great writer and amazing knitter. I have absolutely NO skill in that area! Too bad we’re not close in distance… you could teach me! Ahhh this crazy Myeloma journey. You look great, and from what I can read, you’re doing great??? Where do I find your MM details? And if you need a knitting project… how about something for me on the horse theme??? Thanks for being a great MM friend! x0x0x0 Julie from CA, USA 🙂

  4. Hi,

    My name is Natalia, I am the Community Coordinator at WEGO Health – an online health community meant for people like you who are especially active online around different health topics. We call these people Health Activists and our mission is to empower them to help educate and support their own online communities.

    I have been researching Multiple Myeloma lately and came across your blog. I think you are a wonderful writer and its clear you are a leader in the online MS community.

    I decided to feature your blog on WEGO Health in my “11 Multiple Myeloma Blogs You and Your Members Should be Reading” blog post;

    I hope that you check it out! I would love to hear your thoughts on other blogs to add to the list. It would also be wonderful if you could share it with your community on your blog.

    It has been lovely reading your blog, I hope all is well and to hear from you soon!

    All my Best,

    Community Coordinator
    WEGO Health

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