Still in my own bed

I’ve not managed to wangle a holiday at the Royal yet this week.  There wasn’t a bed available when I rang yesterday morning.  The young lady I spoke to said I should ring that afternoon or this morning.  I said that last time they’d just called me when everything was set up and she said that would be fine – which means I’m not mithering them AND I don’t have to remember to ring!  I know how could I forget but a little bit of distraction on the way to the phone and it’s next Tuesday I’m ringing in!

I do need to ring the dentist tomorrow.  I’ve got a check-up booked shortly but a tooth bothered me about a week ago – only a twinge but today I’ve developed a numb bit on my lip and chin and when I bite down my teeth feel funny.  I don’t know whether this is just me or its the same for everyone,  because I’ve never thought to ask before, but I have real trouble pinpointing where toothache is.  What I mean is the exact tooth and sometimes (not that I get it a lot but I did have a spell of it a few years ago) although the main pain is at the top it seems like the  bottom hurts – maybe that is just me.   I started thinking that I had a numbness in the right hand side of my chin last September at the same time I had the numbness in my thumb and down my right forearm however it disappeared shortly after – as they all did.  Even though the MRI didn’t show up any myeloma lesions in my jaw where the nerve that would cause it is located I just figured it was related however now I’m thinking that maybe it was a tooth infection that was cleared up by the antibiotics I got at the time so I better get this checked out just in case.  I mean how would it look going in for my next lot of chemotherapy and saying ‘I don’t need to get an infection while I’m in as I brought my own’.

In the meantime I got to go to yoga this afternoon (oh, and I had my last two stitches out today) which I can’t refer to as Armchair Yoga today as we actually did more that just the balance standing up – STANDING UP!  It was very nearly exercise – not really but it was as close to exercise as I get.  I would also point out that I was the only member of the group today who was under 60.

And yesterday I made a Buddy.  It needed to be a vibrant Buddy.  It was to be a get well gift for a lady in hospital and as flowers are no longer allowed the gifter (is that a word) wanted something bright to raise the giftee’s (what the heck it matches) spirits when she looked at it.  I mentioned a bright pink and that was acceptable and went with an equally bright green.

I just wasn’t happy with the Buddy’s mouth so I had to unstuff his head and re-do it.  I was much happier with the expression and I think he looks happier too.

I had a little assistant for the Buddy photography session.  My assistant would have liked to get to know the knitted Buddy a bit better.


It was after it was  requested that ‘by Easter’ was mentioned and I didn’t realise Easter was so close.  I didn’t think I’d get it done but as it is it’s looking like I might manage it  – once I’ve undone the cast off edge of the button band and cast off with a smaller needle because I’m not happy or even satisfied with the wibbly-ness of it.

5 responses to “Still in my own bed

  1. Julie Zimmer

    how funny, I was just wondering about that mouth and then scrolled to see that you had wondered about it too. Nice fix.

  2. I love the bright pink and green and know the giftee will too! Our whole family loves your Buddies! Can’t wait to see a picture of your other project too…I know it will be amazing. Enjoy the time sleeping in your own bed. I know as long as you are knitting, you are feeling pretty good…yippee!!

  3. I can just about always tell you which tooth is hurting … unless of course it’s really sinus problems in which case they all seem to hurt. I’m sure I had lots of teeth filled unnecessarily because I used to get so much sinus-related tooth ache. Oh well.

    Love the knitting. That little cardi (or is it a hoodie?!!) is adorable with all those bobbly bits. Hope you get the button band sorted to your satisfaction.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday free of pain. Love the new buddy will have to order one.
    Remember teeth troubles seriously affect cancer so often it is the jaw, and also if you are on biophosphates it could be from that so make sure you have an XRAY of upper and lower jaws. Take care J:)

  5. I’ve been having tooth trubbles as well and what is needed to remember is that there is one very long bit (nerves and blood, etc) that goes all around the upper and lower jaw and if one tooth gets particularly irritated (or downright surly) it’s bound to have an effect on another one or sometimes the whole jawline. Much like a class of students gets affected by one unruly one… Anyhow, intending your tooth or teeth issue gets sorted out promptly, easily and completely…

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