To cut a long story short – actually I don’t need to do that since it’s a really short story involving a couple of etsy conversations since Wednesday.

I have the opportunity for me and my Myeloma Buddies to maybe appear in a UK crafty magazine, possibly in the bottom left hand corner of page 82, and need to send in a pics of me and the Buddies plus 50-100 words about why I support the specific charities.  Which raises two issues – what to say and what photo of me to send ie, with or without hair!

There’s only a small fee involved – just kidding – no money is changing hands although I am still waiting to get my 561,000 bing bongs from the guy in Gambia who I sent my bank details to.  That might have been a mistake as I’m starting to think that might be the country where they need a wheel barrow to carry the coinage needed to buy a loaf of bread.

As I was thinking about it this morning for the first time really, I only got the email on Wednesday, I started thinking ‘I’ll have to count the words myself’ as I use wordpad on the netbook which is a small step up from using an electric typewriter with built in correction ribbon – but I don’t use it enough to justify forking out for Word.  Then I thought ‘If I type it in wordpress that will count the words for me’ and that’s when it dawned on me that if I did that I could publish it as a post and ask for your opinions.  So here it is…

In 2009 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable but treatable blood cancer.  It generally affects older people, 50% of myeloma patients in the UK are over 71, but is unfortunately increasingly occurring in younger ones.  I was 39.  It’s only in recent years that the most advances have been made in myeloma treatment and two of the charities involved only with myeloma in promoting research, providing information and offering support are Myeloma UK and the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) – both of which are excellent.  I realised that I could FUNdraise (to quote the IMF) by using my crafty abilities and started making the Myeloma Buddies which is fun.  Although by the time I’d made 100 for Myeloma UK I did need a lie down at the sight of orange yarn.

There’s 127 words so feel free to add, subtract, amend or just generally comment.

Fortunately with regard to the photo – I don’t have to rely on B and his ‘The pic is adequate if you can tell who it is’ approach as I’ll be seeing Auntie Ann tomorrow.  Oh, I do have another question – make up or no make up?

I also have another issue but its okay I’m not asking for help on this one and its on a par with ‘Houston we have a problem’.  The peritoneal nurse visited yesterday whilst I was having dialysis to flush my line and change the dressing.  Whilst chatting I mentioned that Bud had kicked me in the side that morning.  It’s a little quirk of his to kick out his back legs whilst lying at the side of you, fortunately he only does it occasionally but you certainly feel it – which can be verified by B, Auntie Ann and Chris – all of whom have cried out when its happened to them.  The nurse said ‘You shouldn’t have dogs in the room when you do the dialysis’.  This is due to shedding hairs and skin – in a way similar to dandruff but with particles so small they are not visible to the eye.  Well I was planning on doing the dialysis at night whilst in bed – the very same bed that I and less frequently we share with Bud!  Maybe I do need help with this as I’m not going to be the one to tell him.

10 responses to “Help

  1. You can tell them your buddies are popular both in Britian and across the pond. They have been on trips, been in children’s mouths, been just everywhere. And how many you’ve sold to date?

  2. 😥 Poor Buddy. When we first got Toni we vowed she would sleep un the kitchen, well she did for about an hour and then worked out how to open the swing door and joined us upstairs. I’m no help at all.

    I reckon no hair (sure fire sympathy vote) and I didn’t even know you wore makeup. 😉

    • I wear make up so infrequently it’s probably a good job my neutrophils are above 1.0 as what I do have is so old it’s had plenty of time to build up a good amount of bacteria! ;D


  3. I agree with Julie … your buddies & bunnies have gone international and that’s sure to get you some extra points. I think you should interject some of your fabulous humor in there. Too bad you don’t still have those 100 orange buddies. A close up pic of your lovely face (and bald head) consumed by the orange ones would certainly catch the eye!
    Poor Buddy ….

  4. Congratulations Paula! As for the article/photo… you look beautiful with or without hair so that is your choice! It really depends on what kind of a statement you want to make. I think a little makeup always helps refine features and that is important in photography. If it were me, I would probably add a little. I don’t usually wear much makeup either! Take a lot of photos and pick one you like, I am sure it will be perfect.

  5. Congrats paula.. I vote no hair…. you are so beautiful inside and out… you will charm the hearts from them wither way.hugs… hehehe!

  6. Your text is great Paula. I would go with a photo without hair and- if you rarely wear it – no make up either.

  7. My first instinct is “no hair” but I do remember an amazing knitted bob-hairstyle wig you made, which might add to the general craftiness?
    Just be yourself! And stop spoiling that blinking dog! 😉

  8. Do what makes you happy and the piece sounds great!

  9. If you don’t usually wear make up then I would go for without as its more you….unless you would feel more comfortable with people seeing a photo of you with make up on… I haven’t really helped at all have I?? 😛

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