Creative Space – More Crocheting

It would appear, after doing all the Share A Square squares, that I have picked up the crocheting bug.  My current project is a cushion cover – it is of course yet to have the pad added hence the flatness not normally associated with comfy cushions and still needs buttons.

I was really good and used some Rowan Cotton Glace that I had lying around.  I think it was in a kit I was given from my local wool shop, ages ago, because I know I have never actually bought any Cotton Glace.  Maybe if I can’t remember exactly where the yarn came from I have too much!  Nah – crazy idea!

3 responses to “Creative Space – More Crocheting

  1. This looks very warm and cosy Paula and lovely colours too. I used to crochet a lot making many baby cot covers and over the years even managed a cream cotton kingsize bedcover and two single bedcovers both extremely hard wearing and were lovely in both the Winter and Summer. I used med weight cotton yarn that proved to be just right. I no longer crochet as my hands get a bit painful now but I have noticed how good these patterns look in a modern decor. You are SO clever and H’s two little Angles are so much admired xxx

    • Wow Susie I am really impressed, I’ve knit a few throws and a biggish blanket but although I’ve seen some bedcovers I liked the look of have never tackled one! 😀

  2. I so, SO want to get the hang of crochet so I can make things like this. (*heavy, depressed sigh*)

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