To Do List 8 – Times on List in Brackets


* Discover cause of myeloma – what the hell – you’ve got to dream big – although this one might be on the list for a while ;o)

Still Hanging About – not started

* Don’t postpone doing To Do List in an attempt to mark something off it!

Still Hanging About – but started

* Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (6) – it’s a good job it’s getting warmer

* Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (6) – now still got five knitted items on

* Make 3 baby presents (5) – one actually started!

* Make cards and other stuff for lady who is fund raising for Myeloma UK (4) – have now make progress with this one


* Power of Attorney for mother in law

* Make cards for Sunflowers Centre – I only finished eight and was still carding when my lift arrived. They seemed to go down well I got a hug and told they were lovely/beautiful on three separate occasions, so she either like them or was a very good fibber!

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