Ho Ho Ho

Who are you calling a ho? {Groan – I thought I’d save you a job.}

As we all know it’s nearly Christmas.  What?  Next week is November and at that point Christmas is next month.

Now I’m not a big fan of hand embroidery but one of the quilting blogs I read ‘SewHappy.Me‘  (as you know I don’t really quilt but it’s one of those crafts that I like to look at and think about doing) started a Christmas Banner sewalong.  So far I’ve managed to remember – in some cases just – to download the instructions weekly eg, block 1…

and today I finally got round to embroidering one…

On another creative note here’s how you give your husband a fright – you go upstairs (yesterday afternoon) at 3.oopm (see I’m remembering to use ‘old money’ on the times) to make sure he’s still awake after his alarm went off half an hour before and chat to him, then you go back downstairs and do some knitting. As you sit there knitting your head starts drooping and you decide to take a little snooze, so you snuggle down on the settee under a blanket and promptly fall asleep. When your husband finally makes it downstairs he opens the lounge door and you raise your dozing head off the cushion to find him looking at you with a horrified look on his face as he says ‘Are you not well?’ to which you answer ‘I was just taking a nap’.  He was reassured when I was able to get tea!

Other creative spaces can be found here.

7 responses to “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Your embroidery is very neat and tidy! What’s the plan for it now?

    I like the look of embroidery … just don’t have the patience for it. At least that’s my excuse not to try it again after all these years (we did some at school approx. 30 years ago!). Your Santa looks very festive (ho, ho, ho to you too!) and makes me think I really should have another go, maybe, sometime in the future and absolutely definitely after Christmas has been and gone.

  2. I’d like to give Tim a fright like that but he’s too damn laid back. Last summer I fainted as I stepped out of his truck at a tourist attraction
    on holiday(trying to repay the translating favor). Luckily, I felt it coming
    and leaned back in the door and put my head on the seat so I wouldn’t fall and injure myself. I came back to and he was like, “OK are we ready?”
    I was like, “YOU IDIOT, I just fainted!!!!!” He was like. “you picked your head right back up. How bad could it be?” Grrrr. On the craft page, I used to patchwork quilt by machine. Tried my hand at hand quilting with all them tiny stitches once and thought I’d rather stick the needles in my eyes. ;o)

  3. Eeek… Christmas! Embroidery looks great. I like looking at embroidery and quilting too but haven’t attempted any!

  4. Paula,
    Glad you were ‘just napping’ vs not feeling well. We have been praying for your continued health improvement! You blog less frequently when you are not feeling well, so seeing your posts pop up on a regular/daily basis is good medicine for us. Please take care! EZ

  5. Oh he’s so cute! Better go suss out that page.

  6. That’s great isn’t it? HE is allowed to sleep until 3pm, but YOU have to be alert and perky when he wakes up? ; )

  7. Nicely done, that Santa… and I’m part of your cheerleading squad, still continuing to intend, pray and do Reiki so you are healing and feeling better day by day… and down here in the jungle the drums are beating that old familiar ‘ho ho ho’ tune and it isn’t even November yet! Yikes.

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