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SLEEP – Don’t you just love it? I know I do. Although B would probably say that I am fonder of it than most. I think I have very nearly caught up with the sleep I missed whilst on my short Royal-cation. I can’t remember having so many late nights – what with the dialysis and then the ‘deep clean’ on Thursday – I’ve never ever had such a late night out. I’m sure I could easily become nocturnal I certainly function better at night that in a morning.

We (me and two fellow patients) were relocated from the ward to the waiting area of the day unit when the patient who’d arrived on Tuesday night started having oxygen and blood pressure problems during a plasma exchange. We were camped out in the waiting area in our jim jams and with accompanying attachments (in my case two bags of chemo, my netbook and knitting) by about noon. It turned out that one of the people wearing clothes was actually waiting for the bed of the fellow patient due to go home that afternoon but who was at that moment in time still connected to a bag of blood which resulted in her companion telling a number of people over the phone that ‘No, she hasnt got a bed yet. The woman whose bed she’s having is currently sitting opposite.’

By five I’d decamped to one of the day unit treatment rooms, one fellow patient had managed to successfully get discharged and the other had wangled a side room all to herself. It turned out that she had bug related diarrhoea and the entire room needed cleaning. This entailed my stuff ending up in bags in the shower room while everything, including my cabinet, was deep cleaned (our washing powder smells very nice apparently as per the nurse who packed). Initially we thought I’d be back in the room about eight. Then the sign on the actual door said ‘No Entry until 10.30pm’. By eleven the night nurse had chased up where the cleaners were as the room needed tidying. Seriously it was a mess. I’d thought it would just involve making the beds but chairs and tables were all piled on the beds. I was tucking into a late night Pot Noodle at this point as I couldn’t get comfy with my back on the comfy recliner I was on by then. It then transpired that the button on the deep cleaning machine hadn’t been pressed and it needed to be done again – actually ‘again’s’ not right is it – it needed to be done!

I was provided with a bed in the day room but just couldn’t nod off despite looking forward to going to bed (a term that always amuses B when I use it when in hospital) from getting up that morning. I ended up watching two films and looking at the clock for the last time at four am. I woke up at ten to six as the night staff were about to roll me up the corridor to the ward. It was just as well that I was discharged on Friday as the new patient, even though she said she’d had two hours sleep and was really tired was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too perky Friday morning. I thought ‘HELP! I’m not going to be able to cope with her first thing in a morning after a good night’s sleep!’

So I’ve been getting flashy lights and other visual disturbances, typical of a migraine, since last week and initially thought this was due to the unusual sleeping pattern but seem to remember reading somewhere about steroids and migraines. I’ve only had a small dose (80mg over eight days) and they finished Friday so if it is related hopefully it should abate shortly.

Generally other than being part comatose I’ve felt okay. I’m still taking anti sickness tablets (Ondansetron and Cyclyzine) and they certainly seem to be doing the job. I’m also being really diligent with the mouth care (mouth wash and Nystatin about four times a day) and so far my tongue is a teeny, tiny bit tender – resulting in me occasionally feeling like I have a lisp – and it looks a bit furry.

Speaking of tender, I have felt tender all over. Kinda like muscle soreness without the benefit of exercising. It’s fine unless I’m touched! I do remember feeling like this when having Doxorubicin this time last year. It’s a lot easier today but I admit when I was half asleep getting out of bed yesterday I gave myself a little start when I thought my dialysis line exit site was sore and then I remembered that everything was sore.

I managed to get my pre Royal-cation ‘To Do’ list done except for one thing – Auntie Ann and Uncle Ray’s Christmas present. What’s frustrating is that I know exactly what I want to get them but can’t find it. Anyhoo one of the items on the list was fabric for backing my Christmas embroideries. I found just what I wanted on ebay…

It arrived last week and B opened it.

B: ‘There was another package.’

Me: ‘Was it fabric?’

B: ‘Yes. Is it cleaning cloth?’

And look even Bud’s not impressed. Mind you with the migrainy eyes I don’t think I’ll be tackling the stripes any time soon.




Royal Holiday Day 3

Day one of this cycle of DT-PACE finished 2.15 am this morning. With the dialysis only finishing at quarter to midnight on Thursday it was about one by the time it was hooked up. There was actually a slight discrepancy between the amount of one of the drugs on the prescription and on the actual bag of goodies. This resulted in one of the nurses ringing the doctor at nearly one to check it was okay. I didn’t mind when I found out because it was the doctor that had had THAT conversation with me in October. You know it was only a couple of weeks ago that B realised which doctor this was. He hadn’t made the connection and stated that he thought he seemed nice. I said he may very well be but I’m slightly biased. And indeed Auntie Ann said he always says hello if he’s at the desk when she passes whereas some others just keep their heads down. I said he may very well nice be but I’m slightly biased but fortunately obviously not to the point of being openly so.

So far so good I feel fine. We had takeaway pizza last night and were planning on a Chinese tonight and then we realised that dialysis were unlikely to be as accommodating as haematology with regard to providing plates and cutlery. So once again we opted for pizza as it was easier to eat. However as we were working on the basis that we would be going down about six or shortly after we thought we’d order when to got down there. In fact one of my fellow patients offered to combine orders to get it delivered and then her husband asked if we wanted him to pick ours up as well when he went over for theirs. By five to seven they had phoned to say a porter was on the way. By twenty five past seven B was all for us walking down. When I floated this past the nurse covering the ward she said she’d ring down. At five to eight it turned out that they’d had a problem with a patient but had forgotten to ring us and it would be nine o’clock. So B stormed off to get the pizza saying that if the porter turned up before we were finished they would just have to wait. As it happened the porter did turn up early and it was a really pleasant nice one that I knew. He did say he would ring down and come back but B decided we would pack up the pizza and head down. In the end I was connected about quarter past nine so it’s gonna be quarter past one by the time I get disconnected and then I need to get back to the ward get washed, changed, mouth care (okay that’s 30 seconds but I felt the need to state that I was doing it), get my meds and get hooked up to the chemo. I don’t think I had so many late nights as a teenager and then I got to lie in to as no-one was forcing, I mean offering, me breakfast at eight am.

My stay so far hasn’t been entirely uneventful, I mean so far fortunately from a medical viewpoint it has which is obviously paramount, but we have had a couple of booboos. We’d not been here an hour on Thursday and B knocked a bottle of Dr Pepper off the table onto the floor. He then offered me it or the Pepsi. I had wanted Italian lemonade but they didn’t have it. I choose the Pepsi. B then opened the Dr Pepper and it squirted everywhere. Fortunately only a bit got his jeans but there seemed a fair amount on the floor – not much went for the bottle but isn’t that how it is it always looks more when it’s free.

Then yesterday I pushed my netbook back on my table and knocked off the full water jug that was behind it. I hit the end of the bed and most of it landed on the two blankets I’d stockpiled for the night so saved the bed itself but some got the floor. As it was because I was hooked up the young patient in the next bed and her friend got to it before I did and even when I offered to take the second lot of paper towels off her insisted on finishing it off. ‘Ha!’ I thought at least B didn’t see me do it just before he walked in to see it being cleaned up!