Catching up with a Horse’s Ass!


Did you know its the 20th of the month today?  Okay maybe some of you did I personally thought for some reason it was the 19th so when a neighbour (where I called to drop off columbine seeds and in turn received cherry plum tomatoes) said it was the 20th I high tailed it home to take my 20th of the month pictures.

First though here’s last month’s which I took on the day (23rd) we got back from holiday but neglected to publish…

It was starting to get dark when we got home due only in small part (clearing of throat) to the great knitting needle search 2011.

And here we have today’s…

As you may (or may not) have noticed it had started to rain.  If I had taken them this morning it would have looked like a glorious summer’s day.

Mmmm, wait I do have photos which show the sunnyside of this morning when I took photos of a horse’s ass…

Oh wait, no, that’s Bernard.  (Seriously if B showed anyone a picture of me like this I would string him up by his whatnots.)

Anyhoo, this morning as I was in the kitchen a horse, and rider, went down the road and the horse looked just like a cow.  Well, not exactly like a cow it looked like a horse wearing cow camouflage.  I would dearly love to show you how amusing it was but by the time I’d gone and got the camera and got to the pavement (in my socks and jim jams) and fiddled with the zoom this is what I got…

However the end of our road is a vehicular dead end and although there is a footpath back to the main road I wouldn’t have thought many people would be queuing up for the experience of forcing a full size horse through it so all was not lost I could get another chance.  So I went back to making my cup of coffee and promptly forgot about checking for the cunningly disguised horse!  Suddenly there it was walking past the front of the house again. I grabbed the camera, which I had left switched on, hot footed it to the pavement and by the time I had un-zoomed it (arghhhhh) this is what I got…

but anyway you can see how sunny it was this morning!

6 responses to “Catching up with a Horse’s Ass!

  1. Just love reading your posts, Paula … you never fail to bring a smile … or two or three.

  2. I’d have killed Andy had he posted a photo of me snoring too!!! Does Bernard read your blog?!!!!!

    • Well, obviously, since he hasn’t issued divorce proceedings he doesn’t! ;D I did however have a bit of a close call on holiday when he read the comments on the post about my little driving mis-hap and then asked how he could see some more – GULP! A short time later he smirked and said I was mean for saying his mother was unpleasant. I replied that I hadn’t actually said THAT – I’d just implied it by saying it would be nice to have a pleasant mother in law. 😀

  3. From what i can see the horse looked very nice! Very cute swishy tail there 😛 I’m just as bad at capturing good moments 😛

  4. The sign on the cow-rider, er horse rider says “Please pass WOL …” what does that mean? And it looks like she’s riding with her stirrups a little on the long side… if we don’t hear from you again, can we assume that B found out about the photo of him? LOL

    • Sandy, Just to assuage your curiosity even though it’s not as fun as WOL it says SLOW oh and WIDE – which, thinking about it is quite an apt description for me! ;D

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