We’re gonna need a bigger bottle!

Those of a sensitive nature should stop reading NOW!

For the rest of us –

I started my 24 hour wee collection today at 06:50. 

I have two bottles. 

It’s now 11:49.

I’ve filled one of them!

Forunately we’ve got some cola left over from my party last month and since it’s now been doubly established that it’s a no, no – something I knew anyway but sometimes I can’t help myself – the bottles may come in handy!

7 responses to “We’re gonna need a bigger bottle!

  1. Glad your aim is better than mine. 😉

  2. Well at least it proves you keep yourself hydrated… but you might need to stop drinking in case your wee is too weak and feeble to test!

    • Now you tell me, well okay you told me at 13:13 and I just read it at 22:29 – and I’ve produced about 3 litres so far – so I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

  3. Hi! Been there! I thought that I was a freak – but I found out that more than one bottle needed is not unusual. If you do use one of your Coke liter bottles – could we see the lab report? It should be interesting!

    In reading your blog and looking at your work, I love how creative you are!

    Keep Fighting! Sean M.

  4. Hahahaha….been there too. I filled up a gallon jug and actually ended up “wasting” some extra. Shhhhh….don’t tell my doc!

    • Phil and Sean – That makes me feel so much better particularly as the nurse nearly only gave me one container the second was an afterthought! Mine are marked up to 2 litres, but there was more room above that so there’s probably just shy of 5.

  5. Further proof of my theory that MM patients are real
    “pissers.” Man, Tim has never filled a whole bottle but I know many who need two. Guess I won’t be entering him
    in any peeing contests.

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