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Some Dayz – by Buddy


P knows that I’m partial to a little taste of yoghurt so on Thursday morning, after her Uncle Ray had dropped her back at home after going to the Royal for blood tests for the appointment on Friday, she was thoughtful enough to collect a cereal bowl from the kitchen for my share.

We exited the kitchen in the ‘Budmobile’ with P driving via the cereal bowl.  I was in the passenger seat on the right so we had to pretend we were in the US but once we’d got past the dining table P was driving with one hand as she’d picked her knitting in the other. So I switched sides ‘cos she’s used to driving on the left and we were transported back to the UK briefly because P remembered the Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads programme she’d seen recently and they drive on the left.  So we popped over to India.  With all the beeping, from the horn and the expletive covering bleep machine, swerving and dodgy manoeuvre around the lounge door is was the most fur raising two metres (six and a half feet) of my little doggy life.

Fortunately the yoghurt was worth it even though I had to work round the whole grain bits in it.


P got a spiky temp and spent most of the afternoon on the settee asleep.  We did however get our 7.00 pm tea at 8:15 pm ish.  And then guess what, she slept some more.


Yet again P was spiky and there was more sleeping.  P got up just before 8.00 am and took to the settee.  I’ll give her this though when I got up about half an hour later she did get up and open the back door so I could go wee wee.  Since I’ve mentioned going wee wee I would like to point out that saying ‘D’you wanna go wee wee’ in an Aussie accent doesn’t make it sound like I’m going for a barbie on the beach when it’s raining, freezing or dark out.  Oh, and saying ‘It’s wee wee time with Buddy Kilgallon’ can give a little doggy a complex.  I mean it’s not a spectator sport!

Now although P did get up for my toiletry needs when I hinted that I’d like my salmon and kibble breakfast I got two Markies and a Peteromi.

Now I was a little concerned when B and I got back from our walk as P still had The X Factor on the TV despite the Sky controls being within reach.  I was relieved though when I realised that P had slept through most of it.

Oh, oh and before I go for a little nap myself and since Julie asked – this is a Rodeo…

And to pre-empt another question this is a Markie…

P says we can’t have a Peteromi photo as I won’t be able to let her put it back in the cupboard!  I so need to learn how to open the treat cupboard door and use the camera.

Full Disclosure

Courtesy of Mike I now have internet access.  So here is an update of what I’ve been up to in the intervening period.

We got home on Friday 4 February (which now seems an age ago) to find a couple of letters from our GP pushed through the door saying ‘ring me and then get yourself over to the Royal as your counts have dropped from normal range on 31 December and there is the underlying temp.’

WBC – 3.3

Platelets – 102

HB – 7.9

So after a night on the Medical Assessment Unit with maybe an hour’s sleep, a couple of hours on Saturday on some wacky side ward that you had to be there to believe, four days on a gastro ward and so far five days on blood ward, two chest x-rays, an ECG, five canulas, umpteen blood tests – regular counts, PP levels (which didn’t give an actual PP level but the lab said it was contained within the IGA level of 18) and all sorts of cultures, wee tests, three units of blood, quite a view IV antibiotics and now tablets, numerous temp spikes – it managed to get up to 40 on Friday (and the nurse has just noticed when my temp spiked just that for the last four days it has done it at a very similar time) and a bone marrow aspirate/biopsy (didn’t feel a thing – well nothing painful or nasty) the general opinion is that pending the results of the bone marrow biopsy, as nothing else has been absolutely unequivocally  conclusive, it’s the myeloma.

The doc I saw yesterday, who we’d seen before my SCT, said he was sorry and I asked what for as it wasn’t his fault.  He said because it wasn’t that long since my SCT.

I informed him that if I needed treatment I didn’t want to take dex again as I had zero quality of life on it and B’s and family/friends’ was hugely affected too – it/I was that bad.

The doc this morning said it was likely I would need treatment and it would be Velcade.  He also said, and yes I know it is immodest to share this but hey I have a temp so I don’t care, that he admired my attitude and I was brave.  I said that that being miserable wasn’t gonna fix it unless he thought otherwise and you just had to get on with things.  They will however in the interim keep looking for an infected bug.

And apparently I have the audacity to look well and feel merely lethargic generally and sleepy when my temp spikes – I said I always have to be different but I’d see what I could do about feeling ill for tomorrow’s rounds.