My Hair

Finally we have pics of my hair – but you can’t see the purple at all but can see the asymmetricalness.  My Auntie En asked today if I’d had it cut and enquired as to where I think this was so she avoided it as obviously the hairdresser must have had one leg shorter than the other.  It was behaving extremely badly at the time and I got the impression that straight and even might be better.

 So here’s one showing the purpleness.

And here’s the cut – smooth


And hedgerow

I know not much difference it was in a netural mood neither sleek nor funky but this was the only time I could get B to take a photo even if at one point he had the camera the wrong way round.

I went out for my tea tonight with work and I know I said I wasn’t going to open it but my Red Ruby Rose Peacock Clutch bag seemed to be just the right size for my purse, phone and keys and it was!  And even the packaging was lovely.

One of the other homeworkers who I had only meet once over a year ago introduced herself as we were going and said that she didn’t know I’d been ill and she couldn’t tell because I looked so well!

3 responses to “My Hair

  1. I love the colour. I wouldn’t worry about Auntie En to much, as my daughters keep tell me, “old people don’t know anything about hair styles!”

  2. Fab colour! And even in a dark photo you can see it suits you. Ah, Auntie En clearly went to the same charm school as one of my co-workers who advised me not to run with scissors…!

  3. I kind of use Auntie En as a barometer for what my dad would have thought and he wouldn’t have liked the purple at all I don’t think. She’s very polite about things – unlike certain people’s close female relatives – if you get my drift – who has stated on several occasions that I have put on weight! Anyway Auntie En made me two salmon barm cakes and gave me a whole parkin so even if she’d said I was obese I would have forgiven her (not that she would of course and not that I’m biased at all). :o)

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