Random Wellness

Thank you for your concern – Wow I feel much, much better today, a bit tired but that’s probably lack of food.  Speaking of which one of us for lunch today had scrambled eggs on toast, grilled tomatoes (less the vine), a slice of grilled halloumi and a touch of HP brown sauce.  Here’s a clue I had nearly all the slice of halloumi and B had a bag of crisps as he got up late and had said he’d walk Bud so he didn’t have much time before it went dark.   The family member in question ate it all!

When I petitioned for the regular walk for Bud rather than the shorter version with more playing fetch nearer to the lights on the by-pass B informed me that if he did that it might be too dark to find Bud to bring him back.  I then nearly passed out in hysterics at the sight of Bud in the age 8-9 yellow reflective waistcoat I once bought myself with a view to cycling at night – it never got worn. B told me I was mean but then agreed it was hilarious.  Bud was a tad non committal but looked like a little irate foreman!

I must be looking better than yesterday, or at least not as ruff, as whilst I was getting tea – we were supposed to be having salmon salad but then I didn’t feel like it so B went out to get me either readymade or kit form mushroom soup whilst I sorted him out some cheese on toast.  After getting back with the kit form B nipped upstairs and then came back into the kitchen and asked…

‘How’s my cheese on toast doing?’

Now I told him I thought his wording was such because he really didn’t think I’d even started it and then I asked the cheese on toast how it was doing and it said…

‘Fine ‘n’ dandy!  Top o’the morning to you.  How’s yourself?’ in an Irish accent.

The second word B said was ‘off’ – he wouldn’t have said that to me yesterday.  Mind you the toast wouldn’t have been talking yesterday in any sort of accent.

When I made my soup I had it in a cereal/dessert bowl and not a soup/pasta bowl because

a) it fits better into the dishwasher and

b) I laugh in the face of dining etiquette.

I once saw a programme (well not the whole thing obviously which could explain a lot) that involved a lady who gave lessons on how to behave correctly at the dinner table.  The thing I remember, and I think this was about the only bit I saw, was when she demonstrated how to eat a plum and transport the stone from your mouth to the napkin so that no-one noticed.  Everyone at the table with her were really impressed, there was a lot of uhhhhhing and ahhhhhing.  I was amazed that anyone would need to know how to do that, for two reasons really.

1)  I would imagine that a lot of people, well me, being faced with sitting at a dinner table and having to smuggle a plum stone out of their mouth surreptitiously would probably end up doing a pretty good impersonation of a cat yaking up a hairball, and

2)  I, personally, wouldn’t have to worry about doing it etiquettely so as to be invited again because if we went to dinner anywhere where the idea of a dessert involved plums that weren’t in a pie, a cobbler, a crumble or otherwise served hot with custard or ice cream B wouldn’t go again!

Ohhhhhhh, and if you take your temperature and it’s 38.3 and you know that’s high but can’t quite remember what the HIGH level is think carefully how you answer questions on the NHS site you happen to come across whilst google-ing ‘What’s a high adult temperature’.  ‘Well yes, my neck’s stiff, but I don’t have a severe headache, er, um, oh I’ll say yes.’

‘You said no to a rash but yes to headache, stiff neck, direct light hurting your eyes.  Ring 999 and ask for an ambulance.’

I thought why would they need to tell me to ask for an ambulance – ahhh, I suppose if I was that way inclined (friend with huge fireman fetish) maybe I’d think of asking for the fire brigade to hose me down.

My own personal prescription – take two paracetemol to attempt to lower temperature and remember in future not to take temperature 10 minutes after getting out of hot bath!

6 responses to “Random Wellness

  1. You are DEFINITELY feeling better and the posting was delicious today… enjoyed every bite… except for the what-the-heck-is-halloumi?

  2. Here is another one puzzled about “halloumi”…I could look it up, but I enjoy your explanations so much that I won’t. 😉
    You know, apparently cancer cells will die if overheated (=hyperthermia), so having a fever may not be such a bad thing, eh. Still, I am happy to know you are feeling better…
    I love, and agree with!, your take on etiquette. I prefer to be practical, too. Indeed, until I met Stefano (who is much more etiquette-aware than I…but essentially agrees with me), I was capable of pouring water into my wine glass not my water glass and so on. I just didn’t care…
    Luckily, all our friends are relaxed and informal…plus they never serve plums!

    • Sandy/Margaret

      Halloumi is a cheese from Cyprus, via Tesco to us, but still made there. It’s made from sheep and/or goat milk and is rubbery (no, that’s not an accent).
      It comes sealed in packets and has that same watery addition as mozzarella. It squeaks when you slice it and has bits of mint in allegedly, but they are bits and I think this could be just to cover for the odd bit of grass that slips through quality control.

      I have no idea whether you can eat it raw and no inclination to find out.

      You can grill or fry it and I only realised recently explains my eldest nephew once querying the ‘chicken’ on his kebab at a friend’s barbie, which turned out to be cheese!

      It is however absolutely gorgeous and even people who don’t like cheese might like it as – it doesn’t taste like cheese, or chicken for that matter.

      There will be no charge for this service! ;D

  3. You are definitely sounding perkier today! You could get Bud a glow-in-the-dark collar… or how about keeping him on the lead in the dark? I know what halloumi is, but I would never have imagined it was good with brown sauce – maybe it doesn’t and that’s why the dog got it?

    • Ruth to be fair to B, although it is technically a road that we generally take Bud for a walk on it sees maybe 10 cars on a good day and has no lights whatsoever and only two houses, not within sight of each other, so B would be as likely, if not more likely, to loose himself. Bud’s currently harness is generously decorated with wickle bones and paw prints – as harnesses go for Staffies it makes him look a little flamboyantly light on his paws! P

      PS – The halloumi was nude of the brown sauce.

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better! and “translating” your proper english helps this western gal stretch my hazy, foggy brain.

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