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I am fatty-gued

and fat boy is no help ‘cos he’s in a rut!  Hey, before anyone puts fingers to keyboard to defend my husband they were B’s words not mine.  Apparently B’s in a rut with Bud as he hasn’t taken him out this last week.  I may, I repeat may, be feeling a soupcon tired due to overdoing it or it could be the aftermath of a migraine which may or may not be the result of overdoing it – or dark chocolate or, to quote a friend earlier atmospheric pressure!

When we were on holiday we walked Bud at least once a day and as it turned out I walked much further than I usually do at home and I felt better for it.  So last week I made a concerted effort to walk Bud twice a day with the first walk being nearly twice as long as our regular one.  And I also endeavoured to do spend an hour a day in the ‘garden’ – as in gardening not sitting! – this had mixed results.  Monday I spent 45 minutes and then had to stop and come in and take an extra painkiller.  I started off with a little weeding, resisting the urge to use the strimmer (weed whacker) so that I didn’t do myself a mischief, but as one thing led to another I ended up moving some wood and my back raised some serious objections.  So the other two hours I spent I did do less physical stuff.  By Friday morning when we went to the Royal a migraine was threatening and by teatime it had well and truly set in but by Saturday afternoon it was somewhat easier.

Mmmm, thinking about it, it could also have been brought on by subconscious stress at the thought of going back to the hospital.  I had thought on Thursday night ‘poo, we have to go to the hospital’ and thought it again whilst walking Bud on Friday morning.  I’m not normally bothered.  I knew I’d be alright when I got there, the staff are lovely despite some of them sticking sharp objects into veins, and usually I have no trouble looking beyond this to going out for lunch.  It was only for Zometa but I think it was possibly after two weeks away without even the prospect of getting poked with anything (minds out of the gutter I meant a needle).

Anyway I have managed to finish the baby blanket and knit a matching Myeloma Buddy and here they are…

It took 400g of white Sirdar Snuggly DK and 200g of red.  I used it double on size 5.5mm needles and crocheted the the little bobbles on the same size crochet hook.  And for those of you from across the pond (and I guess anyone else who wondered what the heck it was) I would like to point out that the red shape in the middle square of the top row is a rugby ball.  Say it with me rug-bee ball – it’s not a football – they are round!

You may have noticed one of the pictures is not knitting related but since it was red too I thought I’d throw it in.  The odd one out shows my tomato crop.  I’m not too sure what to do with it yet – grill it, use it in a salad, make a pasta sauce – the possibilities are endless! ;D

Prickly positions

If at all possible I go to Armchair Yoga and pre Yoga lunch on a Tuesday however today as I still have the sniffles I had to forego it so after walking Bud, crocheting and watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (which produced extra sniffles and copious amounts of snot) I decided to do some gardening.  Well, not so much gardening as making a start by cutting out anything prickly eg, brambles…

(yes I know me peony’s pooped – the flowers started to open just at the time of the recent high winds and there were so many buds this year too – 26 in all)

and nettles…

which resulted in me getting nettled in an awkward spot.  Let’s just say that if the shed door had blown open whilst I was rubbing said spot with a crushed dock leaf it would have been embrassing for all concerned.

And here, courtesy of a friend who called round tonight and not B, is a pic of my latest hair cut…

Bud was in the photo too but my top seemed to be hanging funny* making it appear as if I had a roll of fat so it got edited!
*Yes that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Cross Panel Ironing

This week my creative space comprises…


a crumpled looking cross stitch (that would be because, Lorna, I don’t use a hoop as  it slows me down)

a fence panel I painted today and for which I got chastised by B as he had expressly forbid me to paint any of them, and

the corner of my sewing room is ironing free!  It had to be done, I think the hankies had started breeding.  That Levis Strauss bag has been there since March and I haven’t, as yet, mithered B about moving it – as yet.  Once the baskets are back in the garage I might have to start.  The ironing board is back in the cupboard for the first time since early February.  I won’t lie I didn’t do it all, B said I didn’t need to do his works T-shirts so I didn’t, however I did tell him not to take his sweat shirt off at work.

AND Bud has had two walks today since I was up early-ish we were both breakfasted and walked by 9:40 – that’s AM.

However it is now 17:38 and I’m already showered and in my jim jams, but that’s okay because we’re only having soup for tea as B has been for a tooth filled, so when I sit down later if I keel over for a sleep I won’t be creasing anything that will need ironing.

Other creative spaces are here.

Creative Space – Buddy earns his keep

My, or rather, our creative space this week is the ‘garden’ which we are attempting to make into a garden.

When I originally thought about redesigning it from the lawn, path and border it was when we bought the house {cough mutter mumble} years ago (okay 14 this September, although for the first few it remained a garden), I liked the idea of a flowing curvy natural layout, eg

or interlocking circles of lawn, flowers, shrubs, etc.

I realised as time went on that the easiest way of laying out a garden involved nice straight-edged rectangles/squares, especially when I came across the following in a garden book which so neatly fit our garden shape allowing for more lawn close to the house to fill the gap.

So this is what we are aiming for.

B has given himself the job of painting the fence panels – two so far this week, so that just leaves 33 and a half.

Bud is earning his keep moving branches…

and saving us money on a shredder.


I think I may retain one of the features of the current ‘garden’ as a feature.  I may even enter this arty composition for the Turner Prize.

Other people’s creative spaces can be found here.  There’s now pictures and one that drew my attention this week, possibly because of my current increased interest crochet , was this lovely one from Apple Blossom Dreams which turned out to have been  made for a lovely reason too.

Buddy the Logger

This morning on our walk I started thinking about the garden.  Okay what I initially thought was ‘It’s a frosty morning, the conditions are ideal to poop scoop.’

We have a big pile of branches at the bottom of what we refer to affectionately as ‘the garden’ which happened after chopping a load of stuff down and reading about wood piles attracting insects and therefore wildlife.  So we ended up with a painstakingly balanced completely unattractive pile of wood behind the greenhouse under a conifer.  I once attempted to relocate wildlife in the form of a toad from the large bag of sand it had decided to squat in to this new state of the ark accommodation.  The following day it had managed to hop back down 97 feet of garden to the bag of sand!

So with the view that this is the year that we will have a garden rather than a ‘garden’ I thought what a good idea it would be to move just one bit of wood every day after our morning walk into the green waste bin.  The first one I came to was a tad large but I thought hey, I can just drag it down the garden if carrying it causes me any problems.  What I didn’t allow for was weight of the 20kg of small furry animal that attached himself to it.

Bud decided this was the best toy EVERRRRRRRRRR (the kitchen door frame in raw form) and attempted to wrestle it from me all the way down the garden. Well, not all the way I abandoned it 10 feet from the back door and had to beckon him into the garage when he picked it up to parade it round the garden as the branch had more interesting substances than a drug dealer’s pocket.  Lichen, fungi – any one of which could have been the doggie equivalent of a magic mushroom.

Now I have tried in the past to take on big jobs on a bit at a time basis, if I do an hour on this or half an hour on that every day it will be done in no time, and it never, ever works.  There’s generally a reason why whatever it is isn’t done – I don’t want to do it, so attempting to do it EVERY DAY just doesn’t pan out.

I wonder if I could train Bud to drag the branches down the garden without eating any of them?  Maybe if I started to train him after our morning walk tomorrow and spent a little time every day doing it…


I think something ate something

The other morning I looked out of the window to the following…

Ohh, petals on the ‘lawn’ (mown weeds) off…  well since we have very few flowers in our ‘garden’ at the moment obviously they couldn’t be petals so they had to be feathers, which further investigation suitably attired in my wellies and pyjamas confirmed.

Two patches of feathers and a trail of odd ones leading to/from the fence but no other remains.

I’m pretty sure the something that got eaten was a wood pigeon but have no idea what the something that ate was!  (Margaret is that grammatically correct or are you having palpitations?)

Watch the Birdie!

Down at the bottom of our garden is this shrub.

I was giving it a bit of a trim on Monday when I found this…

‘Hey, what are you looking at?  Do you mind!’

I hastily stacked some of the branches back to hide it because I’d resulted in the two baby birds being exposed!  It’s quite a tiny nest and I have absolutely no idea what they are – other than birds.  I mean, who would have thought birds would even nest so close to the ground.

I’ve checked once a day since and they were still there and still breathing!

And then this morning…

They’re gone, gone I tell ya.

I had a furtle* in the undergrowth but no tweeting little fledglings were located.

*  Beth – to furtle (pronounced like turtle but with an f) (verb) – to look in a haphazard loose sort of way, not as organised as a search but not as disorganised as a rummage!

Look at my Peony

With the unusual amount of snow we had I didn’t think that my peony would grow this year let alone flower.  However my houseplant theory of ‘treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’ should obviously be applied to the garden.  The peony has 21 buds which is an all time best.

We’ve had it in our garden for about eight years.  It was part of a plant from my Dad’s front garden which in turn came from my Grandma’s.  I don’t know how it works with perennials but theoretically the peony is older than me!

Garden Design

When we were in Edinburgh in March I saw a great idea for a patio arrangement when we finally get round to sorting the garden out.

I think it could start a trend!  Don’t you?

To Do List 11 – Times on List in Brackets


*  Knit socks for acupuncturist

*  Make list of stuff to take to hospital for stem cell transplant as I finally have a firm date

*  Finish dress started today and make another two – nothing like a little pressure to make one get one’s finger out

Still Hanging About – but started

*  Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (9) – Should have plenty of time for this next week

* Make 1 baby presents (8) – 2 down one to go

*  Don’t postpone doing To Do List in an attempt to mark something off it –Now going to do the To Do List on a Tuesday – To Do List Tuesdays

*  Garden – this may have to wait for a bit and when I say started I went to the shed and then came back!

Done – Hip, hip hooray

*  Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour – pic to follow – I may even be wearing it

*  2 baby presents – pics to follow

Long Term Goals

*  Discover cause of myeloma – I think there’s more chance of this than sorting the garden

*  Build own house