Tiny beads everywhere

My Spring Queen design by Mirabillia is all finished.  I started beading it yesterday and had to call it a day at midnight, surprisingly since I’d been up since 05:25 I thought I’d pass out around 22:00.  However B alerted me to the fact it was past our (mine and Bud’s) bedtime just at the point where I sewed the wrong colour bead on and knocked over the little container of cream beads.  Now I would like to say that B was suggesting I went to bed for the good of my health but it’s really because Buddy generally goes to bed too and that means that B is able to stuff his face with anything and everything in sight without a little face looking at him longingly and him having to share.

So here she is in all her glory – sorry the picture is a bit dark…

I particularly like the ones around the bouquet.

Here’s a close up of the beads at the edge of the dress.

And here’s the things I’ve learned about adding beads to cross stitch

1)  Don’t use a beading needle, they are way too bendy and sometimes don’t make it through the fabric without buckling.  Use the smallest regular sewing needle you can find – if the holes in the beads are big enough you can even get away with using your cross stitching needle

2)  If you intend to iron your work after finishing it never, I repeat NEVER, use invisible polyester thread – need I explain – okay then, linen/cotton like a hot iron, introduce a hot iron to polyester and you’re introducing yourself to looking all over the floor for the escaping beads.  Yes I know you’d think the penny would have dropped before I took a hot iron to it but it didn’t.  What was worse was I used the polyester thread to speed things up, because it’s not pleasant to work with, but it enabled me to sew different coloured beads to the same section – and then I got to sew them on all over again – you live and learn – fortunately

3)  Never let your husband and dog near the box lid containing the two colours of beads you are currently using otherwise this happens…

I felt the need for two photos because as the beads are so teeny, tiny I don’t think one does it justice. And yes of course it was MY fault.

5 responses to “Tiny beads everywhere

  1. Sandy Banks

    Very , very lovely work… and so glad you didn’t stand up and step on that floor of tiny beads and end up upside down!

  2. She’s beautiful, Paula. Such intricate work. Did they ‘help’ you pick up the beads?

  3. That is so intricate and beautiful. I just wouldn’t have the patience to do the embroidery, let alone all that beading. I hope B and Bud helped clean up?!!

  4. No, there was no assistance given. B did actually offer, even though it wasn’t his fault of course, but I thought it would be easier on my own – well, with the aid of some masking tape for them to stick too! ;D

  5. She is absolutely beautiful! So you have a frame and a particular spot in mind for her? I love how much the beadwork adds but can’t imagine picking up all the spilled beads, or re-stitching them after the thread melted! You are so very talented…AMAZING!

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