Creative Space with Crochet

I have a cold.  It started with a sore throat yesterday morning and worked its way up to include a snotty nose by the afternoon.  So today I am imitating an Alaskan sled dog, except not a large sexy one that could make extra money from an over 18 phone line, no, I got the runt of the litter – B has to turn the TV down to hear me (at least I know for once he’s listening) and I think Bud’s finding it really creepy as he keeps looking at me in a startled manner when I talk.

I also have this week a Creative Space on a Thursday – ohhhhhhhh!

Whilst my cross stitch was drying last night I got my Mystery Crochet Club blanket out, this proved a good choice for this morning too as I had a coldy headache and didn’t fancy attempting to concentrate on attaching the tiny beads to the Spring Queen.

So here’s what’s new since last time

and yes you may have noticed, and it’s not escaped me either, that those four corner squares have an alarming number of ends to weave in!

I thought the patterns were over 10 or 12 months however it turns out they are only over six.  Now I’ve just started March, by adding the last bit of the corner squares and starting the piece with the triangles on it on the top left, so I’m not too sure if there only being six means I’m more or less behind! Ermmmm, so if it was 12 and I’d done 2.27945 months that would be well, er, um, but it’s six so that would be, oh, if I just pick up the crochet hook instead I’ll have March finished by the time I work it out!

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3 responses to “Creative Space with Crochet

  1. If you are behind you’ve got good reason what with unplanned holidays and cocktails in the garden. What’s my excuse for still not having things organised with only 11 days to go?!?!?!?
    That crochet looks like hard work to me, I think I’ll stick to my round jumper.

  2. I’m so intrigued to see how this turns out! Must admit though – those ends would be haunting me. I have to sew mine in as I go – I don’t think I’d ever finish anything if I were faced with them all at the end! As to the schedule – it’ll get done eventually, won’t it? So, I’m not sure that the schedule matters!!

  3. Sandy Banks

    All the work you do always ends up being very well attended to, and makes me feel like I am a raggedy Ann or Sandy when it comes to my knitting.

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