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Sporty Ephipany


I went to Armchair Yoga on Tuesday and during the relaxation at the end I had an ephipany.  Now I have to admit that at some point shortly after relaxing hands/feet/calves, generally whatever the second body part is, I drift off, not necessarily to sleep, although that has happened, but off somewhere.  On Tuesday I drifted off to thoughts of what kind of baby blanket I could do for the new MALE family member and a huge light bulb of inspiration when off.

The new member’s mummy is an avid Saints fan (the local Rugby League team) – so much so she once went to a book signing by a popular (I think that also means attractive) member of the team and narrowly avoided having someone call the authorities in case she’d escaped from her carer – having been rendered completely incoherent just by being in the same room.

So this is the team home strip…

as modelled by er, urm, owwwww, I should know who that is and I don’t!  No-one tell my Auntie Ann!  Promise?  Okay then, back to the blanket.

Traditionally the red ‘V’ was much more pronounced – just so you know for when you see my interpretation…

I also have these little embellishments to add…

And this is my third and final strip of squares…

I’ve had to be very careful with the stripey squares as the local rival team play in cherry and white in the form of hoops so I couldn’t do the stripes too wide in case someone set fire to the blanket!

Other creative spaces can be found here.

Grand Final Giveaway – and the winner is…

Sean Tiernan from My Life with Myeloma

Sean unfortunately you only win one Myeloma Buddy as the Saints lost.  Let me know which colour you’d like – red and black?!?!?!

My Auntie Ann was indeed number 11 – which was the number on the back of her own Myeloma Buddy.

Auntie Ann arrived home from Old Trafford (where the final was held) to find a yellow piece of paper pushed through her letterbox.  When she opened it there was a computer edited photo of someone wearing a white T-shirt with the following on the back…

‘I may support a losing team but at least they’re consistent’

and underneath this it said – Never mind there’s always next year!

No sooner had AA read it than her mobile went and it was the friend she goes to the Saints with and who lives nearby.  She’d had the same thing through her door and wanted to know where Uncle Ray had watched the match as she was convinced he’d done it.

Auntie Ann said that was unlikely since he lacked the requisite computer skills to pull it off and they didn’t have any yellow paper.  However AA’s friend wasn’t convinced and thought Uncle Ray might have been in cahoots with someone who knew what they were doing – with the computer!  AA said that if he had done it he ‘wouldn’t have been able to hold his own water’ and would have been on the phone already.

AA tried to play it cool when Uncle Ray got home and after three attempts to subtly obtain information she handed him the paper and asked what he knew. Apparently nothing.  The main suspects are the daughters of a lady who knows Uncle Ray and Auntie Ann through walking the dog.  Both daughters are staunch Warrington fans so would have revelled in the final score!

I’m not convinced Auntie Ann’s friend is convinced and Uncle Ray better watch out especially since she’s never been happy that he nicknamed her two West Highland Terriers, who are a little volatile, Ronnie and Reggie (as in the Krays) and it’s caught on with fellow dog walkers!

Grand Final Blog Giveaway

Today is the Rugby League Super League Grand Final to see who wins the Super League.  This is means that a team can get the most points and come top of the league but they don’t win the Super League.  The top eight teams play off for the Super League title.  Theorectically this means that a team can come 8th but win the Super League which I personally think is crazy and the only reason I can think for these play offs to take place is that it extends the season.

Saints, our local team, are playing Wigan their arch rivals – think Superman and Lex Luther, Batman and er, well it would seem Batman is particularly spolit with arch rivals so we’ll forget about him, Judge Dredd and Judge Death.  Anyhoo, you get the message – if there is one team the Saints don’t want to loose to in a Grand Final it’s the pie eaters from Wigan!

Auntie Ann went to the last game at the old stadium which was one of the semi finals – and the following day where you would normally be, and I quote, ‘buzzing’ she felt flat.  AA did manage to get out of the stadium without being arrested or sectioned however did sit through the whole match shaking!  So much so that she was convinced the guy next to her must have thought she was, and again I quote, ‘a nutter’.  After the match were everybody normally gets off quickly people were hanging round and shaking hands with the people at the side of them – people they had stood next to for years, commenting on the game and yet whose name they didn’t know and who they may never, ever see again.

Back in May AA went for a photo shoot at the stadium with the team and she finally sent me a copy, so I decided in view of the Grand Final I’d have a little blog-away.

Below is the photo – all you have to do is pick out my Auntie Ann – it’s not hard (Bernard couldn’t do it!).

I’ll even give you some clues – aren’t I good – and they’ll be rules – ohhhhhhhhhhh! (Boo, suddenly it gets complicated)


AA looks nothing like me or rather I look nothing like her

AA went for her haircut the week after and wished she’d gone the week before

AA is somewhere near the team coach (something she didn’t know at the time and a friend said he probably wasn’t even there but was superimposed after the fact – he’s not the most popular coach they’ve ever had)


All you need to do to enter is pop the number you think relates to my Auntie Ann on a comment – if you click on the photo you should be able to get a better view so you can pick carefully as one or two did look kinda manly – mind you it could be one of those!


A myeloma buddy, what else? AND if the Saints win today, I mean WHEN (for goodness sake don’t tell my Auntie Ann I said if) they win I’ll double the buddies to two!  (mmmmmm Buddies)

RULES – Because unfortunately it would be chaos without them!

One entry per person

In the event of a tie break – I’ll get Buddy to pick a winner

No toys allowed on the furniture – oh sorry that one’s for Buddy

Closing date is next Friday 8 October – more to give me time than you and I’ll post the winner here next Saturday

Ohhh it’s all kicked off – I better go and watch otherwise B will only tell me about it later!