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Look at my Poop Scoop Bags

When we were looking after Tommy, B came home one morning and informed me that he had bought me a present and it was in the kitchen.  I rushed downstairs all excited and look what I got…

Bernard was quick to point out that they are PERFURMED!  But let’s face it it takes a lot to cover Eau de Poop.

On the impromptu gift front this has been preceded in the past by two spanners* – which were both the same size – one for each hand so I could work twice as fast!

After having attempted to use them I would like to point out that I don’t know when Bob Martin last scooped a poop himself but it must have belonged to a very miniature animal because I had problems with Tommy’s,  goodness knows how you’d get on with a dalmatian.  The PERFUMED bags are very fine which is okay for some things but in my book nothing that requires a poop scoop bag should be felt.

*  I did actually like the spanners.

Look at my Tommy 2 (Well technically he’s not mine)

If you don’t like small furry animals look away now.  Here’s some pics I took of Tommy while we had him and because he’s ‘so adorable’ (imagine squeaky soppy voice) I felt the need to share them.

 ‘Hey, what’s going on?’


 ‘What are you looking at?’

‘I was enjoying my sleep and I’d like some privacy.’

 ‘If you’re not going to leave me alone, let’s see you show this to polite company!’

 Ha, fortunately we have the technology.

We were supposed to be having Auntie Ann’s own dog, Ben, instead but it was just as well we had Tommy again because Ben wouldn’t have been interested in going out in the snow after all he’s only a Bernese Mountain Dog!

 I think the reason I had trouble with my photos last week may have had something to do with Tommy.  He insisted it was a good idea for him to sit on my knee so that he could look out of the window and warn off attacking birds.  Once this job was done he endeavoured to assist with the photos by putting his muzzle firmly on the lap top while I was typing on the wireless keyboard obviously in an effort to speed things up so that we could get on with his walk.

IQ 14 – No, 140 – Believe It or Not

I did an IQ test on Facebook and it said that my IQ was over 140 – but to find out exactly I needed to either pay $2.99 or sign up for various stuff. Needless to say despite my genius IQ (move over Stephen Hawking) after attempting to sign up it seemed to go pear shaped and I didn’t find out exactly how much of a genius I am.

Then last Saturday when we still had Tommy with us – I got up and attempted to put my glovey type socks on (see Look at My Socks). Here’s how in went:-

Pick first sock up, put on left foot, couldn’t match toes to toe holes, Tommy looked from sock to me ‘What are you doing, it’s a sock’, gave up on that sock, put right sock on, didn’t seem to have right number of toes or sock had grown extra toes in the night. Tommy gives me another look ‘Are you going to be these on or not?’. It was looking like not but I wasn’t going to be beaten by rampant socks. Went back to first sock. Take it slow one toe at a time. Tommy all but signed ‘For goodness sake it’s a sock get it on and let’s go out’. Hurrah, matched all toes in the left one. Went back to right one. Got the knack now only took five minutes!

I had a late night last Saturday and don’t think I’ve managed to catch up yet (3:00am). Friends came round for tea (dinner if you’re posh) and I had reason to switch the laptop on and look up Wizard of Oz. Made the mistake of leaving computer on and picked it up again when they left just after 1:00am and after playing a game and checking email it was 3:00am. (I’m addicted to the games on Big Fish Games at the moment, mainly because you can try before you buy and after just one more go – there’s no knitting done and it’s time for supper and I just wanted to do one while I was eating my breakfast.)
So this morning my IQ was tested again. The dishwasher hadn’t drained. So after cleaning the filter I put it on again. Just waiting now to see if it’s worked.

And then I just got hubby his bagels for breakfast, he has a lie in Saturday and Sunday to make up for lost sleep in the week (he works nights) and put my Bonefos tablet on his plate instead of his Glucosamine. Fortunately I noticed in time but made the mistake of confessing and he wanted to know what would have happened. So I said trust me I have an IQ over 140 it wouldn’t have killed you.

I know need to wait and see if my genius IQ worked on the dishwasher or whether it flooded the kitchen. I may need to pay the $2.99 to find out that there’d been a mistake and it was actually 14.

Hey, and I’ve managed to change the pic at the top of this template and add links!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tested by Tommy

Testing of the 1172 Dino is proceeding as hoped. So far it’s still intact. However we did have a casualty last night. My yoga ball. It was completely my fault. Tommy has perked up since the ‘incident’ on Monday and I thought how cute would he be playing with a ball. I’ll make him a fabric one. However in the mean time I remembered a small yoga ball I had in just the right size. Not fully inflated and soft so not likely to cause him a problem while he’s healing.

I was right he was so cute, especially when he managed to get a hold of it because it’s so soft and
carry it around. However said yoga ball lasted all of 15 mins. So if anyone knows a good puncture repair kit let me know.

I’m not a complete slave driver so here’s Tommy having a rest from testing with 1172.

Tommy Crisis and 1172 Dinosaur

We had a problem last night. A good day was had by all and then Tommy ate a needle and thread!

I wasn’t too sure he had but had seen him doing that kind of caramel in mouth movement reached forward to get hold of his head and saw something shiny in his mouth. Grabbed him to look closer but whatever it was disappeared. He ended up on his back with his legs in the air and me poking about in his mouth. Nothing. Checked the quilt. Nothing. Shook the quilt desperately. Nothing. Went upstairs to check pin cushion. Squeezed until two needles appeared. About right don’t keep more than that in there but still unsure. Tommy seemed fine.

Phoned the nearest vet who fortunately had not yet switched to answerphone and explained. They gave me number of nearest out of hours vet. Bernard was getting ready for work. As you can imagine he was totally unimpressed. Rang them and explained. They said I could take him in for examination. As you know I can’t yet drive as driving test last week was snowed off (now booked for 12 February).

Rang next door neighbour who unfortunately was just about to go out. Rang other neighbour and off we went to the vets after letting Auntie Ann know. Tommy as perky as anything and considered himself out on a jolly refusing to sit on my fleece which I frantically threw down on seat to save it getting hairy after he refused point blank to sit on floor. End up sitting on reusable carrier bag inside as far away from me as he could get.

So we buzzed out way into the vets which is a PDSA clinic in the day and a chargeable out of hours service at night so very utilitarian. Benches round the edge and enclosed reception counter. I explained and nurse went to speak to vet. I looked at sign on reception asking urgently for kitchen roll and wondered why. Looked down and found out why. Tommy was standing on three legs over an increasing large puddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grasped the kitchen roll next to the plea and ripped the remaining FOUR sheets off. Well that just about covered it but no way soaked it up. Nurse came back and I sheepishly asked for more kitchen roll, she looked enquiringly. ‘He’s just wee’d!’ ‘Oh, don’t worry about it I’ll clean it up.’

I hung my head in shame. I’d potentially let someone else’s dog eat a needle and thread and then he’d had the opportunity to relieve himself outside but no I let him cock his leg up in reception. And it was purposeful not the cow down panic ‘I’m in a vets’ whoosh but a calm ‘I need a wee and I’m having one here’.

After several isn’t he lovelies he was on the table being poked and prodded. To the general consensus of ‘better safe than sorry’ and that’ll be at least £492 I deserted him there. He was fine right up until the nurse took him through the door to the ‘back’ and then he started dragging his feet. I felt awful.

We came home with the intention of collecting him about an hour and a half later when he came round. Updated Bernard before he went to work and phoned Auntie Ann. Hadn’t had any tea but couldn’t face any. Started cleaning. What seemed like five minutes later realised mobile had just rang. Hunt to find it. TWO missed calls. Was that the house phone. Hunt to find that as I had put in down on way to find mobile!!!! Normally good in a crisis but felt totally responsible. It was the vet he had swallowed the needle and they were going to go in for it. It was in his stomach. Rang Auntie Ann again. Carried on cleaning. Brother in law rang. Carried on cleaning and attempted to check out in Memoriam verse for father in law’s anniversary. Friend rang. Carried on cleaning. Face book message from nephew. Internet down. Brother in law rang. Cleaned more. Now 23:15. Rang vets. Informed she was in a consult but Tommy was in recover and doing okay. Vet would ring me back when finished. Texted Auntie Ann. She rang. Cleaned even more. Bernard rang 23:45. Nearly cleaned everything except kitchen sink and vet rang.

Tommy was okay needled and thread retrieved. He didn’t like his hat. We could collect him in morning. Hat??? Finished cleaning shower. Realised hadn’t put washer on with Tommy’s blanket in it. Switched washer on. Had shower. Went to bed 0:45. Put alarm on for 2:30. Didn’t think I was going to get to sleep and then its 2:30. Got up. Put blanket in drier. Went back to bed. 6:30 Bernard rang. Anything else from supermarket. Steam cleaned floors. Got dressed. Upset Bernard.

How touchy are some husbands after being informed that the vet’s bill comes to £1,172.91! I was getting dressed upstairs, he was in the kitchen.

B: ‘Oh no, I got the wrong dog food!’

Me: ‘Why?’


Me: ‘How?’

B: ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN HOW?’ (Right Shirty Gertie)

I had at this point to go downstairs as shouting from the top seemed to be making matters worse despite the fact that going downstairs to sort this URGENT matter out meant that I wasn’t upstairs getting dressed so we weren’t late picking Tommy up which would also result in upset!

Me: ‘What I mean is what do you mean you got the wrong one oh light of my life?’ Thinking dog food’s dog food, we still have a tin the cupboard, I’m in my jim jams and half asleep and want to go get Tommy, stuff the dog food.

B: ‘Well the one we’ve already got says chicken in loaf and these 12 tins say in jelly. What does that mean?’

Me: ‘How the £%& do I know’ well it was either that or ‘I’m not sure but I’m sure it will be alright.’

So we went for Tommy and dropped off a pack of kitchen roll and B asked whether we got any money off for that and the vet said ‘No, but you didn’t need to do that. That’s nice of you. I feel so bad that you’re having to pay.’

‘Did I tell you’ I enquired going for the sympathy vote ‘that I was using the needle to make a toy for Tommy?’

‘No’ the vet said ‘It may have been cheaper to buy one for £2.00.’

So we went through and saw the x-ray and saw the needle and thread and the vet said again that he was distraught with his ‘hat’ and the penny dropped. And when Bernard said ‘Hat?’ I was able to demonstrate and say ‘Lampshade’. And in he came with this huge lampshade round his neck and dragging on the floor and looking incredibly awkward. And we saw the stitches on his little puppy tummy and I gave him a hug and apologised.

We got home and he had a lie down and B put a cushion under his head and went to bed. I then put a blanket over him and then he seemed a little cold so I gave him the hot water bottle I got for Christmas and then he woke up as was a little dazed and confused looking and then we went back to sleep again. Slept through about five phone calls. Woke up, followed me upstairs which he wasn’t supposed to do in case he damaged his stitches. Wagged his tail at a friend that visited. Went back to sleep. Ate a little. Auntie Ann and Uncle Ray called and he perked up. He had a little sleep on his back so I could fully see his stitches and feel even worse. I cooked some rice to go with chicken AA brought and he ate it all (B and I had bacon butties). And currently he is asleep at my feet.

He even managed to pick up the dinosaur which I finished while he slept this morning. If this survives once he is feeling better I intend to list them in my etsy shop as tested by Tommy and call them 1172 Dinosaurs in view of the fact that this one cost £1,172. (Fortunately we are getting reimbursed).

Look at my Tommy

Well I had something to eat yesterday and within the hour was back to my version of normal and went on to have an otherwise good day even managing to persuade my mother in law that the milk that was three days out of date and starting to smell funny really did need throwing out and then coming back from my Auntie Ann’s with Tommy.

He’s 8 months old and a cross between a jack russell and a staffordshire bull. He is a little bit energetic. He chewed through his toy last night and is currently working his way through the plastic bottles for recycling. Once suitably squished they ten become a toy to be thrown and then we start on a new one. There was a slight confusion when Tommy attempted to procure one full of water from my side.

We went for a walk this morning and I impressed myself with how far and how fast I was able to go and Tommy equally excelled himself.

He will sit patiently if he wants something but can’t grasp doing so when instructed. He’s not allowed upstairs and will go as far as the first step then look ‘Can I?’ and when told no waits until you’re out of sight to ensure the imploring look doesn’t go to waste and then tootels off with a whine to amuse himself until your return.

He has inspired me with an idea for toys which I’ll tell you about tomorrow and post a photo of him then because another bottle is squished and ready to be thrown around and I need to tire him out so that when hubby gets home in the morning nothing is chewed or I’ll be in more trouble than Tommy. I did manage to finish a mitten today while he slept which I just love it’s so bright. I don’t suppose I’ll get much done this week as I tend to knit/sew/use the PC upstairs. Well gotta go his head’s cocked and the big brown eyes are looking at me expectantly. ‘I’m so cute and adorable play with me!’