A little bit of knitting

I really haven’t done much knitting or crocheting this week but here’s what I have done.

Not quite another little aran baby cardigan and yes this one has has a boo boo in the cabling but you know what I did… I’m ashamed to say that I did repeated the boo boo so that it looked like the design rather than undo the front.

This is the start of a pram/cot (crib) blanket.  It’s supposed to be knit on double pointed needles (dpns) but as I’m sure  I’ve said before I don’t really do them.  I think it’s because I’m a tucker ie, I tuck my working needle under my right arm.  I’ve tried long dpns that can be tucked but it’s still too slow, I just can’t get a rhythm going and the thought of starting with 120 stitches but finishing with about ten split between three needles – urghhhh!  So I decided to adapt it so I could use two.  The first one worked fine but I went wrong with the second darker blue one and had to undo it.  Well I say undo I’d sewn it up so neatly the end was well hidden so I took a pair of scissors to it!

And that’s been it other than a few rows of crochet and I still have these few balls to knit/crochet up…

along with a ball of red and green waiting at my local yarn shop!  Better get my finger out.

I have had a thought which might help enthusiasm matters – I generally feel better later in the day from early evening so I thought I’d try and take my Thalidomide earlier tonight (I went with 8 pm) and see if that made a difference to when I perked up tomorrow.  It’s worth a go.

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8 responses to “A little bit of knitting

  1. Those are big balls, I bet they take up space on your sofa.

    I like the colour palette you have going there. I wish I could knit as quickly as you do Paula, I just don’t know how to tuck.

  2. I am knitting two blankets at the same time because my daughter is having twins (!!) and I felt as if I might finish one and not have the impetus (a friend from Florida calls it “spizerinktum”) to do another one… this way I have to finish them both, just like my daughter is doing…

  3. hey, paula…(oh, that was a song in the 50’s – i loved it!) just a thought about thalidomide. when hugh was taking it, his myeloma specialist suggested taking it a bit before bedtime as he said it caused drowsiness; sure enough, it was like a he had taken a sleeping pil, slept like a baby. he was on a fairly long course and had no other side effects. and to sandy – oh, baby. baby, i am so happy for you! TWINS!! that’s wonderful news! .

  4. Paula, I switched taking Thalidomide to the evening between 8:00 and 9:00 (on advice of my chemo nurse) and it made a big difference. I also envy your speed in knitting. It’s amazing. The PN has slowed me down dramatically, but I knit or crochet every day. Hope you’re feeling a bit better each day. Lovey

  5. I’m not a fan of DPNs either … and yes, I’m a tucker too! I’ve neglected knitting for crochet of late but I have two projects waiting for me to be motivated to start them – maybe soon! Hope taking the thalidomide earlier works for you today.

  6. You speed demon! And I cannot imagine how you knit that swirly hexagon on straight needles! As for wonky cables – who says it has to look a certain way? Design features make the garment all the more unique!
    Great plan to try thalidomide at night. I was just reading (Riding the Wave) that you can take Dexies at night too so that the energiser bunny does all its bouncing during daylight instead of through the night – wow! What a tip! We’ll be trying that one, I can tell you!

    • I’d read that before about Dex. I’ve suggested it to two people – One thought it was the best idea ever, the other thought not so much! Hope it works for FL. 😀


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