We should have gone to the Royal yesterday for line care however with me having the sniffles it was suggested I went today instead when the isolation room was free.  My darling husband from whom I strongly believe I contracted said cold came out with an absolute corker when we entered ‘Room 9’, which had two doors but no windows – ‘I’ll go and sit in the waiting area.’ ‘Er, hello, I got my cold from you, you’re still snotty, sit down in the plastic chair, I’m having the nursing home style one.’

Now we waited a while and B doesn’t really do waiting that well.  On this occasion I hadn’t brought my crochet as we’d been shopping in Liverpool city centre beforehand so I had to engage him in witty conversation to keep him occupied.  At one point he took to lah-lahing just in case we’d been forgotten!

When the nurse was removing the old dressing from the PICC line and getting ready to apply the super stingy alcohol cleaner B said ‘It’s coming out.’ To which the nurse responded ‘Is it?’.  ‘Yes’ I said ‘but not yet.’

The line  was plumbed in for the administration of the Doxorubicin over 96 hours but with having one fitted has meant that I’ve had the benefit of 11 out of the 15 Velcades being given through the line and the four weekly Zometa infusions have been given through it too.

Now I know some people get sent up to the day unit after a clinic appointment to get their PICC lines removed.   I suppose I could have insisted on the line being removed after my last Velcade – as the Prof said I would only be having four cycles –  but my next clinic appointment is a week today which coincidently is the date of my next Zometa infusion and despite the inconveniences associated with it ie,

♥  wrapping it up for a shower

♥  trying to have a relaxing bath with one arm held up awkwardly

♥  keeping it covered – I’ve either worn long sleeved tops or a cardy, I was going to say outside the house but actually I’ve worn one or the other most of the time – I didn’t want to show it off – even wearing long sleeved jim jams to bed when it’s been hot – I did once pop a short sleeve pyjama top on but B looked at me like I was crazy and suggested it might not be a good idea which I suppose was fair enough considering Bud sleeps on the bed too – it’s one thing saying the dog ate your homework but got his paw stuck in your PICC line is maybe too much

♥  the stinging for several hours and sometimes overnight after the dressing is changed – the only thing that is sensitive about me is my skin and there has been some scabby sore bits too (nice I know)

I am more than happy to accommodate them for two weeks longer than actually necessary so I can have next week’s Zometa through it.  Basically  I adore it – as Bridget said of her own experiences when I was apprehensive at getting it plumbed in ‘they’re brilliant’.  Other than the above most of the time I’m not even aware of it at all.

Installation itself was actually pretty much painless – the only thing I felt was the needle with the anaesthetic and the guide wire and they really didn’t amount to a sharp scratch.  In fact I have had a number of canulas which were way more painful going in (my toes have curled, I went hot and sweaty on one occasion and on another a nurse got all hot and had to ask a colleague to take over) and bothered me much more whilst they remained in – I do possibly think me knitting or crocheting while they are in may cause aggravation – and then there’s the times it’s taken two or three go’s to get one in at all.

So although I am looking forward to a bath where I don’t appear to be doing yoga I will miss my PICC line and remember our time together fondly.


One response to “PICCy PICCy PICCy

  1. So will you be wearing a short sleeved dress soon, weather permitting? Maybe you could pop into that famous dressmaker’s shop on your way to the Royal and have her rustle up something really, really tasteful. Neon pink and day-glo yellow perhaps? 😉

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