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Buddy the Yoga Dog!

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged for four days in a row.  I mean it’s not like I have a valid excuse – I’ve felt well.  In fact that’s been the problem.  I’ve felt so well I’ve done stuff that resulted in needing a sleep due to over exertion and a liberal increase in the consumption of codeine – basically double what I usually take.

You may (or may not) recall that our Tuesday afternoon Armchair Yoga Group at the local oncology centre got evicted from the room that’s been used for the past couple of years.  This was due to a new programme starting, the need of the room for chemotherapy in the future or just because… because we got conflicting information on this point.  Anyhoo we weren’t to be put off yoga-ing because it means a lot to all of us that attend.  Some of us would lunch and natter beforehand and some would attend just for the yoga.  Now it wasn’t officially identified as Armchair Yoga but basically since not many of us, other than the teacher, could even contemplate getting their legs behind their heads (or in my case not any more) and we sit in a chair to do it – Armchair Yoga seems appropriate.

It involves Piranha, no that’s not it, Panorama, oh bum, don’t tell the teacher, wait I’ve got it, it’s Pranayama which is breathing – of course that’s always a good thing, but this is breath control.  I have to say I used it when I had my Hickman line fitted, my PICC line and during my recent MRI.

Anyhoo other members of the group have been looking at new venues, and indeed may have found one, but in the meantime we’re rendezvousing in our lounge, not as an official yoga group just as a bunch of friends meeting up to wiggle things about in front of each other!

Therefore since Friday the house is possibly the cleanest it’s been since, urm, well {hanging head in shame} months.  B offered to give the hob the once over before he went to bed this morning, there was a bit of pancake batter that had missed the pan on Saturday lurking on it, and he was surprised when I said ‘Okay.’  Alright I did then say ‘It’s alright I’ll do it later’ but since he keeps telling me to take it easy he had to do it.  But I’ve had a whale of a time doing other stuff – which I’ll tell you about tomorrow if I remember.

So this afternoon our first yoga-ist arrived and was met by our official welcoming committee ie, Bud.  He wagged, he picked up and ran round, still wagging, with his raw hide bone,, he licked and then he did the leg press thing – when he wants fussing he leans his little furry body against your legs generally when you’re seated while you attend to his tickling requirements.  And then more and more people turned up and he was spoiled for choice and so excited – we’d reached full stiff legged, arched back waggy mode by this time.

Once we were all seated, there were eight of us, I moved his mat so it was between me and the next yoga-ite (what do you call someone who does yoga – if you jog you’re a jogger so maybe yogar) and as she said it looked like he had his own place in the circle.  Bud settled down with his chew and then nodded off whilst the potential new accommodation was discussed and then we started with the exercises.

We interlaced our fingers with our arms out in front and raised them over our heads and Bud’s head snapped up as he surveyed the goings on with a perplexed look on his face.  He then got up, did a quick round of the room and came back to me but wouldn’t settle.  I got him a treat and he lay down to eat it but then got up again and put the front half of his body on the settee and just stood there.  I scooched over, Bud jumped up next to me, like right next to me and settled down.  And he was quite happy to stay there until we did a standing stretch which caused a little looky at what exactly was happening this time.  But he was such a good boy (because he is, he is a good boy) and in fact someone said he I didn’t know where he lived he’d kidnap him – Bud at this point was snuggling with him.

We get to do it again next week and it’s just dawned on me if I can stretch it out until Christmas I won’t be having to do any pre-Christmas panic cleaning as B will have really kept on top of it!  YAY!!!!!

Look at my Watch…

‘That’s a nice watch.’

Why, thank you, yes it is.  I can just about lift my arm up with it on.  I’m going to have to swap wrists regularly otherwise my left arm muscles are going to be so much bigger than the right.  It was a birthday present!  It’s the thought that counts!  And the thoughts were probably I’m always on the last minute and I like purple!  Don’t you think it makes my wrist look small – if only there was something that had the same effect on my backside.  I wonder if I could get FitFlops or Skechers Shape-ups on prescription.

I never wear a watch and this coupled with my current scattiness is not a particularly good combination.

Monday parking ticket.

Tuesday missed BBQ at the blood support group (not that I was intending on risking the BBQ’ed meat, or salad or anything that had been manhandled by anybody who didn’t have a detailed itinery available of exactly where their hands had been all day – other than on the end of their wrists of course) and B nearly had sniffer dogs, mountain rescue and the coastguard looking for me – which could have been quite neat really, a ride in a helicopter!

I did however remember to pick up and drop off the yoga-ing ex vicar and there started my problem.  I went in for a cup of tea at 15:20 thinking I had plenty of time to get home for 17:00 for B to take me to the Blood Group Meeting.

When I got asked did I want a second cup of tea, I enquired what time it was and I’d been having such a good time that I not given a thought to time and there it was 17:00!  My own mobile was in the car, as it turned out with no charge and 9 pence worth of credit – this in itself isn’t that unusual I’m not a big fan of mobiles.  When I rang B much to my surprise he wasn’t a happy bunny – can you believe that.

Now if I’d driven home there and then technically we could still have made it to the Sunflowers Centre but this is B we are on about who had pulled his face at taking me in the first place – I had a lift home and the lady who I normally go with was at the centre all day but would have come back and picked me up but I thought I’d inconvenience B instead.  So I decided it would make my life so much easier if I didn’t push this so I had another cup of tea, a couple of biscuits and got home at 18:50 – via car rather than helicopter as B had only phoned my sister in law, Gill, and one of my friends.

I did apologise to B for having so much fun with a vicar that I lost track of time!

Normal Service is Resumed

I woke up this morning back to normal, okay a little headachy because I may have over indulged in a caffeinated carbonated beverage yesterday – I can’t hold my cola – and what have they done to the logo?!?!?

I have been to two pre-start business seminars at the local Chamber of Commerce but decided to skip this week’s and rebook for after the SCT.  It was on finance, I had no idea what I was doing with my figure and B gave me a ‘look’ this morning when I said I hadn’t decided whether to go or not!

Anyway I’m off to pick the retired vicar up for pre-yoga lunch and then yoga (I have him a lift home two weeks ago so there should only be a little screaming).  With a bit of luck I’ll be able to say at some point ‘More tea vicar?’*

*Beth – Do you need a translation of this one?

Hair Dye and Whisky

I have a bit of a cold again. This is about the third since the start of December. I think they are different ones because I’d like to blame this for the current colouI’ve had a gap in between. Last night I treated this one to hot water, lemon juice Manuka honey and a wee dram of Auchentoshan. I know a single malt with stuff added other than a drop of water I’m such a sassenach. I’d like to blame this for the colour of my hair but I bought the dye whilst completely sober yesterday afternoon.

I could have gone for a nice chestnut brown as suggested by the hairdresser but no, I wanted something more dramatic. I dismissed blue as being too dark and I once seven years ago dyed it blue. I remember distinctly it was the night before our two week summer hols and my nice shiny naturally henna enhanced hair went into a blue soggy mess even when dry. I spent the first week of the hols washing it twice a day under a drip of a shower and it was long at the time so it needed a lot of drips.

I settled on Hypnotic Red as (fortunately maybe) they were out of purple and violet.

I got a little on the organic cotton CREAM towels. Fortunately it was one of the old ones and I forgot to sleep with a towel on my pillow so I didn’t get it on the also organic cotton white pillowcase. I don’t know organic this and that and hair full of chemical colour.

Now the other thing of note here is that I neglected to inform my husband before he left for work that I intended to change colour! So this morning I advised him before he saw me. The light went on the second word was hell! He then voiced a thought that I had crossed my mind ‘What’s the driving examiner going to think?’. Second comment was ‘If you’d had that hair colour 19 years ago I wouldn’t have put my hand in that group of girls and pulled you out!’. I still maintain he was just hoping someone/anyone would take his hand but he assures me since I was the only petite brunette it was me he was after.

I normally spend four hours with my head wrapped in cling film and a towel after heating up natural henna from Lush and spreading what basically looks like well rotted manure on my head. Whereas this was really easy to apply but looked like a scene from psycho in the shower rather than like I’d been rolling in a farmer’s field.

So here we have the before and after – can you guess which is which? I had static cling hat hair so this is all I am prepared to release.

On the upside I did go and collect a wig today which I modelled for hubby and which he liked so I do have a Plan B.

I went to yoga yesterday afternoon. It was very gentle yoga sitting in a comfy chair. I kid you not. Apparently I have a very flexible spine. I think this might be good since I have a collapsed vertebra which I neglected to tell the teacher about.

Yoga, Cold & Cake

Generally I get up and drink 500ml water to get my system off to a good start. This morning I got up put on the things on the radiator which wasn’t on! There’s nothing like toasty clothes on a cold morning. Put the heating on, took a gulp of water, 2 paracetemol, had a cup of tea and a peice of parkin*, nothing like a healthy start to the day.

I may have overdone the yoga yesterday. I spoke to the hematology nurse yesterday about how much to push my back as I was very aware of it during one of the stretches yesterday and wondered whether I should push it because it would improve or accept this was the limit of my range of movement. Apparently because of my vertebra collapse (just one) he said ‘Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, don’t push it’ – I don’t think he was too sure. So this morning I missed the yoga, I did my night time one yesterday and had the parkin instead. I am now having healthy homemade museli and another cup of tea while typing this and watching/listening to Project Runway – the joys of being a multi tasking woman.

* My Auntie En’s parkin is beyond compare. I occasionally part with it to close family and friends but only thin slices, my hand starts shaking if they happen to be watching me cut it and ask for maybe a bit more. The only thing not made by Auntie En that comes close is cheese cake from the Fossil and Heritage Centre in the Orkneys. If you are ever there I highly recommend calling in for some. The carrot cake is pretty good too and the staff are really friendly. If however you are ever anywhere near me don’t expect any parkin without a fight.


I got up this morning, apparently it’s -13 degrees outside the car, I was informed of this at 7:40 a much more acceptable time, and did my yoga, because it’s good for you apparently. There was Maddy (Madeline Lewis the instructor), I feel I can be familiar since I have my pyjamas on, looking svelte in her blue lycra on a sunny tree surrounded platform looking all fresh and there was me in said PJs with flannelette bottoms, not having brushed hair or washed as B was having trouble nodding off so I didn’t/daren’t disturb him with my morning ablutions. I had however brushed my teeth. I was also snuggled in my new cardy completed for Christmas. It has a bit of a design issue with the sleeves but apparently looks like this is the style but knowing that it isn’t how I intended keep thinking about ripping out the sleeves and redoing top sections.

I was going to attach a pic but can’t find the timer on the camera, can’t say I’m too impressed with this latest one. It’s a Kodak with 12 mega pixels but I’m a bit disappointed with some of the photos and I don’t think it’s completely my fault.

I’ve decided I’m going to have an etsy day and blitz everything I’ve made and get them listed but first I think I may have to try out the long johns that I got for Christmas because I think it’s cold and I’m basing this on my fingers being icy rather than relying on the car to tell me.