We make Buddy sick!

As if it’s not enough that we’ve been subjecting Bud to a fish only diet last Sunday/Monday we made him up-chuck!  We ran out of fishy kibble on Saturday night.  B was trying to ration him but I couldn’t take anymore when he was standing on the floor and putting his chin on the settee looking up at me – so he polished off the little bit we had left.

Therefore for his breakfast on Sunday instead of a tin of tuna and some kibble Bud had two tins of tuna.  About an hour later B was sitting on the landing tickling Bud’s tum and then gave him a few solid thumps on the ribs and Bud promptly parted company with some of the tuna – on the only carpet in the house.

We went out to try and get some wheat free, rice free, meat free, basically anything other than fish free food and it was a non starter despite looking at the labels on practically every dog and cat food in the store until B was nearly at screaming point.  Oh, there was a pack of chopped white fish especially for dogs which could be eaten raw (blah!) or cooked but which turned out to be nearly twice the price of the bargain tins of salmon we subsequently bought from the nearby Tesco Express.

For his tea Bud had two tins of bargain pink salmon.  He hadn’t been sick again so at this point I didn’t make the connection between the hurling and the very wet, and possibly too rich, nature of Sunday’s food.  Although he did eat a huge amount of Sea Jerky (the dried, compressed, fish skins treat) on Sunday afternoon since he’d been sick before that I can’t even blame them.  I think he may also have had another tin of fish as a snack!

At 2.42am I was walking through the kitchen to the garage with the duvet cover.  On the odd occasion that Bud has parted company with food in the past he has always made it onto the floor – not this time – in fact I was just glad he’d not got me as the little pile was not much more than a foot from my head!  I actually thought it was worse than it was but the second pile, as seen in the dark, turned out to be the remains of a snowman toy which I’d tried to placate him with in lieu of his bedtime snack.  After a liberal application of Dettol to the actual duvet I went back to bed.

And still I didn’t make the connection so no note was left for B instructing him not to give Bud another tin of fish for his breakfast.  So late morning I was putting the organic handknit blanket that’s not normally covering the seat cushions on the settee in the wash (the usual quilt was drying) after wiping salmony splashes off the laminate.  If we had smell-o-blogging I wouldn’t even consider sharing the aroma, there was a serious risk at one point of me adding to the pile.  And finally along with the last lot of fish the penny dropped.

I did confess to our dietary blunder when we visited the Doggy Dermatologist later in the afternoon and we left with another bag of kibble.  When Bud has finished this one we can start re-introducing food stuff and see how it goes.  The DD was very pleased with the condition of Bud’s paws and I can phone her to let her know how the re-introduction is going – possibly because Bud was, once again, a bit of a disruptive influence in the waiting room.

I think Bud may have cottoned on to the pending lack of kibble on Saturday afternoon.  When Auntie Ann was leaving she called him to get into her car.  Now usually when someone does this he rushes forward but then backs off and only occasionally does he actually jump in.  On Saturday he jumped straight in and then jumped out and went back into the house.  Auntie Ann had got into the car and closed the door otherwise I think he would have got back in and stayed in – as he came out of the house with one of his toys and ran straight to the car all ‘I’m packed, let’s go!’

5 responses to “We make Buddy sick!

  1. Buddy doesn’t need a bitch, he’s already got one it seems….lol x 😉

  2. Poor Buddy!!

    Hope you’ve learned your lesson and stocked up on expensive fishy kibble!!

  3. Poor Buddy! Hope he has recovered. Any more fish and you would have to purchase Buddy a swim mask and fins! And please, please, please no smell-o-blogging!!

  4. You don’t leave much to the imagination, Paula… I think the punishment for B’s bro not doing his fair share on the refrigerator is that he should be sentenced to cleaning up the fish bits.

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