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Correct Blood Clinic Appointment

Well we made it to the blood clinic on the right day, right time and right date and three hours later we left with the following information…

They were short on doctors so there was a bit of a wait!

My PP level is still a big fat lovely ‘0’.

The pain I’ve been getting in my hands, which started as a fat fingers feeling in a morning but has now localised as a pain in my wrist, is a joint pain not uncommon following SCT.

I’m slightly anemic – but this seems to be my level.

That, and I was surprised I didn’t know this, we all have a joint where the sacrum meets the pelvis and this is the area where I get the most discomfort.  It was a little bit tender when pressed by the very nice doctor, who remembered us from meeting us once before transplant – they either keep comprehensive notes – he works nights, she knits or for some reason we are memorable – mmmmm no, it was a different doctor we had a minor domestic in front of over the sick note. The doc didn’t consider it to be at any risk of a pathological myeloma related fracture but if it the pain/discomfort got worse I could go back before my next scheduled appointment.  Plus I answered correctly to all questions relating to whether I had any pins and needles, tingling and full control of bodily functions – moving swiftly on…

That I have some damage at T11 (well I assume – I wrote down D11 but can’t find one on a chart) and a lorra, lorra (well we were in Liverpool – think Cilla Black) dots to my pelvis, but these will fill in eventually.

That too many x-rays aren’t good for you.

Long term use of paracetamol and codeine once or twice a day is acceptable.

We go back in 10 weeks (it would have been eight but Christmas got in the way) purely because of the pain/discomfort – so we haven’t yet made it to B’s three month target!

There is a plastic skeleton in John Lewis in the Kiehls section which was able to bring to life the sacrum joint – beyond the doc’s pen drawing on the back of my appointment sheet – well it brought it to life for me, B stood there attempting to look like he wasn’t with me as I was obviously some sort of pervert.  I’m not too sure why they have a skeleton (no, it’s not for Halloween, I have noticed it before) as they sell skin care products!

The Tavern & Co mexican in the city centre is worth a visit.  I had vegetable Texas chilli and B had blackened chicken!

And the final thing we found out is that if Buddy is left on his own in the garage/garden for nearly seven hours he will attempt to chew through the kitchen door frame in well, I guess the opposite of an escape bid!