YAY – I got a new keybbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboard!

Buddy helped unbox it…

he got a thank you…

‘I don’t fink much of these new dentures’

9 responses to “YAY – I got a new keybbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboard!

  1. Very nice, and Buddy did a great job with the box! No doubt your fingers will just fly over those keys, so we look forward to future posts, written at the speed of lightening!

  2. Congrats on the new keys. And that box most certainly had the look of a canine opening. . .

  3. oh a nice one too!! love the new dentures….lol

  4. Love it. That picture of Buddy is priceless!

  5. Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbout time too!!!

    Could you send Buddy over to shred some cardboard for me please?

  6. That is the official keyboard used to control the International Space Station. It’s impressive…. What are all the extra keys?

  7. Sandy Banks


  8. lol! funny photo. congrats on the new keyboard! i used to have the same one in beige. (i know, who would’ve thought we’d have so much in common! ;))

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