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Did you miss me?

I missed you.  I couldn’t believe that the last time I posted anything was last Saturday.

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a glum bum!  I should have been all excited about new storage that would get our second bedroom back to my sewing room rather than potentially the mother in law’s room!

I’ve been out every day and fortunately it was all appointments or with friends otherwise I don’t think I would have gone out.  I’d just have stayed in and moped about as it would have been just too much effort.  When I did sit down to type something and nothing – well that’s not right more everything.  The mother in law is dragging me down and when I sat down to type something even craft related it all wanted to pore out the end of my fingers but not in a coherent fashion just a bit explosion of stuff.  Basically I don’t want to do anything that involves me seeing or speaking to her and I feel guilty about it.

Yesterday we went to meet the occupational therapist at the m-i-l’s at to persuade her to use a bath seat/lift , before she starts to smell.  We received three phone calls before actually getting there…

10:30 – ‘Will you bring me a pie when you come.  You can get yourself one too.’

11:30 – ‘Don’t forget my pie.’

13:00 – ‘I’m starving, where’s my pie?’

But I’ve been feeling decidedly better today even though I got lost, I mean mislaid, I knew I was in Liverpool and generally the name of the road I was on or had just passed but with no idea how to get to where I needed to go.   I telephoned the lady I was going to see at Sunflowers, which is where the Blood Support Group meetings are held, she was apparently no good with directions but if I headed for the airport I should find them and I should take my time and not get stressed!

When I ended up in Sefton Park, which is very, very nice, and a place I intend to visit again but on purpose, I phoned a friend who comes from Liverpool but who is crap with directions.  I thought at least Pat will be able to tell me if I’m anywhere near Aigburth.  I was, but true to form – ‘Your ringing me for directions?!?!?’  Anyhoo with the aid of multimap, a colleague of Pat’s and a notice board displaying a map of the park I was only an hour and 10 minutes late for my appointment but the lady I was going to see said she didn’t mind!  I believed her particularly since she was very surprised when given my date of birth and said I looked about 31.  Hairless is obviously a good look for me since one of the nurses during my holiday said she thought I was 35 but I still had hair at the time!

And now I feel even better because of this…

Yes, I know, nothing.  There was a bed there and now there isn’t.  Our house is officially, for the time being anyway until a sofa/chair bed is procured, a mother in law free zone.

To Do List 6 – Times on List in Brackets



 Still Hanging About – not started

 *  Make 3 baby presents (3 – the age they will be by the time I’m finished)

*  Make cards for Sunflowers Centre (2) – still ASAP – meeting next Tuesday – gulp

* Make cards and other stuff for lady who is fund raising for Myeloma UK (2) – by end of month (didn’t say which month but did mean February!)

 Still Hanging About – but started

 *  Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (4)

*  Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (4) – now got five knitted items on

* Power of Attorney for mother in law – awaiting certification from GP (this seemed a bit easy to fill in so I’m sure I’ve mucked it up somehow)


 *  Sister in law’s birthday present – allegedly loved



 *  Pattern for colourful baby blanket in squares (3)