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One of us smells of wee…


I swear its not me.  I think its Bud – he does occasionally get one of his front paws involved in the whole wee wee process – really.  It is a bit hard to tell though when you’re sniffing the bottom of your own trousers or Bud’s paws when they are in such close proximity to each other.  Anyhoo I’ve given his paws a thorough wipe so I think we’re good – unless of course it is me.

And we managed to get into the wee wee smelling position because I felt energetic enough to take him for a walk, I took it extra easy over the weekend although did manage some ironing and plenty of crocheting – more on that tomorrow – the crocheting not the ironing obviously.

So its that time of the month again so here’s the pics from out the front of our house…




Needless to say we haven’t made a whole lot of progress in the gardening department however since I was insanely jealous of Lorna’s veggies, ana’s small veggie garden and I’m not even touching the veritable market garden thing that Roo’s got going on I managed to acquire a couple of tomato plants from the neighbour who was troubled by our weeds.  I was so going to brag, brag, brag because my tomato plants were so much better looking than Lorna’s one which looked like it was almost ketchup already and there they are, or rather were as at 3 June…

and here they are as at today…

I did ask B to water them eventually and apparently he did ONCE!

Whilst on the subject of photos when I left the hospital on Friday I got my meds from the ward so I didn’t have to wait for the pharmacy.  The nurse came over with a cute stripey bag and when I commented on it she said what I thought – it looked like an old fashioned sweetie bag which could contain sherbert lemons, bon bons, aniseed twists, etc.  Mmmmm, wouldn’t you like one?


Well, let’s take a look at the other side…


I, for one, think I’m on a diet!



On the 20th day

I came across a blog post a short time ago and I thought the idea it contained was simply wonderful (we won’t mention that there’s now one day every month where there’s minimal effort required to post).  I promptly forgot about it, a post on that to follow – if I remember! (Ahem! Did I just hear someone sigh?)

Then today it was the most wonderful (well that word’s getting some use today) foggy frosty morning/afternoon/evening. My three favourite weathers, certainly to look out on from a warm house, are snow, fog and frost so when I thought about taking a photo of it today for posterity I remembered Attic24’s Year End Review View.

So hereon in on the 20th of every month I will take up to three pics from the front of the house, right, middle and slightly left – morning, afternoon and evening – regardless of the weather and with our climate it could make informing viewing for those of you in hotter climes.  And at some point I will take a photo of the busy by-pass in front of the houses at the rear of us just to counter balance our calm view!



Slightly left

I forgot I had made no attempt to stop the camera date stamping everything and although the times are approximately correct – we are not yet at the point of getting freezing fog in JULY!

And Creative Space Thursday is back on at kootoyoo if anyone fancies a shufty. I, obviously, didn’t participate this week because my crochet tapeworm from yesterday hasn’t gotten any fatter today due to work and the ironing pile in my sewing room being at risk of getting cordoned off by Health & Safety.  In our house the ironing pile, or lack of one, is a barometer of how smoothly the ship is running.  Last night B had to tip one basket out in order to bring fresh washing (laundry) upstairs, he’s been going to work in crumplene* all week!

* Margaret/Sandy if that one doesn’t cross the language divide don’t hesitate, you might as well go for a hattrick.