I’ve had fish up to here! by Buddy

As you know I’ve been on a fishy diet for weeks and weeks now and although P has given me a teeny tiny piece of fudge, a finger nail size bit of corned beef, less than a quarter of a cracker and a piece of ice lolly (not necessarily completely out of the goodness of her heart on that one as she came back to bed with an ice lolly in the middle of the night when she had a temperature and I managed to give it a lick when she wasn’t paying attention!)  Oh, and today she caught me as I was just getting my chops around a piece of chicken that had dropped off next door’s bird table – but basically it’s been fish morning, noon and night despite whatever pitiful looks I could manage.

On Friday we went to Auntie Ann’s and Uncle Ray gave me a Rodeo – fair enough to P she did let me have it as I was sitting in front of him with my paw lifted up so high I could have hi-fived him – but despite following him whenever he got up no more appeared.  And then yesterday we all got home from a short walk to this from one of our neighbours…

and has any of it come my way – noooooooooooooo!  It’s the final straw or in this case currant.  So after mulling it over…

I’ve decided I need to take action and I’ve prepared my list…





Waggley tail Che – no, wait it’s not where I left it!  Where is it?  Oh, whoof! It could be a deal breaker?

6 responses to “I’ve had fish up to here! by Buddy

  1. Poor Buddy!

  2. Hey, “fudge” in Brit English doesn’t mean “chocolate,” does it? No, silly me, of course it doesn’t. Besides, P and B well know that chocolate is super toxic to dogs and cats…
    Well, that’s a relief…But hey, sweet boy, you keep your eye on those two, you hear me? Humans aren’t perfect…get distracted easily…So it’s best if the furry ones are always in charge… 😉
    Hugs and scratches under the chin…

  3. Okay, Buddy, in Iowa where I live (middle of USA, farm country) a rodeo is a festival of cowboy macho competitions – bull riding, barrel racing…
    so you have to clue me in on the British version, which is obviously edible.

  4. Buddy I can relate! I sometimes have trouble finding my tail too and I turn my nose up at regular dog food. Luckily I have a really good “sniffer” and my mm mommy, whom I take care of, is always leaving out cracker crumbs by her bed. Here’s barking at you from across the pond. Kirby a shi tzu with a waggy tail.

  5. Hi Bud
    I’ve had a few words with her indoors and she has agreed that despite our past history of disagreements you can come and live with us.

    Anything would be better than a fishy Christmas?

    Love T

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