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Creative Space Thursday

This week for I managed an almost arty shot…

It’s just a bit of a sod that the rest of the room looks like this…

The above box is filled with my yarn index (oooohhhhhhh) which has lots of little cards like the following…

I started doing photos and listing the yarn on Ravelry but it’s just not the same as touching something!  So each card has a sample of the yarn, the weight and if known, the manufacturer (other than sheep or crylics), type, composition, tension and needle size.  Oh, and the little PV in the top right means that because the yarn is variegated a sample is also attached to a card in that section, but only a sample and a reference to Pink no other information.  Why the duplication I hear you ask, well I heard B ask it but I don’t expect anyone here to glaze over like he did when I explained.  It’s so I don’t have to either duplicate reduction in yarn amounts on both cards or more likely set my heart on something only to find out I hadn’t duplicated the information and there is no more Sirdar Hug (50% wool, 50% polyester) that knits to a tension on 13sts x 17 rows over 10cm on 8mm needles left!

Wool Stash, I mean, Yarn Collection

I sorted out my wool stash. I need to keep using yarn, the word, instead of wool as I keep reminding myself when listing things on etsy. I was brought up calling everything wool that was knit with, cotton, manmade fibres even believe it or not wool but in this age of millions of fibres it can get confusing. So here’s a pic of my stash.

That’s not actually my stash that’s my one ball boxes, as per Sally Melville Styles – a book for using up your yarn collection (I just looked that up on the book and am now going to use it instead of stash) odds and ends. The idea is you sort by colour and not weight and put one ball of each yarn in each colour box and reference to the rest in boxes, cupboards, wardrobes, etc. I have to admit I do have mine in boxes in the wardrobe I converted to shelves in bedroom two or my sewing room as my Auntie En calls it. The doll was a present from her. I have never named her, she has blue eyes and brown hair like me. She also has bloomers on, unlike me, but I love touches like that, things you don’t see but that finish things off. She watches over the boxes and makes sure they are not pilfered.

This is my DMC thread collection. I have forsaken Anchor which are all squished into a box in favour of these. The nails they hang off do provide a little bit of a hazard when getting in and out of the glory hole.

Now I just need to start on my fabric collection. Which was considerably added to by Auntie En recently.