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Yesterday’s ‘thank you for your concern’ – was heartfelt but when I looked at it this morning when I replied to a couple of comments I thought ‘Oh, it looks like when you’re a kid and you get a present and you mumble thank you shyly and then your mum says shortly after, because she was too busy gabbing to hear you, ‘Say Thank You’, and you say ‘I did’, and whoever gave it you and heard says ‘She did.’ but your mum looks at you in such a way that you have to say ‘Thank You’ again feeling really embarrassed and so loudly that it looks like you were rude enough not to say it at first and now you’re only saying it because you’ve been told to! Uggghhhhhhh I hated that – being quite softly spoken it happened a lot.  I don’t think it’s traumatised me though do you?

Okay that said, on to today.  Normally I don’t even entertain the idea of a knitting kit and any kits received such as Rowan ones when I was a member ended up becoming something else completely.

However back in the summer I saw on a blog about a crochet club.  I think I was in the throes of Share a Square at the time (remember 30 April deadline and you get a lovely thank you from Shelly – I don’t know how she finds time – they do say that everything is bigger in Texas – I can only think this applies to the hours too).

So I put my name down and then about September I had to confirm and commit to pay.  It did seem a lot to pay but since I had just started back at work and B said yes. (Well actually B said ‘If you want it, get it’ which in relation to crafts means ‘I think you should buy it if it means that I don’t have to hear/talk/see anything else about it’ – That’s how I got my embroidering sewing machine.  We were in a shop in Edinburgh and B wanted to be on any sort of road heading home.)

And before the yarn arrived I thought about how much yarn or anything else I could have bought instead.  However once the yarn arrived I was so excited.  What’s not to be excited about when you receive yarn?  And even though I don’t know exactly what the finished article will look like (it’s extreme crocheting) it can always be a Christmas gift!

and beads…

The first lot of patterns were being emailed out on Saturday so obviously I didn’t get to it until yesterday.  I started it today and, brace yourself to be amazed, here’s what I’ve done so far…

Hey, I had to undo a row as I was one dc (double crochet) out and it knocked me back a bit… well, a row!

(And yes, the photos!  I think the camera is past its teething troubles and into its teens.)



8 responses to “Crochet Club

  1. I love the colours of those yarns! I’m intrigued to see what it is!!

  2. There is ‘Extreme Crocheting’? Is this like bungy jumping for people with crochet hooks? I live in the extreme sports capital region for Colombia, but I’ll bet this division of stretching one’s capabilities has not made it here yet.

  3. I can’t bear the thought of not knowing what the end product is supposed to look like – do you even know what you’re crocheting?

    Glad the camera is behaving better this week – you’ve shown it who’s boss!!

  4. Ooh – lovely-looking yarn! But I am like Fiona – I like to know what I am amking before I start! Exciting though!

  5. You are braver than I. I have to know where I’m going before I start to crochet!
    Every time I look at one of your squares (and there will be one in every afghan) I send good thoughts and thanks your way. Do you feel it?

  6. When your blog appeared on fb I thought “well that explains her feeling unwell, she’s either had a tapeworm or has been letting blood with a leech.”

    My mistake, it’s crochet.

  7. Sounds like a great adventure!

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