I am fatty-gued

and fat boy is no help ‘cos he’s in a rut!  Hey, before anyone puts fingers to keyboard to defend my husband they were B’s words not mine.  Apparently B’s in a rut with Bud as he hasn’t taken him out this last week.  I may, I repeat may, be feeling a soupcon tired due to overdoing it or it could be the aftermath of a migraine which may or may not be the result of overdoing it – or dark chocolate or, to quote a friend earlier atmospheric pressure!

When we were on holiday we walked Bud at least once a day and as it turned out I walked much further than I usually do at home and I felt better for it.  So last week I made a concerted effort to walk Bud twice a day with the first walk being nearly twice as long as our regular one.  And I also endeavoured to do spend an hour a day in the ‘garden’ – as in gardening not sitting! – this had mixed results.  Monday I spent 45 minutes and then had to stop and come in and take an extra painkiller.  I started off with a little weeding, resisting the urge to use the strimmer (weed whacker) so that I didn’t do myself a mischief, but as one thing led to another I ended up moving some wood and my back raised some serious objections.  So the other two hours I spent I did do less physical stuff.  By Friday morning when we went to the Royal a migraine was threatening and by teatime it had well and truly set in but by Saturday afternoon it was somewhat easier.

Mmmm, thinking about it, it could also have been brought on by subconscious stress at the thought of going back to the hospital.  I had thought on Thursday night ‘poo, we have to go to the hospital’ and thought it again whilst walking Bud on Friday morning.  I’m not normally bothered.  I knew I’d be alright when I got there, the staff are lovely despite some of them sticking sharp objects into veins, and usually I have no trouble looking beyond this to going out for lunch.  It was only for Zometa but I think it was possibly after two weeks away without even the prospect of getting poked with anything (minds out of the gutter I meant a needle).

Anyway I have managed to finish the baby blanket and knit a matching Myeloma Buddy and here they are…

It took 400g of white Sirdar Snuggly DK and 200g of red.  I used it double on size 5.5mm needles and crocheted the the little bobbles on the same size crochet hook.  And for those of you from across the pond (and I guess anyone else who wondered what the heck it was) I would like to point out that the red shape in the middle square of the top row is a rugby ball.  Say it with me rug-bee ball – it’s not a football – they are round!

You may have noticed one of the pictures is not knitting related but since it was red too I thought I’d throw it in.  The odd one out shows my tomato crop.  I’m not too sure what to do with it yet – grill it, use it in a salad, make a pasta sauce – the possibilities are endless! ;D

4 responses to “I am fatty-gued

  1. Oh, I thought that round thing had the rugby ball on it…. love the Myeloma Buddy, too!

  2. Our holidays worked the other way – FL and Hero slept all day for a week and now they think they are in training for the olympics!

  3. Oh – fab blankie! Babies don’t get enough bright colours! Your tomato crop is very impressive. I have one courgette flower and that’s my lot!

  4. This is beautiful and I am looking at each photo closed up re: the knitting stitches. The colour contrast is awesome! The arrangement! Really like it. You have specially personalized it for the recipient and with a buddy to go!

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