Wedding Daze – Part Deux

A couple of hours after speaking to Neil he rang to say there was good news and bad news, they had the dress but only in sizes 8 and 10 (B suggested I get two!).  The shop manager checked to see if there was one on the nearby retail park and… there wasn’t, however Neil had noticed another black and white dress which was ‘nice’.  The niceness was confirmed by the friend that had accompanied him on his shopping trip.

I’d given B a list of stuff the day before – tights, shoes, make-up box, pashmina – okay I hadn’t said pashmina to B but shawl and this had involved the following conversation…

Me: ‘I want the black shawl that’s on a hanger in my part of the horizontally split wardrobe.  I think it’s on the left hand side.’

B: ‘There’s nothing here.’ Really!?!?! Rummage, rummage.  ‘Oh wait it’s here in the middle NOT on the left.’

Me:  ‘Okay.  Can I also have…’

B:  ‘Its black.’

Me: ‘Yes. That’s the one. Can I have…’

B:  ‘With tassels on the end.’

Me: ‘That’s it. Can I…’

B:   ‘It’s about six feet long and…’

Me:   ‘THAT’S IT!’

B:  ‘But it wasn’t on the left it was in the middle.’  And again this would be why I didn’t send him for the dress.

I had intended to sew ‘sleeves’ into the pashmina so it hid my PICC line without constant adjustment however it wasn’t long enough so I spent a good hour attempting to stitch in it a way that it still draped but didn’t expose anything not suitable for a U rating.  My Auntie Ann having a severe aversion to anything like PICC lines or steel rods sticking out of people (not too struck on them myself) that I was conscious of keeping it to myself.  This took me way longer than I anticipated and needed directions and a torch to put on the correct manner – seriously, big job broke out!

The morning of the wedding I had my first lot of IV antibiotics at 6am then I had breakfast and a shower, put on nail varnish and more antibiotics at 11/11:30 ish (a bit later than anticipated but stuff happens, I mean there were one or two other patients that needed attention) and generally had a very relaxed time. When the nurse had brought me some oral antibiotics to take with me for later in the day I’d asked for a cyclizine (anti motion sickness) tablet as I’d started feeling a bit queasy and didn’t want to risk up-chucking on the train.   I put on my make up while hooked up and had finished not long before B arrived with the frock.   B went to get the nurse to disconnect me from the IV and I got my dress out of the plastic bag and put it on the bed – I have to admit it wasn’t what I anticipated (other than it being black and white stripes), the stripes were better than I thought and I really liked the shape.  I popped it on the bed and was stood up when the nurse arrived.  As she was uncoupling the connection I said

Me: ‘I’m gonna be sick.  Bernard can you pass me that sick bowl.’

Me:  ‘BLAH’ – heavily orange juice influenced puke!

Nurse and B (at the same time):  ‘You’ve got sick on your dress!’

It had splurged over the edge of the bowl (even though they have a rim) and of course of all places had landed on the dress which had been out of the bag for under a minute.  By this time it was 12:20 and we were planning on leaving at 12:30.  The nurse grabbed the dress and went for advice from one of the health care assistants who suggested sponging with gauze and then using the ward hair dryer on it.

The nurse said ‘Come with me in case something goes wrong’ and the health care assistant went to get the hair dryer.  So one sponged dress with slight orange dots got dried by B while I got out of my jim jams.

At 12:40 as we were heading past the nurses’ station, with a Wallis bag full of sick bowls, a different nurse said ‘Where are you going?’ ‘Er Wolverhampton?’ ‘Oh, someone’s just phoned about your heart scan for this afternoon. It’s okay just go.’

It was all I could do to stop B from telling the taxi driver that he’d pay him extra if he got us there at speed.  As it was we made the train with less than five minutes to spare and after hiding my PICC line from everyone not at the hospital for the previous three months I wondered why an old chap got on the train, looked at us, got off and then got back on and went the other way.  I’d been sat there in my sleeveless dress with my arm stuck out, a clear dressing covering my PICC line, lumen CLEARLY dangling, attempting to wrap it in a tight neat unobtrusive bit of gauze which we’d not had time to sort before leaving the hospital.

I took my crocheting but didn’t get much done – we were at Crewe (about 50 miles) before I was confident enough to pick it up instead of keeping one hand free for the little cardboard bowls.  On the way back, although I didn’t nod off, I was quite content to sit with my head on B’s shoulder and my feet up (it’s okay I took my shoes off).

Needless to say we had a wonderful time and Lorna and Mike’s vows, although standard to their Registry Office, were lovely and didn’t say in sickness and in health but something else, which I can’t now recall, which had me filling up when said by both of them.  In case you missed it over at their blog here we all are…

Now it wasn’t that B didn’t want to go but when I told him I could go I anticipated some complaints.  This is because he doesn’t do spur of the moment well.   ‘Let’s go to the shop now’ results in a wait of at least half an hour, but to his credit he hadn’t actually whinged once when I’d  told him just the afternoon before that we could go, other than suggesting he might go in his jeans – the iron confuses him.  However as we were on the station platform waiting for the train at 21:50 he said ‘I’m really glad we came.’

Oh, nearly forgot to share this – we were supposed to stay over and had booked a room at the same establishment as others in the bridal party.  The room was non-refundable but we had advised reception when we got there that we wouldn’t be staying.   However there was a short gap between the post wedding meal and the evening shindig so we went back to the hotel and intended on waiting in the bar whilst others freshened up in their rooms.  Now because I was a little keen on a lie-down I thought ‘Well the room’s paid for, there’s no harm in asking if it’s still available to us’ and indeed it was and I got a cup of tea and a brief lie down after the following exchange…

Me: ‘We booked a non refundable room and advised another receptionist earlier that we wouldn’t be staying but we wondered if it was still available.’

Receptionist: ‘You’ve not cancelled online or over the phone with central reservations, just here with us?’

Me:  ‘Yes, that’s right.’

Receptionist:  ‘Yes, it’s still an active booking.  How many key cards do you want?’

Me:  ‘Just one.’

B:  ‘We only want it for half an hour.’

Me:  ‘It’s not for THAT!’

Receptionist (smirking):  ‘It’s none of my business.’

Tomorrow (again) Wedding Daze – Revenge of the Cupcake (which is way better than Return of the Cupcake – there was none of that fortunately)

7 responses to “Wedding Daze – Part Deux

  1. As usual Paula you have painted a wonderful picture I am so glad you made it ! I bet Mike and Lorna were very chuffed you got there too!Your dress looks lovely and your pashmina was draped perfectly Heres to your next excursion love Bridget x

  2. I chuckled at “It’s not for THAT!” and must say you and B look totally elegant, so the black & white dress did the trick! And I am soooooooo glad you made it for that special day and I know you & B being there helped to make just that more special!

  3. You look lovely.. so glad you went too… 😀

  4. “Life is a cabaret, old son, come to the cabaret!” Paula, you find entertainment in the grimmest incidents! SO glad you went – and does your personal shopper take commissions?

  5. Wow – your nephew did well: nice dress indeed!! Have to admit I was having very different visions of what a 19-year-old lad would come back with!! And I’m not sure that many would be that willing to go into Wallis either!!

    You look great in the photo – I wouldn’t have guessed that you were on “day release” from hospital or hooked up to the PICC line!! Very smart indeed!

  6. You looked lovely. Stay happy. You infect people with your cheerfulness! So glad you made it to the wedding.

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