To cut or not to cut that is the question

My hair is just about due another trim but since it is noticeable thinner, well it is to  me when I run my hand through it, but maybe yet doesn’t look it, I can’t decide whether to cut it or not.  It is certainly coming out more than usual.

This time however isn’t like during my stem cell transplant when it made a sudden emergency evacuation, this time is more like a leisurely stroll out of its follicles.  I don’t think it’s growing any more and I’d hate to give it a trim only to reveal general patchiness that isn’t obvious at its current length.

B is on bald patch alert in case it gets a bit patchy round the back where I can’t see it.  I’m not too sure how reliable he is going to be and probably need to sort out back up spotters.

I think I’ll give it another week and see how it goes – boom boom!

Last week during B’s holiday we spent 10.5 hours at the hospital (not the 15 B initially thought we’d stayed there for) and all I managed to get done was the beaded centre section of this crochet sandwich.

When we went on Friday I was able to have Velcade but my netrophil count was borderline.

Hb – 11 (oh er Mrs, highest it’s been since January)

Platelets – 135

WBC 1.3

Neutrophils – 0.6

I got tomorrow for a blood count but may not be able to have the Velcade and it could be a GCSF injection (to make me produce more of the little neutrophils) instead.  This Monday I aim to make sure I have two knitting needles with me!

6 responses to “To cut or not to cut that is the question

  1. Lots of things in common – they were going to give me GCSF last week but then decided to wait till Monday to see if my Neuts had gone up from 0.6.

    Enjoy yourself is currently on an advert for lastminute on the telly. Thats where i heard it and looked it up. Great minds think alike 😉

  2. Pretty awesome crocheting, if you ask me. The colors are so intense and lively with the pattern.

  3. Crochet sandwich? Interpretation needed, but it is beautiful!

  4. You could always rock a bandana while you decide? Hope those neuotrophils behave themselves.

  5. Hubby was on Doxil (Doxorubicin) and Velcade. His hair thinned out rather dramatically but he never did get any bald patches. Well, maybe a little one when I was using the shaver to trim things up in the back (but that was all my fault).

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