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The kindness of strangers

Here are the 84 squares that brings my total Share a Square squares (facebook group) for this year to 150.  Shelly was struggling to get squares from enough different people so just bear in mind that even one square makes a difference – any worsted/aran 100% artificial yarn (due to allergies) in any pattern as long as they are EXACTLY 6 inches.

All the squares I’ve done previously have been sent with the tags separate, as wonder woman Shelly will laminate the tags and attach them, but I thought I’d see if the local print shop (I thought it had closed but it had changed hands) did this kind of thing.  Now I know that the cost of getting them laminated in Texas is very, very reasonable so I was a little taken back at the cost for 88 tags (four extra just in case of boo-boos).  However I decided that the extra cost on my part was well worth the saving of Shelly’s time.

While the guy in the print shop was seeing how many he could get on each A4 sheet I felt the need to tell him what they were for.  Basically because I knew if I was in his place I would be close to bursting wondering what they were – particularly as these ones had this picture of Bud on them.

When I returned to collect them later I only needed to hand over one of the notes clutched in my grubby little hand as the lovely man in the shop had reduced the bill by about a third because of what they were for.   Therefore I can heartily recommend the services of Triprint in St Helens.

I had envisaged labelling my squares last night and getting them in the post today however between too much gassing with a friend last night and not enough tagging (I missed an opportunity there to get her tagging as she is one of my few – able to poke in person with a short stick – crafty friends) and me needing to get out of the house this afternoon after I’d had to leave Bud with the Doggy Dermatologist this morning (when I wasn’t expecting to and the house being so empty when I got home) this is how they still looked this evening…

More of Bud’s appointment to follow – it included two shaved bits, two stitches, blood tests, sedation and an Oscar winning performance in the waiting room – and that was just me! Just kidding, it was Bud that provided the show.

And in a photo worthy of Lorna’s ‘What’s That Friday’ I have managed this knitting over the past two weeks…

Can you tell what it is yet?  No!  I’m not surprised as neither can I!

With regard to THAT blood condition I didn’t in fact get my appointment brought forward so we go to the Royal in the morning.  I have felt generally better this week than last – not right (nobody say a word) but definitely improved.
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Scrappy Squarey Doh!

In answer to Fiona‘s question from yesterday as to ‘WHAT HAPPENED’ with the m-i-l and B at the doctors.  I didn’t know at the time I popped it on my blog as their appointment was only 16:00 so I was on tenterhooks as to the outcome. Well the GP ‘lol’ed at the note, and then B asked for it – so I was confronted with B extracting the note from his pocket and reading out ‘Bernard has the retention quality of a distracted three year old unless it involves pretty women.’  To which I said ‘Hey it could have been worse I was going to say Page 3.’  Needless to say it was the running theme of numerous comments between then and him going to work.

With regard to the m-i-l, my behind is safe from being exposed to shoppers, as the ‘fungal infection’ was a just a big fat nail that needed filing.  {smug expression}

So to my creative space this week – it’s a bit of a tip, but better a creative mess than neat un-productivity (or something like that).

On the ironing board is a backing for a quilt whilst on the window ledge is 83 Share a Square squares…

Which brings me up to 149 with the total requested from any participant being 150.  I had a bit of trouble with my 150th.

Its one and one quarter rounds short of a full square – I must have been over generous with the tails on the last batch.

Fortunately I found this novelty yarn and with some creative usage (and a tail of about two inches left of it – phew) I managed to finish square 150.

The quilt backing is for some scrap quilts I must have started at least three years ago.  I did finish the top for one…

but since I had all these left from dresses I’d made years before (my Great Auntie Bet always told me to save excess material just in case the garment needed a repair in the future – what I don’t know – but she was alive during WWII rationing and so on numerous occasions was able to show me that a pattern positioning was wasteful and if I did, this, that and that I’d have plenty left over) and since they are in the main lovely crepes I’d hung onto them, even past the expiry of some of the dresses.

All I managed to do yesterday was fill the 3′ x 4′ backing with pieces…

Yes I know they need a serious pressing but they have been screwed up in a box for a long time.  I thought if I could get them finished this weekend they could go to South Africa with the other stuff I’ve given to our GP’s receptionist.  We’ll see.

I have an appointment at the Royal this afternoon regarding the numbness in my forearm, that’s still there, and I also have a numb bit on the right side of my chin and an intermittent numbness to the pad of my left thumb!  I’m going with a friend and I forgot to ask if there’d be eating out involved.  Doh – I must get my priorities right!

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Share a Square

I think I can safely say I know why our broadband provider came bottom of the list in a recent customer satisfaction survey!  In fact after being unable to connect yesterday I was on the brink of ringing the national news this morning when I realised I’d missed the opportunity to vote in Kim’s Knitters’ Hunk yesterday but relented when I was in fact able to vote – I can only think it had something to do with the time difference.

So my creative space this Thursday is red, cream and blue.

The 900g of yarn I bought last Thursday for Share a Square has been transformed into 66 6″ squares – uhh ohh ‘666’ – look like however I managed to avoid the devil by keeping my hands un-idle!

Somehow it was equal numbers except for the blue – my tails must have been longer on those – which resulted in a dual coloured square…

Speaking of ends, I remember last year having to undo a big tangle after the squares had been washed so this year what did I do?  I threw them in the washing machine anyway on the handwash cycle and look what I got…

Mind you, I got this after untangling them!  Has this put me off popping the next batch in the machine – of course not.  However this time I’m going to plait them to see if that makes a smaller or bigger tangle.

Yesterday I also knit clues 1 and 2 from this…

Roo mentioned it on her blog last week and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m unable to provide a photo of my progress but am able to show the yarns I’ve chosen to use…
Hopefully the purples won’t be too similar.
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Granny for a Granny

It was the m-i-l’s birthday last Wednesday.  Every year from late November/early December she starts saying that ‘someone’s’ birthday is in January.  Well, yeah a LOT of someone’s have birthdays in January but apparently no-one really bothers for this ‘someone’s’ birthday.  Not that this bothers that ‘someone’.

After a number of years of this you get to the point where you start not to disagree.  A bit like when ‘someone’s’ birthday arrives and ‘someone’ says they don’t get any presents or cards and again after years of ‘Well, you got a card off blah, blah, blah and blah, who else did you expect one off?’ ‘Well no-one’.  Or as you are sitting next to the two vases filled with flowers that you had delivered, and annually blanched over paying that much for flowers that last two weeks you ask…

‘Other than us and your no 1 son, who do you get presents off?’


‘Well didn’t we get you the flowers?’


‘Did you get a present off no 1 son?’

‘No.’  Now I have always interpreted this to mean ‘not yet’ as for all his quirks and foibles I can’t believe B’s brother wouldn’t get her a gift.

This year the m-i-l got a gift off her cleaner.  (Yes she agreed to a cleaner after the visit from Environmental Health – I jest there of course – it’s the one my s-i-l’s parents have.)  A scarf and glove set – it should look just lovely in the wardrobe with the others!  It was just as well the cleaner was so thoughtful as this year she was proved right and our gift is still here sitting on the table.

B was going to take it on Wednesday but I had quite finished it when we got a call to say that the mini bus driver who transports her to and from the Wednesday Club couldn’t get her front door open so, B had to go off sans present and ‘breakfast’.  The m-i-l got a free extended mini bus tour out of it.

A locksmith, from a local extremely reputable firm, called out on Friday to have a look at the lock, as it has been iffy since Christmas.  He rang us just before we left for the Royal regarding payment.  B said the m-i-l had enough cash to pay him which she did.  Apparently though along with the cash she gave him her opinion of the charges – ‘it’s a disgrace’ and ‘disgusting’.  That’s us black balled there then.

So this year in line with my new addiction to crochet (following on from Share a Square – deadline extended to 30 April 2011) and after my spur of the moment attempt to cryogenically freeze her on Boxing Day failed (details to follow) and only resulted in her huddled whingeing under our throw I thought I’d made her one of her own so she could be toasty on her settee at home.  Well we have experienced unusually, for us, low temperatures – and there’s always the chance of spontaneous combustion!

Look at my Picture Links

Ohhh, I’m so excited and pleased with myself.

I’d wanted to add the Share a Square button for ages and couldn’t find out how to do it!  I’d read the wordpress stuff and seen the html codes under buttons but had no idea what the heck I did with that – I had a view ideas where to stick them but none relevant to getting a picture link on my blog.  I’d checked out other wordpress blogs I read and the ones that had them were blogname.com so thought they were the paid for domain thingies.  I was on the very brink of sending out an SOS post. (I can’t decide whether that is an SOS or a SOS – I’m sure someone will let me know!)

And then this morning I noticed that one of the wordpress blogs I subscribe to by email has started coming in with just the start of the post to lure you onto the blog itself, something I didn’t always do when the whole post appeared and there on that very blog was a button and at that moment I knew that it was possible to get a picture link on my blog!

And I surely was gonna get one before the day was out regardless of work, Christmas present making, two of which and three cards I need for a Christmas meal this evening, a trip to see B’s bottom consultant – it would all have to come second to me getting a picture link.

As it turned out it was real easy and I can’t believe it took me so long.  Mind you I’m also finding it difficult to believe that I spent the best part of half an hour on Saturday trying to find a piece of fleece to use in a Christmas present only to remember as I was lying in bed yesterday morning that it had been given to Buddy to use on the back seat of the car at least four weeks ago!

So I give you, for your delectation, my first two picture links over there, no, up a bit, just above on the right, above email subscription  and blog roll, under Things I got involved in, yeah, just there – ahhhh, let’s savour the moment!


We went for my first Zometa infusion today.  It was fine.  I did get a migrainy type headache later but think that was the bright sunshine – if I hadn’t read it on the side effects leaflet I wouldn’t have given it a second thought as being medication related.  When we got back I did have a nap on the settee but I don’t know if that’s Zometa relating or needing to catch up on sleep after a busy few weeks and a Buddy week!

To show that my husband doesn’t listen to me/retain relevant information – the penny dropped while we were sitting there that this method of protecting my bones requires four weekly visits to Liverpool!

Further proof that I sometimes just provide background noise arose last Thursday following my tooth filling on Tuesday.  We were heading back from purchasing Buddy stuff with Buddy in the back seat when the following took place…

Me:  YAWN – ‘My mouth is still a bit stiff’

B:  nothing

Me:  ‘What’s that Buddy, well yes it is.  Thanks for asking!’

B:  ‘Well you shouldn’t have gone out in your wellies.  You won’t do it again!’

Wednesday night I had taken Buddy (or dog as he was then) out for an impromptu walk having previously decided we wouldn’t bother that night, we’d let him settle in instead.  However around 22:30 he perked up so I took him round the block to de-perk him.  I popped my wellies on as they were close to the back door and so I wouldn’t get my pyjama bottoms wet – okay, I can’t believe I’m confessing to going out in my pyjamas but as I said impromptu!  In no way am I condoning my action by telling you that my sister in law drove over to meet dog earlier than evening in her pyjamas!  I would point out that neither of us (yet) have ventured as far as the supermarket thus attired – which seems to be a growing trend.  Anyhoo, my wellies had given me blisters, so my feet had been a bit sore – hence the wellie comment.  I suppose I can expect a response to my jaw comment about a week on Tuesday.

The highlight of my few hours at the hospital was provided by an 87 year old chap there for a blood transfusion.  He had created a bit of a hoo-haa in the waiting area by pulling up one of the staff about how long he’d been there – about 10 minutes at that point – but he wasn’t complaining you understand.  I was crocheting some Share a Squares in bright red wool and he asked if I was knitting underpants.  I politely informed him that I was not knitting but crocheting underpants!  Apparently this colour of wool should only be worn in such a manner.

So there we were, us and eight other people attached to various drips and the lady closest to the old chap informs him that his chair could recline. He, in a manner reminiscint of the m-i-l, said that he didn’t want this and then asked her to do it for him.  Oh, and he had a loud voice.

Old bloke: ‘Just back a bit!’

Nice lady:  ‘Is that okay?’

Old bloke:  ‘Yes, that’s fine.’

Nice lady:  ‘Would you like your legs up?’

Old bloke:  ‘Yes please, as the girl said to the solider!’

I ask you – and they talk about the youth of today!

Creative Space Thursday Addendum

We’ve been on holiday this week.  Yes, both of us.  I went back to work the Monday we came back from our holidays.  I forgot to tell my Auntie Ann until last weekend!  It’s not as dramatic as it sounds and considering the time I’ve had to prepare it all seemed a bit of a rush.  I have a number of holidays left from last year and this year, excluding the brief period I worked 12 hours from February until my SCT holiday in May, so will be working three or four days a week until Christmas.

So on our last official day off, what are we going to do – nothing well, except go out for tea to a friend’s.  This morning we went for the results of B’s barium x-ray – it’s definitely piles and he’s going for a colonoscopy to check the lining of his innards shows no irritation and the BIG (apparently) piles banded in November so the doc can charge more – just kidding – although helicopters are expensive!  This afternoon I intend to attempt to sleep through most of it, this tiredness being my reason for forgetting to add my tag information for the Share a Square squares on yesterday’s post – thanks, to Fiona for reminding me, especially since it took me ages to come up with what I put on my tags.  So here it is…

Life brings us challenges, let this one give you the knowledge that you can do ANYTHING!

Made with love, a hug and a smile by Paula Kilgallon, Rainford, St Helens, England

And why am I so tired you may be wondering, or not but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Well last night at 3:00am (AM!!!!!) I, rather than catching up with my beauty sleep was stifling hysterical laughter as I collapsed on the bed after the newly put up curtain fell off – all because I tried to open the window because I was warm.  Why was I warm?  Well if you insist!  I’d spent the last half hour cleaning up a bit of a puddle that the newest member of the Kilgallon household had made.  This being the first time he’d messed in the house – oh, and it had to be on the only bit of carpet that we have which is on the stairs and landing.  Everywhere else is laminate, lino or tiles!  This followed along the same lines as the previous night of B waking me up by telling the new family member to ‘Get back in your basket’ about 20 times an hour with no consideration that I could have happily slept through him not being in his basket!

Tomorrow when I am as ‘fresh as a daisy’ – I intend to introduce you to our new addition.

Holiday Knitting

Here’s my holiday knitting so far.

Two baby jumpers based on the five hour cardigan pattern but adapted to be jumpers but still on two needles.  I don’t really do circulars unless I have to because I’m a tucker ie, I knit with my right hand needle tucked under my arm so as you can imagine circulars don’t flow.  I’ve tried holding my yarn with my left hand but a toddler could go faster!  I really must time myself to see if it is achievable in five hours – which obviously translates as to see if I can do it faster.  ‘Look B I know the weather is gorgeous but I’m no target to get this finished in four hours and 56 minutes!’

Two Share a Square squares from a new ball of yarn not yet from the recycled cardigan.  I wasn’t too sure how these would turn out, particularly the pale yellowy and purple bit that looks like the suggestion of fairisle when knit but I’m happy with it

And lastly my Summer in Kansas shawl which I’ve decided to enter into the local ‘village’ show in early September – no pressure there then.

Share a Square 2010

I came across this a few weeks ago and was enamoured. Crocheted six inch squares are sent to Texas, along with a card with saying where the squares are from and a little message, and the making up fairies put them together into afghans.  They given to children with cancer who attend a summer camp.  I was unsure as I am still doing stuff for the creche in South Africa and I don’t do much crocheting but had started some shortly after I got home from my ‘holiday’ as it’s easier to do lying down than knitting but since lying down in my case leads quickly to falling asleep I didn’t get much done.

It seemed like such a lovely idea and then on my first trip to Sunflowers, when I had a lift there so didn’t take a tour of Liverpool, I was chatting to a lady about knitting.  I had taken mine of course.  She was telling me that she had come across a local knitting group who literally piled wool in the middle of the group, you selected a ball and started knitting.  They knitted squares which were made up into blankets and given away to various groups or people having a tough time and a prayer was included.  The lady’s husband had received one when he had lung cancer.  Apparently it meant a lot to him and when he went for his afternoon nap in his recliner it was just the right weight.  It meant a lot to him right up until she put in in the washing machine and it went ‘funny’ (maybe it started telling jokes)!  She contacted the group to see if they could offer suggestions and to how to sort it out.  They couldn’t but what they did do was make him another one.

So in view of my apparently endless one ball stash, the lady’s story of how much the blanket meant to her husband and an opportunity to hone my crochet skills I decided to give Share a Square a whirl.  Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Crocheting – how hard can it be?  Well I’m pretty sure that double crochet looses something in the translation even though I checked the UK and American definitions – maybe it’s the translation from paper to my hook.  I started a spider’s web square yesterday and am pretty sure mine didn’t look anything like it should so since we were at the doctor’s with the m-i-l and I didn’t have another pattern to hand I fell back on the basic granny square!  As you can see I’ve been falling back and landing on that one quite a bit.  If you don’t know what a granny square is and as I have no idea how to describe it, I tried and it was like plaiting fog, it’s the most common of the above squares!

I particularly like the idea of a card saying where the square was made but want something really lovely/inspiring/caring (I know I don’t want much) to say on it.