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More Blood Results via Vlog

I decided to do a spare of the moment vlog.  I haven’t/couldn’t watch it but B has seen and says it’s okay.  I trust him since he’s normally VERY honest, once telling me I looked like a wrestler in a dress I tried on!

The medication I’m on instead of the inhaler is actually co-trimoxazole (septrin), an anti bacterial.

I was going to mention this on my vlog but couldn’t bring myself to – it’s so much easier to type about it!  I did a list of things to ask questions about before we went to the unit and I asked B did he want to add anything and he did something to the list, but then decided not to ask.  However after I’d finished my queries B pipes up that there is one other thing and because I have the humor level of a 10 year old boy at times (people tripping, including myself, the mother in law passing wind and looking round to see who did it, that kind of thing) I started sniggering and then when he asked I practically drowned out the lovely ward manager, Priscilla, who did her best to ignore my hysterics and provide the relevant information.   B had written S E X on the list but did he say ‘What about sex?  By the way that’s not a proposition!’ no, instead he said ‘Can two people get together…?’

In case you were wondering apparently they can but need wellingtons and macintoshs.  Well, I think that was what Priscilla meant by protection.