1st of June

Way back at the beginning of the year I committed, even though no one promised me a decorative gourd or even a carved radish, to blog every day.  As we all know this didn’t happen – what can I say, no excuses, it was obviously a case of severe cba!*  So in an effort to shake off the cba’s let’s give it a go for June, this June that is, starting today.

I have finished the cross part of my stitchin’ – Spring Queen.  Here she is before the back stitch highlighting…

Okay a little frightening.  And her she is after…

One of the things I like about Mirabilla designs is that there isn’t much back stitching, there is however a fair amount of beading.  She’s currently drying on a radiator before being beaded.

Now I can’t dally I have to go and check the powder drawer in the washing machine as B has just used it.  A couple of friends are calling round tonight and one of them texted this morning to ask if it was okay if she brought some washing (as her machine is broken).  I texted back ‘No worries’, then got out of bed and before even getting breakfast put the powder drawer in a bucket of hot water.  Now I’m not blaming B, who puts the majority of the washing in the washer, I’m just pointing out that washing is his responsibility and fortunately the washer is in the garage so there’s no chance of anything crawling into the food chain from there.  If Pat had seen the state of said drawer Bud would no longer have been the scariest thing in our house to her, she’d have taken her washing and beaten it against a stone in the little stream through the wood.  I would have been well and truly off her Christmas card list.  After  boiling water, Star Drops, a toothbrush and even a touch of bleach the drawer is acceptable for polite company.

7 responses to “1st of June

  1. I’m pleased to say that my washing machine is only 2 months old, so I don’t need to look at the state of the powder drawer for xx years, right?!!

    Your cross stitch is amazing – I just can’t do that. I guess I’m not neat / precise enough!! Or have limited attention span – or both!!

    Pip is the scariest thing in my house today. For the first time in 12 years and after a couple of days of only eating treats she has refused food completely. She spat her favourite food – cheese – out at my feet. I knew something was up and booked a vets appointment toute suite. Poor love has tonsillitis / doggie equivalent and several injections later has just deigned to have a treat.

  2. Ooh – so you get that funny black slime growing in the drawer too…? You know the jellyfish lookalike stuff…? Or is that just me? 😮

  3. this is just stunning and so beautiful… great work..

  4. Sandy Banks

    Oh the shame of it all… I am one of those who, when I had a cleaning helper, used to clean up first, fearing what she might report to my friends (as we shared her) about the state of my house… ps watch out for black anything connected with moisture as it usually is pretty unhealthy!!!
    The Spring Queen is quite lovely… hats off to ya!

  5. Scariest thing in my house today is all the dust and dirt caused by workmen fitting new kitchen and bathroom!! I know it will be lovely when its done bit the thought of another week of upheaval is driving me nuts And sometimes you just need to get to the loo quickly esprcially on Rev and an udience is not appreciated!! God I might end up on You Tube Help!!!xx

  6. My washer doesn’t have a powder drawer….but ever so often, (especially if we’re having visitors that may need to wash clothes) it needs cleaning. And, when my honey feels like it…..he helps with the laundry.

    Keep posting those beautiful cross-stitch pictures!

  7. Exquisite work of art!

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