20th of the month photo – March

Well looky here it’s that time of the month again.  It was a bit of a glum day but fortunately after a wet start there was no rain.




In other news I’ve gotten rid of my rash but there was a noticeable amount of hair on my hands whilst showering last night (off my head, I haven’t got hairy palms) so it looks like I might be getting rid of that too.  So today I got B to take a picture of my current hair cut and I’ll post it tomorrow with the one from before I first cut it in January (if I can find it) when it was doing the curly thing.


5 responses to “20th of the month photo – March

  1. That looks nice, is that by yours??

  2. For a minute, I thought you were turning into a werewolf. What a beautiful view you have. I think my blood pressure would be 20 points lower if I lived in a peaceful setting like that.

  3. What great views you have – in any weather! Loving all that green, green grass – hadn’t seen any since October till we arrived in Germany and it’s a bit sparse in the city. We’ll be moving to somewhere with more countryside soon – can’t wait.

  4. It appears things are greening up there and I’m sorry to hear you are having to cut back on your own growth, but I am still intending this round is doing the trick for you.

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