#th of the month photo

Last month, February, I did remember about the 20th of the month photo on about the 23rd and then forgot again.  Anyway today I remembered again.  So that I have 12 at the end of the year these will have to count as February!




Whilst I remember I forgot to say that I was taken advantage of in my fragile state on Monday night by a member of the Kilgallon household. A member who, up until that point, had lived up to his name and proved to be a true Myeloma Buddy, sitting next to me on the settee with his head on my leg last week even though I had the shivers and my leg was shaking so he probably felt like the suspension had gone and curling up next to me on the settee on Monday.

And then after sitting next to me on the bed whilst I was wrapped in a towel and B brought me jim jam options from the clean washing basket (previously called the ironing pile) to encourage me to get dressed we tottered downstairs to the kitchen where B tempted me with food stuffs.  The only thing in the whole house I wanted was one Boasters biscuit (with choc chips and hazelnuts).

I reached into the funny little packet they now come in and stood there with my treasured biscuit in my hand whilst B asked me something and then it happened – Bud in passing licked my biscuit!  And you know what I did – I sighed and gave it to him.  I didn’t even have the energy to tell him off.

I went to the drawer and looked in the packet for another one and there was slightly less than half a biscuit left.  I sighed resignedly, took my biscuit back to the settee, where Bud pounced on my legs eager for a piece and, even though it was soft I ate it all just to spite him!




3 responses to “#th of the month photo

  1. ah poor bud… he wanted one and a half biscuits…. gotta love them…hugs…

  2. Poor Bud. As for you young lady, whatever happened to Thinning Thursdays? I haven’t had more than a sniff of a biscuit for 5 weeks now!!! 😉

  3. Oh no – Pip doesn’t get anything with chocolate in … those belong to ME!! It may be that I’m too quick off the mark where chocolate is concerned for her to get a look in though!

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