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Flirty Ruffle Scarf

Well my Handmade Holiday 2010 is coming on apace and I’ve now made the following…

It’s from a free pattern from Lion Brand – Flirty Ruffle Scarf.

I wasn’t able to get a 11.5mm crochet hook, which I believe is the translation of a P-15, from my local wool shop the largest they had was a 9.0mm so since I am on a bit of a tight schedule (or sk doo lee – quirky pronunciation from an old friend) and tension wasn’t vital I used that.

The yarn I used was Sirdar Highlander which is a chunky with some wool in it and has an untwisted finish.

As I had used a smaller hook I had to add an additional row to make it an appropriate width.

So the current Handmade Holiday stats are

Made – 6/28 with 13 days to go

Panic level – 3/10


Let It Snow

Snow, glorious snow!

I had my driving lesson cancelled because of the snow. I missed last week’s because of a cough that kept me up most of the night and I have my test next week. Oh, crap!

BUT the snow is something else. I had a Relaxation Yoga class but there were no buses. Well, the bus website said there were buses but they were delayed but they lied there were no buses that I saw. I did however get to walk a mile and a bit in the snow and it was GREAT! When I rang the hospital to say I wouldn’t be attending they said it was cancelled but the teacher had been unable to get hold of one of the attendees possibly me because I was out in the snow. I did think about walking into town but I had been ‘instructed’ not to go by my other half and if I did there was no way he was picking me up so I didn’t want to be marooned at the hospital – this was the genuine reason I wasn’t being good and following orders! How dare you even consider this.

So I came home played a few games on the computer and finished a scarf to sell on etsy. A scarf I just love. One of those things you do that is so simple but turns out to be just gorgeous and an appropriate snowy colour.

Hubby is currently out clearing the drive – he is such a spoil sport. He is going to attempt to get into work later. He is renda, rendeou… meeting (couldn’t spell rendezvousing) with a work mate, don’t know who is wearing the carnation, and they are going to give it a whirl. Must make sure he leaves with a hot water bottle, thermos of coffee, blanket, flares and some sort of entertainment but not the laptop or mobile so that he can’t phone me at three in the morning to say he is still stuck in snow.

Better go and get tea and pack supplies for his epic trip. I mean it’s all of 2″ maybe 2 1/5″.