Yesterday I had crumpet morning, noon and night.  Well breakfast, late lunch and tea…


Well what sort of crumpet did you expect it to be?  After B purchased some last Saturday I have found that they are an extremely non queasiness inducing food.  My aim is to appear on one of those programmes about people who only eat one food eg, baked beans or pickle flavour Monster Munch – YUCK!

Again this week I didn’t produce a Creative Space Thursday post.  I’d like to say it was  because I was at the hospital, which I was, or too queasy, not so much yesterday but it was actually because I thought, with the unwavering optimism that all crafters experience in the face of overwhelming incompleteness, I could actually finish my crochet patchwork baby blanket yesterday.  At 23:10 last night I had to call it a day and retire to bed.  At 04:45 this morning when I was extremely hot in bed (sigh yes, yet another, nudge nudge wink wink joke) – turned out I had a temperature of 38.1 – I was considering another type of edging completely for the blanket, maybe something a little spiky.  When B got in this morning at 06:40 he came upstairs to check I was okay as I’d left the kitchen in a bit of a state.  Now I like my kitchen sparse so the state was a bottle of lime cordial, bottle of soda and the thermometer and it’s holder strewn on the work surface.  I’d had a bit of a dash back upstairs as I NEEDED the loo – I’ve been a bit bunged up – could be all the crumpets I suppose.

Anyhoo back to the edge.  Originally I intended on the blanket having a fancy lacy border.  This is how it looked yesterday morning before we (me and the crocheting) went to the hospital armed with a crochet pattern book and a 100g ball of 4ply white yarn and 50g of double knitting in deep red…

I did three rounds of the deep red and then opened the book to pick my fancy border.  I tried this one…

and then this one…

and then I put the book down and picked up the blanket and proceeded to work round the edge in the white – answering the quizzical look of the lady next to me with ‘I’m just gonna go round with the white.’  There’s nothing like stating the obvious.  Due to the white being 4 ply and the rest of the blanket being double knit I increased in every other stitch on the first round and then did the last row as well to make it wavy – yes, in case you were pondering on whether the general non flatness of the border was on purpose.

So this morning, after laying the blanket on the floor for a proper look, I decided to carry on with the edging – this decision was in no way swayed by there being only another 20cm of white to finish the last round.  Then I did a final double crochet edging of red. Viola…hang on, that could be a flower, er, tada…

There is a little extra openness in the corners…


Oh, and in case you were wondering my temperature has stayed down today and I feel generally well other than a little tired.

Oh, oh and tomorrow we are finally going to get a new keyboard so that I can ‘b’ as often as I like.  We do have a laptop so I have been able to borrow ‘b’ from there but I find it really hard to use.  I keep catching other keys – I am putting this down to being a typist and my fingers flying over the keys at the speed of light because it couldn’t possibly be my delicate little digits being ham fisted.


7 responses to “Crumpet

  1. I just mentioned to EZ that it had been 3 days since hearing anything from you and I began to worry. He too has been fighting a fever, with no other symptoms, and turned out from a chest x-ray that he had “walking pneumonia”. Our goal is to stay OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, so fortunately we came home with antibiotics and after 3 days…no fever!! Guess our trip to Disney World was a bit much for his baby immune system. Your baby blanket turned out beautifully and I love the border you chose…especially with the red edge! How do you do it…somehow manage to be productive when you have a fever? I’ve said it before…you are amazing! Feel well soon!

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re in hospital. The blanket looks superb especially with the edging done! Did you take long from start to finish? Are you able to crochet if you have IV drip in your hand arm. I knit so I find it quite awkward to manipulate.

  3. The blanket turned out great! I’d have done a couple of rows of very simple edging and called it a day!

    Crumpets … Now I’m going to have to crawl out of bed and get some brekkie … The thought makes very hungry. Haven’t had a crumpet in years and years … They were always best slathered in butter with a smidgeon of marmite …. Mmmmm!

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. The edging turned out wonderfully!
    There used to be one store here that carried crumpets, but they don’t do it anymore. I’ve very upset.

  5. Ahhhh, crumpets…brings back yummy memories of London… 🙂
    Thinking of you and sending hugs…Feel better soon!!!

  6. Love the edging! Not so sure about crumpets: too messy when the butter melts and fals through the holes! be better with lots of b’s!

  7. Sandy Banks

    Can’t get crumpets here – possibly in Bogota, Colombia, but that’s a bit of a hike! I am impressed with the finished work of the blanket and thinking back to my babes, those open edges at the corners will be perfect for wrapping around a couple of fingers and rubbing next to a check for naptime!

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