Is it me?

I was upstairs when B shouted me.

B:  ‘Can you come here for a minute?’

Me:  ‘I’ve got no pants on.  I was going to have a shower.’ – Look, I still say shower since it does involve the shower but it is more of a hose down at present

B:  ‘Well can you put some on and come down.’

Thinking he wanted to show me something outside that would disappear unless I saw it at that exact moment and trusting it didn’t involve a neighbour standing in the kitchen I wandered downstairs without my trousers on – I had my knickers on and my cardigan was quite long.

I arrived in the kitchen to find B with a stern expression on his face and his arms folded across his chest.

B:  ‘Look at this.  I opened the box and the first three were like this…’

B:  ‘I haven’t got the receipt but it says Wilko on the box.  They were only £1.59 (ish) but I feel like taking them back.  They open on Sundays.’

Now I think he both expected and wanted me to say ‘It’s not really worth the hassle is it’ but considering I’d had to come downstairs and was standing trouser-less, but socked,  in the kitchen I said

‘Yes, but its the principle.  I think you should take them back.’

8 responses to “Is it me?

  1. Thank goodness Wilko don’t do party balloons or condoms. 😉

  2. That’ill teach him! no pants, a flight of stairs, wondering “w-h-a-t”??? You go, girl!!!

  3. B should have purchased the Wilko freezer bags WITHOUT the free ‘Easy to Carry Handle’. Hopefully he did not pay extra for this convienent feature. Also, if B will dress accordingly (no pants) when he takes them back for return, he should have no difficulty getting his money back. Problem solved.

  4. Boy, I wish I had someone to return all the defective stuff around here!

  5. I also think B should tell them that these bags cannot be used as condoms in this condition and if said in a Very Loud Voice at the customer care center, I am certain they will process this request very quickly…. no, it’s not just You.

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